One Precious Moment...

One Precious Moment...

A Story by We

A special moment in the life of a couple Mira and Rahul Singh which jus enhances their relationship and strengths the bond of love



​The first meeting..

​New Relations..

​The new journey...

One Precious Moment...

Heartbreak... Disaster..

​Life... Hope...

Epilogue.. The present day

Simran singh


Today is the day I dread every year December 16th . It's been three years but it still seems like yesterday. I can still smell the flowers, the aromatic candles ,the freshly baked pizza and garlic breads. I can still see what had been the most Precious Moment and night of my life turn into the most tragic and disastrous one the next. I,Mira singh experienced both the best and the worst in the matter of 24 hours.
I am a fashion marketing manager 29 years old, married to the most handsome loving man ever, Rahul singh, or was,yes I'm a widow now. We had been married for six wonderful years. What a life it was. Well toady is the day I lost the most important person of my now lonely life.
Life is as unpredictable as is our next breath, when disaster strikes we never know nor are we prepared for the consequences. Three years back Rahul gave me the most precious moments of my life to top all others and a beautiful gift that will always be close to my heart but the very next second life took over and Rahul was gone.

I met Rahul 11years ago while I was studying for fashion management and marketing at SVT College Mumbai. We traveled in the same local train. He was doing an internship at some company near my college. We both were attracted and interested but neither of us had the audacity to make the first move.We continued to eye each other for nearly 2 months without either saying a word. But even then our silences spoke for us, with one look of his I could understand that he liked what I was wearing or didn't approve of some dress, or hairdo..It was mutual he too somehow knew I loved the blue shirt he wore so to my astonishment every second or third day he would wear the same or a similar shirt,(trust me,it was amazing). We kept looking for opportunities to get introduced just once and then the rest as you say would be history but it seemed everything and everyone was against our beginning.
But what's destined to happen happens(and what a way it did). One evening I was late from college due to some assignment, and as per our schedule Rahul should have left long back but to my pleasant surprise (and shock) he was waiting outside the station and by the look of it since a long time,seeing him standing there brought a huge smile on my face and a spark to my eyes so bright that my feelings became obvious to all. But what astonished me most was the reflection of my emotions but with a hint of worry and anger shining on his face as well.I, then decided to take matters in my hands and make the first move.While I was contemplating my next course of action some very rowdy looking guys came over and started whistling and passing vulgar comments at me and a few other girls next to me. Their presence started making all of us uncomfortable and angry, with the train running late I couldn't do much but wait. I was reaching the end of my patience as the guys were getting horrid by the second and one of them was manhandling the girl next to me, I had jus picked my bag to whack him with it when warm solid hands stopped me.when I turned to look I saw Rahul holding me tight and pointing today the entrance where I could now see cops coming towards us. I calmed downed and waited for the cops to do their bit for us. We all made a statement against the guys and had them arrested. But the real hero of the situation was my Rahul who had called the cops at the first whistle from the guys (smart,intelligent and quick,WOW).
​As all the girls thanked him for his vigilance and thoughtfulness, shaking his hand in appreciattion, I jus continued to stare dumbstruck and still, enjoying the feel of his hand on me. Even when the train arrived I couldn't move out of my stupor. While I continued,to stand there still and quiet staring Rahul jus put his arms around my shoulder and pushed me into the train with him. He continued to hold me close all through our journey home neither of us saying anything, jus feeling the moment and enjoying the beginning of our oneness.

The First Meeting...

