Twilight's Discovery

Twilight's Discovery

A Poem by Allen Smuckler

Please read "Discovery" !st...


I’m smiling now at the kitchen table 

reawakening to the light, and the love
and the happiness I feel…
I dreamt last night
of the love of life fading,
into darkness and dread
as fear turned to fright.
The circle of life,
is about living the promise, and hope
of a new inspirational day.
I’ll mark on the calendar
the day of discovery
and wait for the twilight
as night turns to dawn.

© 2011 Allen Smuckler

Author's Note

Allen Smuckler
Kate's review:
Have just read this after drawing my attention to it on my 'Twilight' poem. I've responded to your comment there.

I really like the use of the word 'redwindles' .... the picture it and 'Life's prancing candle' evoke.

Beautiful imagery here of love of life fading, perhaps even to darkness, and then reawakening to light, happiness, love. The magic and beauty of life ... Him ... the circle of life ... of living.
I felt Kate Little's review of my 1968 poem, "Discovery" was better than the poem
so I decided to write a poem, using her words from her critique to create "Twilight's Discovery" (December 23, 2010). I suggested we collaborate using her and my words. This was my version that I sent to her. Next: please See "Discovering Twilight"
Photo: Siesta Key, Sarasota, FL...September 26, 2011

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Beauituflly penned. I could feel the emotions of calmness in this piece. Great write!

Posted 6 Years Ago

The introduction, sitting at the kitchen table creates such a comfortable, warm place, a place for positive thought, for real hope. So many people forget that every day consists of precious seconds .. .. What if we used each one with reverence, truly realising that it'll never, never come again. Maybe if we got into the habit of appreciating that we'd discover what wonder there is out there, what's all about and within. Hope is life, and living life doesn't involve wondering what to do with it .. it is ' .. as night turns to dawn. '

Posted 6 Years Ago

"...I dreamt of the Love of Life fading into darkness and dread..."
The thrust of this piece seems to be conquering the negativity and pessimism with which we are all so frequently assailed. The premonition of desperate emotional times ahead was NOT allowed to prevail, as your anticipation of the "day of discovery" proves.
Speaking of "anticipation of doom", it's odd, but the first thing I noticed in your picture was the minute thunderheads on the horizon, some six to eight hours away, rather than the lovely sunset! No pessimism in THIS fella, eh?

Posted 6 Years Ago

It is wonderful when we grab on to the hope that each new day awaits for us. It we focus on our day to day, and sometimes, minute to minute problems, we lose focus and diminish what God has for us. I loved this poem. A great reminder to keep our chin up and push forth with the hope that a new day brings a new peace. I really needed to read this today. So, I thank you for that.

Posted 6 Years Ago

This is amazing and show when collabs work they can produce a marvel....pleasure to read my friend, great work by both :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

A perfect compliment to your poem, Discovery, this is beautifully composed. It radiates calm and awakening on ones soul. Brilliant poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Beautifully written. I love the deep sentiment of looking at the circle of life in love. While it is tragic at times, it is also fulfilling and dream-filled. We strive each and every day to look on life as a gift, living each to the fullest, expressing our dreams and wishes. To focus on the death would be to disregard the beauty of living. Thank you for sharing this. Just what I needed to read today.

Posted 6 Years Ago

of a new inspirational day.
This is a revelation I believe I realized on reading this that it is the hope we live with for a life sweet gentle and divine that gives us the strengh to always percirvere and go on

Posted 7 Years Ago

inspirational poetic cultivating a beautiful path toward discovery~

Posted 7 Years Ago

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The circle of life,
is about living the promise, and hope
of a new inspirational day.
Loved this, very nice.
Everyday is a new day
Lovely piece, enjoyed this one, inspirational

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Allen Smuckler
Allen Smuckler

Sarasota, FL

I'm a poet, a singer, a peaceful gunslinger.. looking to share my poetry..and a little bit of me...if I dare I 've been writing since I was 18.... am slightly older now, and still trying to fin.. more..


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