the lines secrets

the lines secrets

A Story by alvarie

"Ow!" I exclaimed as mother ripped through my hair like a zipper on winter garments. She is never gentle with my hair when she's mad, in fact, she is never gentle with anything when she's mad.
"I can't believe your father, Prancing around the house, telling me what to do like a tyrant. do you know what he said Elizabeth? He said women should not speak in a man's presence! How ignorant." my mother blusteringly stated.
" Yes mother." I had gotten used to her ranting. Mother and father had been Engaged since they were 12. They were  never fond of each other. They were forced into marriage to bring the two families together. I am lucky not to have a husband chosen yet.My  little brother, who father cherishes, wasn't as lucky. Father doesn't like me very much and thinks i'm a waste of time, but that is just  how it is  around here. The line members only consist of men, as they say women are used for one thing. My mother has different thoughts, as you can see. Mother thinks that one day things will change, i'm not so sure. 
  Once I was done with the time I was supposed to spend with my family, which included reading a book  about the history of our land out loud, I had decided to go to the river with my best friend Lincoln. We usually go there when we need to cool off. Today Lincoln had some news to share.
" Elizabeth! My father is going to take me to the arc tomorrow to start as an apprentice next week!" He stated eagerly .
" Okay, okay, calm down! That is great! Your going to tell me what its like right?" I asked while chuckling to myself.
"Actually, I was thinking that maybe you would go with me?"
" Lincoln, you know girls aren't allowed in the arc." I said with disappointment in my voice. It was my dream to work in the arc, To use all the technology and make a difference in this world.
" you're right.." he had a devilish smirk on his face. "Girls aren't allowed, but boys are. It's a touring trip for all the boys of age 13," Lincoln Slyly answered.
"Are you suggesting that I dress like a boy and go? Surely someone would notice I was not a boy.
" My brother left extra clothes when finishing his internship."

© 2018 alvarie

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Added on October 25, 2017
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I love to write about things that bother me the most. usually they are sad and depressing. more..

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