Catherine Howard

Catherine Howard

A Poem by Alison Gross

A youthful indescretion

That will haunt me all my days

The first flower of desire

And still my heart it pays

My body never can forget

The fires that blazed within

I toss and turn about asleep

As, in dreams, they burn again

The longing brought me to my knees

And I could not refuse

He called me a sweet little fool

And I was, I was, I was

I have tried to leave these things

In the dust where they belong

Now I am wedded to a king

And may do nothing wrong

I dwell in vaulted palaces

As he showers jewels on me

I dress in velvet and in satin

But my body is not free

And though I must be faithful

My bed is often cold

And hard it is to turn away

From the passions known of old

But what if I should be discovered

And all of my trespasses know?

Worse still, the burden of my guilt

I will be forced to bear alone

I have no Lady Rochfort now to aid me

She has gone far away

Her knowing hands will not catch me

If I should stumble while I stray

Mere gasping breaths of stolen bliss

I could regret forever more

In nightmares now I see the block

Its hollow stained with ruddy gore

The ax is waiting in the shadows

To violate my tender skin

To split me nerve and bone and flesh

And damn my soul if I should sin

So, though I crave forbidden fruit

Of judgment I am sore afraid

Will I be a fool like Catherine

And stretch my neck out for the blade?  

© 2016 Alison Gross

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Really great piece about a really sad woman... sold to an old man for a crown... murdered for his pride.

Posted 1 Year Ago

these are so good.. how you have been able to put them together this way. you have been able to really capture the individual personalities of these women.. damn you Henry! :)

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Alison Gross
Alison Gross

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