Revelations ~ Chapter eleven

Revelations ~ Chapter eleven

A Chapter by AliceBarnes

Aedia goes to visit a badly injured Patroclus and learns of who he truly is...


Chapter Eleven ~ In the time of Achilles

House of Achilles, Greece, September 1190BC

"And I would choose you; in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I'd find you and choose you" ~ The chaos of the stars

Having sent a slave to aid her father, Aedia had rushed to the house of Achilles. It did not take long for her to reach the whitewashed house, sat back from the rocky cliffs where just below the sea lapped against them. Passing the meadow filled with poppies and daisies, she made for the entrance to the house. The black horse with a beautifully long mane and tail was stood tied up to a wooden post. Upon seeing Aedia, it lifted its head, it's dark eyes peering over at her curiously through its black eyelashes, still munching on a mouthful of grass.

Stepping into the coolness of the entrance hall, Aedia slowed to a stop in front of one of the family's freed slave girls. The girl was quick to stop scrubbing the mosaic floors, standing and drying her hands off with the cloth of her tunic.

"I was told that Patroclus has been in an accident. Would you be so kind as to show me to where he is?" Sending Aedia a shy, small smile, that was more a quirk of her lips, she turned, beckoning with a nod of her head for Aedia to follow, before hurrying off into the Atrium. Aedia found herself admiring the detailed paintings of the fish and sea that lined the walls as she followed after the girl as she walked around the small lowered pond in the floor.

They headed further into the house than she had ever been before, revealing that just past the Atrium lay another room, with dark, Walnut lounging chairs adorned with brightly coloured cushions placed before large, thick marble columns, where just beyond a beautifully maintained flower garden with a water fountain sat. The fountain was made out of stone with ornate carvings etched into it and consisted of three tiers from which water ran down into the bottom tier.

Then, the slave girl turned down a long corridor where they passed alcoves in the walls filled with large elegantly painted vases and statues. Ahead stood Thetis, mother to Achilles and Aunt to Patroclus. Wearing a long, flowing turquoise gown, her hair, that was dark brown in colour mixed in with striking grey streaks was pinned to her head by a beautiful deep blue diamond hairpin, with earrings to match.

She was talking with whom Aedia guessed to be the doctor. They were stood conversing only a few yards further down the corridor, beside a doorway, with tall stone columns engraved into a stone archway above two dark wood double doors. As they grew nearer to Thetis, they stopped talking and Thetis, at last, turned her head to look at Aedia. It was only now that she was closer that Aedia could see the worry and fear on her face and within the depths of her watery blue eyes.

"Aedia. How lovely it is to see you again" Thetis welcomed Aedia with a sad smile, her arms outstretched as she gently guided Aedia into an embrace.

"Patroclus is just through those doors. I am sure that when he wakes he will be pleased to see you" Thetis pulled away, holding Aedia at arm's length. "You are more than welcome to go in and see him, Achilles is currently with him"

The servant girl that had led Aedia to the room was now retreating to continue her work, as Aedia brushed past Thetis and pushed the door open, closing it behind her to ensure that Thetis and the doctor were given their privacy once more. Keeping her eyes downcast to the tiled flooring, she simply stood facing the closed door for a few moments, afraid and filled with dread at what she would see when she felt brave enough to look. Drawing a shaky breath in, Aedia plucked up her courage and turned.

She was greeted by Achilles, sat in a small cushioned chair with his head in his hands, his blonde hair covering his face and calloused hands. At the sound of Aedia's slow steps into the room, Achilles lifted his head out of his hands. His eyes were also red-rimmed, no doubt as a result of his crying. Sniffing, he gave her one last long look before getting up out of the chair and moving past her out of the room.

Now alone, Aedia proceeded to walk further into the bedroom. To her left there lay a large window through which the flower gardens could be seen. Inside the room, the walls were painted a deep red lined with gold leaf borders. While to her right, there sat a Mahogany writing desk and a carved couch made of the same wood pushed up against the red wall with red silk cushions.

And then, her gaze turned to the bed that was placed atop stone steps at the far end of the room. The bed itself was carved stone with a soft cushioned mattress, blankets and pillows on top of it. Tears filled her eyes at the sight of Patroclus, who lay in the bed surrounded by the many cushions and pillows that were placed beneath and around his head. His breathing pattern was unsteady and deep, yet relaxing and somewhat fascinating. The only movement in the room was his chest rising and falling as he took deep breaths in and out.

The blanket that was pulled up to his chest was made out of the same material as the cushions on his couch and bed. Eyelids closed against the soft, warm sunlight that entered the room, all the muscles in his face and body were relaxed, with no sign of the pain that he had most likely felt when the accident occurred. It was a wonder that he could look so peaceful after going through something so traumatic as a Chariot accident.

Hesitantly, Aedia started towards the bed, inching closer, taking soft, small steps as to not waken Patroclus, before taking a seat on a small carved wooden chair that was positioned by his bed. It was only then that she could fully bear witness to the injuries he had obtained from the accident.

His left arm had been placed into a sling, the soft fabric having been tied around his neck, while his bottom lip was cut and open. His right arm was resting on top of the blanket and so Aedia seized the chance to gently take his limp hand into hers. Sighing, she studied his face for any signs that her touch had woken him up, but to no avail, he remained unconscious and unaware of her presence.

