Ch.2 The rukes

Ch.2 The rukes

A Chapter by Amneh

"Nima, wake up come on!" "What's wrong Marry its too early." "You have to get ready your trainer is hear." "Trainer? For what to train you how to be a body guard." "Oh I forgot." "We'll let's go you have to eat breakfast." "Okay, I'll be there." Ugh another one of those dreams. "Good morning Nima." "Good morning Roy." "How do you like your room." "It's nice and cozy." "That's good! Oh, look at the time I have a meeting to go to." "Alright bye." "You have leave to Nima" "I know lets go Marry I'm done eating." "Okay, Nima I have to go to finish some work this is your trainer Jake." "Hello" "Jake go easy in her." "No promises Marry." "Alright then lets get start. First off you shall address me as Mr.Jake, and when you reply I want to hear yes sir or no sir or I won't respond." "Yes... I mean yes sir?" "Good now let's go over some rules." "Yes sir" "Rule one, you must obey all my orders. I don't want to here. 'No I can't' or 'I give up' if those words come out your mouth there shall be punishment . Are we clear!" "Yes sir." "Rule two, Your weakness is you! If you don't accept it you will never reach your full potential. Rule three, you can not fall in love or have kids until you're duty as a body guard is over. Rule four, you can't be afraid to kill if you do you will be killed." I've already killed two people who were my own parents I think ill be good. "Rule five, you must never let your emotions take control over you! and last but not least Rule six, you must always protect your master! That's all the rules now let's get training started!" "Yes, sir" "You must learn mixed Martel arts which concise of Thi boxing, jui jitsu, wrestling, muy Thai, and many more,but first we must build up your muscles. We'll start with 200 pound bench press and I need a 1000 of those,an hour of running, 500 push ups, and 500 sit ups." I'm going to die!! "We'll look what I found a sleeping angle." "Master Roy I'll carry Nima to her room." "No it's fine Marry." That night all I could dream of was my parents and what I've been through. I wish I could have dreamed a happy dream, but I know that will never happen. "Good morning Nima did you have a good sleep." "Um..ya and thanks for taking me to my room." "No problem,but who told you." "Marry, because I thought she carried me the she told me that it was you so ya that's all." "We'll how was training." "Good,hard,and I'm still sore." "We'll how about we go to the pool today." "NO! I mean no thanks. If you'll excuse me I have to go... Um do some body guard stuff." "Nima, I shall excuse you, but I want you to come to my office at two. We have some stuff to discuss." "Oh... Okay." I actually couldn't sleep at all the only reason I feel asleep is from being tired. The things I have been through since I was little are things that some people would have already killed themselves, but sadly I didn't have that privilege.

© 2013 Amneh

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Added on June 27, 2013
Last Updated on June 27, 2013
Tags: Hard work, mma, training, boxing, push ups



Riverview , FL

I ❤ to read and write I want writing to be profession for me because its wat I ❤ to do I hope my stories bring out all different kinds of emotions when people read them 😊 more..

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