Am I A Happy Camper?

Am I A Happy Camper?

A Poem by Seeker

We may be happy but many times we don't even know it. And if we did, we don't know how to sustain it. Some who are blessed with happiness, may worry it's too good to be true.


Am I a Happy Camper?


‘Tis often said ignorance must be bliss

How so, if happiness stays remiss?

Spotting ignorance is embarking on

A journey to self-knowledge, spot on

Without ignorance, no point of reference

For insight and vice versa for science


Yet the unschooled seem contented

To the point of envy by the learned

Whose torments incite more learning

Which expose yet more ignorance

So is it better to be ignorant of joys

Or get acquainted with inner throes?


To each is afflicted with an addiction

The yearning for knowledge, not fiction

Never to satiate, never to renounce

And the contentment with crudeness

Whose bliss disdains copious slog

Take your pick, but shun insight hazed by smog


Happiness can elude even when we know

Worse yet when with us, seeds of doubt we sow

In a blink, gone is the bliss of the known

Fleeting state, often never to return

Left in memory’s recesses, reality ablaze

Leaving one perplexed, if naively dazed


Perchance the answer may well lie

In impulses that tamper with life

When calm waters are muddied

Happiness awakens myriad qualms

About its very existence to dislodge the calm

Fearing that happiness may no longer jam


Storms, serenities each other may precede

Or succeed, but together are never decreed

Yet the ignorance that begets bliss

Will disperse joy much like a kiss

Blown in the wind ‘n away it drifts

To an eternal emptiness all in a jiff


Were there a secret to joy’s chemistry

Potions of it would solve the mystery

It is real but for the humans that covet

It knowing one day, they will hurl it like a comet

To forever crave, but never to relive it

O, Happiness, let me worship thee in peace


To have and to hold in eternal embrace

Inner gales to contain and life to face

With heart, smiles, love and grace

Even if thou art shall then depart

Memories of good fortune apart

Enduring in lieu of joys long gone


Yet when the end arrives, will it all matter?

Are the learned dead happy and immortal?

If they were, should they not know it?

If they did, they could not have perished!

Death the leveler afflicts both

The learned and untaught much the same


Like an equal opportunity boss


©Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved, June 13, 2017

© 2017 Seeker

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Added on June 17, 2017
Last Updated on June 17, 2017
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