Soar High

Soar High

A Poem by Shwetz

A children's poem, written long back. Only an experiment

A pigeon in its nest, happy and content
lived on grains and seeds sometimes worms and bees..

The tree guarded it, provided it with warmth and shade
Safe it was in its motherly care.

Until one day!

There came storm, with it rain
lashing and whipping, it ravaged its nest!
Feeble and frail, it looked high
there it saw with its heavenly sigh
The Eagle !!
Soaring High...
Turning and twirling along with the wind
it moved elegantly in the lashing winds.
Now the eagle untouched by the rains, glided high
That sight filled its being and it dreamt to fly high!

The rains subdued
praying it built another nest

Like death, the black clouds came.
The pigeon gasped! For it could not bear another lapse.
It took off from its nest,
it knew it would not rest.

Looking up at the sky it soared higher and higher
Rains splashed, winds lashed
it flapped its wings harder and harder.
The rain like dagger stabbed
with each stroke harder it thrashed
The storm pushed it down, it bucked itself up
The lightening whipped
it whirled and swished

It was out of breath! It was now upper high
It felt weak and frail but not meek and afraid
It fought and heaved but never gave in
The clouds, heavenly clouds it could see near
above that it saw its dream so real
Only some more Oh brave heart!
you could do this
it's not far!

Heaving it realised its wings didn't move an inch
It felt numb and still,
paralysed down it went in the ravaging rains

Out from nowhere a giant came straight for it
Scared it screamed
It caught it gently with its talons and the pigeon looked up and realised it was the God of Flight
The eagle, all this time observed from above
How could it let the brave heart fall?

It along with the eagle now moved higher
up up above
Now above the black clouds it quivered and lived its dream so real.

© 2017 Shwetz

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Added on August 1, 2017
Last Updated on August 1, 2017
Tags: Motivation, dreaming




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