Blessed Genes, Wicked Genes

Blessed Genes, Wicked Genes

A Poem by Seeker

Genes are the building blocks of life (in providing templates for making all proteins) and determine so much of who, what and why we are. We could transcend them for our own good.


From the unseen to the perceptible

Life expressions would be impossible

Strictly from genes, living doth fully blossom

All that follows coded from their bosom

Merely four bases, infinities flourish

Graceful alphabet, pairs justly cherished


Multiplicity ever unbridled

Homogeneities stay unheeded

From beginnings simplex to highly complex

Genes direct and guide life’s annex

Infinite varieties, essences imprinted

On each creature, uniquely created


Ingenuity exemplified

Creativity epitomized

Originality personified

Progression sanctified

Permanence certified

Replication ratified


Yes, all’s in a package, all’s a mere bale

Thrown on the laps of our destinies, nailed

For genes giveth life, so too life they’d take

Just one mutation and cancer awakes

Killing the host and itself to forsake

It too must live regardless of the stakes


Life, ailments, defects or coveted health

Depend on genes from birth till our death

Encoded therein are myriads of traits

But are choices, between love and hate

So deeply embedded as to obviate

Transcendence, to choose the paths we take?


Enter the humans with eyes on the prize

For greed, they tamper with Nature’s eyes

Little do they know what lies well beyond

With myopia ‘n quick fix they respond

Seeking imagined joys when none exist

Searching far and wide for glories, we persist


From bell curves to fruits, tinkering Nature

What ain’t broke, fixing her to erasure

‘Tis wanton, boundless greed what needs fixing

Morphing hydra-like, all in its path yielding

Were love to grow thus, pains ‘n suffering

Transformed into peace, concord now reigning



Yet look hard as we might, no greater wonders

Surpass those within us should we ponder

Empathize with mankind, whose joys now ours

Partaking of the pleasures of giving

Unconditioned by expecting their doling

Lest we refute their own bliss in ceding


How many codes do we need in this life

To comprehend her secrets without strife

Rising in wisdom where modesty is might

Submitting to Nature accepting without fight

For harmony to engulf our essence with light?

Fight your own shadows, in life I’ll delight


© Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved.  April 11, 2017

© 2017 Seeker

Author's Note

Hope this makes sense!

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Added on June 17, 2017
Last Updated on June 17, 2017
Tags: Genes, life, transcendence



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