The Edge of Nowhere

The Edge of Nowhere

A Poem by Allie

'Some types of chaos contain masterful design'

The edge of nowhere is such a beautiful place,
They say it's made of fire
They say it was built in haste.
Some call it black,
Some swear it's a clinical white,
They say you get five minutes
To plunder through the fight:
The fight for your life,
The fight for right or wrong
The fight that tells the future,
Whether you stay or go.
After that the world fades,
And the blues blossom to grey
The green drips through the earth,
And you become the prey.
You are the hunted.
The ones who run.
The ones always first,
The ones that tried to jump the gun.
It won't work out for you,
The darkness catches up,
It takes you when you're breathless
When you're running out of luck.
You can hide behind the trees
You can close your tired eyes
You can linger or rush all you want
It'll still grab you by surprise.

But some say there's light
Of the blinding, ethereal kind,
Some say you can hear everything,
Some say you're losing your mind.
They say it spins around you,
And you float up to the sky,
They say all your dreams come true
Before you can say goodbye.
But in that final moment,
Whatever you think or see,
Just know that you're neither here nor there
And you'll never, ever be free.

© 2017 Allie

Author's Note

This is quite an old one I wrote, so some of the rhymes are a bit dodgy but feel free to let me know how to improve it!

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Added on June 1, 2017
Last Updated on June 1, 2017
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A Poem by Allie