From beneath his eyelids, his eyes occasionally would move, his eyelashes prominent against his lightly freckled face and skin - that was still tanned from the summer. Other than his injuries the only sign that he had been in an accident was his hair, that lay ruffled around his face. Aedia's eyes moved over his lips; soft, pink and delicate. Then, to his cheeks beneath which lay his high, prominent cheekbones, and then once again to his eyes, finding herself missing the beautiful blueness and sincerity that they always had lurking within their depths.

The door to his room opened with a slight creak as Thetis entered the room. Looking calmer than she had when Aedia had first arrived. Taking a stool, Thetis sat beside Aedia, her eyes instantly falling onto their conjoined hands. She smiled warmly at Aedia, the tears returning to her eyes as she looked over at Patroclus, who was still sleeping softly in front of them.

"Has he said anything since you arrived?" Thetis asked, her gaze promptly returning to Aedia.

"No" Aedia replied, using the pad of her thumb to tenderly rub his hand.

"They told me he was about to win but then another Chariot came up beside him and knocked into him. He was trying to prevent the horses from getting injured by the blades on the other driver's chariot. Chivalrous but reckless" From beside Aedia, Patroclus stirred, before seeming to go back to sleep once more. "And then he was thrown out of the Chariot, he hit his head and managed to break his arm when he landed. Poor child"

"He would be pleased that you are here, Aedia. Since he met you he has always spoken so highly of you" Thetis smiled warmly over at her, her eyes once again turning watery, her smile faltering.

"He...awoke briefly after the accident. He was asking for you..."

"Do you think he will be alright?" Aedia spoke up, her voice cracking. Thetis's knowing eyes turned back to the sleeping form of Patroclus as she nodded her head.

"Yes, I believe so. The doctor gave him a sleeping-draught as he will be needing as much rest as possible - I doubt he will be very amused at that" She smiled, softly, looking adoringly over at Patroclus. The sunlight caught her hairpin and earrings, and for a moment she looked like a fresco off of the walls of the Temple of Athena.

"Word has been sent to his parents. They will undoubtedly want to come and visit him." Aedia's interest peaked.

"His parents?"

"I believe he told you of his exile and how he came to live me and Achilles here. His parents have visited him twice a year ever since he arrived"

After that, they sat with Patroclus until dusk, when Aedia excused herself. Stepping out of the door, she strolled back through the hallway, the last evening sun warming her pale skin and hitting her hair through the windows. From beyond the windows, she caught sight of Achilles in the far end of the garden, past the flowers and hedgerows, where several rows of Birch trees.

Aedia paused beside the large marble columns and the sun loungers. Taking a moment to simply watch the great Greek warrior. His sword in hand and skin sleek with sweat as his muscles rippled beneath his tunic as he furiously hit and slashed at a Birch tree. It's white bark being sent flying into the air and onto the ground.

What was it that made him disapprove of her being with Patroclus so much? Determined to find out, she stepped out into the garden and underneath the shade of a Pergola walkway, from which beautiful passion flowers hung, their tendrils clinging to the wood of the Pergola and vibrant pink flowers dotted above her.

Aedia's light blue gown brushed against her legs as she moved, while the clicking sounds of her sandals against the natural stone pathways alerted Achilles to her presence. For he stopped his onslaught of the defenceless tree and turned, panting hard and out of breath to look at her.

"Has Patroclus awoken?"

"No...but I have been wanting to talk to you-" Before she could continue, he raised his hand, annoyance etched onto his features.

"What I want to ask you is why was it that when Patroclus is badly injured and he is crying out, that he cries out for you? Why not me, or my mother? Who he has known far longer and who have done so much more for him than you ever have? Why in the midst of his pain did he cry out your name?!"

I don't know" She replied, her voice soft and timid as the expression on his face reminded her of Dymas just moments before he had lunged at her. "Why is it that you disapprove of me so?" Achilles tense as his attention returned to her. 

"Because you are beneath him, you will only cause him pain"

"Excuse me?!"

"Did he not tell you?" By the confused look on Aedia's face, he guessed that he had not "His father is Menoetius, king of the island of Opus. Patroclus was never destined for a lowly farmers daughter..." 

© 2018 AliceBarnes

Author's Note

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. What did you think? Please feel free to let me know in the comments. Let me know what you think about Patroclus's father being a king and the descriptions in this chapter (is it too much? or too little in places?) Until next time, αντιο σας!

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I loved this story. You know I like myth and tale. You create a interesting story line. Amazing characters and locations. This was a good chapter. Some truth came to the front. Thank you Alice for sharing the amazing chapter.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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I loved this chapter, kept me on my toes wanting to read more. I love every little detail you add of Aedia's surroundings. Continue writing more Alice, you have such talent

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I really appreciate the time you took to do so and will.. read more
I loved this story. You know I like myth and tale. You create a interesting story line. Amazing characters and locations. This was a good chapter. Some truth came to the front. Thank you Alice for sharing the amazing chapter.

Posted 9 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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I think this is perfect for how you gave an introduction to Patroclus's father and Achilles's mother told Aedia regarding Patroclus exile which plays an important role as to why he's with her. So this is a good plot where Aedia can connect the dots and come to a conclusion of what she should do next.
I like the way you write keeping in mind the small detailed description of everything. Definitely enjoyed reading it.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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9 Months Ago

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so glad that you enjoyed it and thank you for lett.. read more

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