As it was late in the evening and I was still feeling the after effects of the previous incident Rahul decided to get off the train with me. We started walking towards my house not once did I question my sanity nor his presence with me,it jus felt so very natural. We hadn't spoken at all neither before nor since but now Rahul broke the silence of our surrounding, I will forever remember his first direct word to me ' 'have you no bloody sense,' oops I was stunned cos I expected anything but that and anger no ways. I kept quiet for a few seconds( which was seconds too much for me) and then turned around and shouted right back ' 'where and what am I supposed to have sense about 1) trying to bust a hooligan ,2) being in shock for having you touch me for the first time out of the blue,3) having you hold me all the way here or 4) having you walk me home.'
Ok, now I had him zapped cos he was not expecting this (whoopsie for me) but back to Rahul,I did not stop at that I kept talking on and on '"we have been traveling for the past 2 months together and you haven't so much as said a hi to me ever and now all of a sudden you go all macho and manly, like are you totally serious' 'and what is with this anger, I haven't done anything so why am I even trying to explain myself '.while I kept my on and on Rahul stared smiling and then suddenly put his hand on my mouth to shut me up and that sure did stun me to silence. We kept looking at each other like forever when all of a sudden a loud sound broke the mood,( guess what, its my phone so bloody typical) it was my mom who else. I suddenly realised how late it was and turned to leave when suddenly I stoped to look back and see Rahul still standing where I had left him staring after me. I walked back to him and held his hand, looking right at him I said 'thank you, but you still have to explain yourself to me' winking at him I turned towards home. I had taken a only few steps when I heard a voice say "12.30 tomorrow at Barista" which was right opposite my college, without turning around I jus shook my head and kept walking home with a smile to beat all smiles.
On returning home I had both my parents walking a hole into the carpet,I explained to them what had happened and mentioned Rahul and his help but kept the whole thing as low keyed as possible., (you know how parents are they tend to make a mountain out of a molehill),well I calmed them enough to not have to miss college the next day. That night I hardly slept, the excitement and the anticipation of meeting Rahul the next day kept me awake. And if and when I dozed off I could only dream of him and the next day, due to which when I finally slept I woke up getting late for College and thus missing my train for the very first time (idiot, that's me). By the time the next train arrived I knew I was not going to see Rahul on it and he sure would have thought that I was not coming that day. I was totally disappointed and upset , so much so that I missed my first two very important lectures and didn't submit my design draft to the teacher. But the state I was in I couldn't have cared less I jus kept looking at the watch waiting for 12.30 .at 12.15 I left college asking my friend to stand in proxy for me and I told her to cover for me till 1.30' max.
​I reached the barista 5 minutes early and took the seat away from the entrance but sat facing it. When 12.30 came and went I was disappointed and hurt but I continued to wait. At about 1pm I gave up hope and was getting ready to leave when I heard my name whispered so softly that it felt like a caress across my face. I shuddered and slowly turned still not sure whether it was him or my imagination at its best. But seeing him stand so close to me with his breath mingling with mine I was not only sure but overwhelmed with emotions I couldn't explain even to myself. There was excitement, there was fear of the unknown and there was a feeling so new that it was coursing all through me with such speed that I could feel myself burst with it. For a long time I jus continued to stare and couldn't get a word out which made him smile and say " so that's how I'm supposed to get you all quiet and docile,". Despite his smile and words the only thing I could get out was " I didn't think you were coming since I missed the train today" . He slowly held my hand and pushed me back into the chair and said "but you still came and waited" and my only response to it was "how could I not ". Hearing those four words from me started the amazing journey of our beautiful relationship.

​New Relations....

Wow, what a beginning it was. From then on we started meeting everyday. I started leaving home much earlier than was needed, giving extra classes or projects as excuse. We would meet the usual way, the train,from there we would have breakfast or tea or sometimes jus sit by the beach enjoying each others company. Rahul and I had a lot in common but at the same time we were very different people. We had similar taste in books, appreciation towards art, movies but on some topics we could argue to prove our points till either of us would go hoarse. Oh we didn't have a very smooth relation, we even fought like hooligans. There was this one argument we had about my late classes, he didn't appreciate me staying back late but understood my reasons. What totally pissed him was me traveling by train. Well I tried to explain that traveling by train was the most convenient transportation for me cos Mumbai traffic is killing and when I can reach home in 30 mins by train taking any other mode of transport would be stupidity as it takes at least twice the time to reach home. But how does one explain this to a possessive caring macho man. We had a major set back cos I wouldn't budge and he refused to see reason. We both spoke out of turn and some really harsh words were said in anger (later thinking back on them I realised were very untrue). Well the outcome was that we didn't speak with each other for 3 whole freaking days(like truly, no calls no SMS nothing), this for sure should tell you all how stubborn we both could be.
With no contact from him nor seeing him on the train I was starting to get upset hurt and super depressed. I would lose my temper at the smallest thing, I got fired by the teachers (one actually threw me out of the class, like really) I was super rude with my Mom which I have never been in my entire life,It was then I realised the importance of Rahul in my life, hey I maybe young but I can tell when someone is more important than others. Till date life was too easy and uncomplicated with only my parents my little sister Priya and me but one stranger shook that foundation in jus a few weeks. I did not know how to handle this emotional roller coaster I was on I could not share it with anyone neither my sister who was too small for it nor any friend as I had kept everything quite and low keyed,I could actually feel the innocence and immaturity of my age.,

Oops I don't think I have mentioned this yet but I am 18 and a half and Rahul is a little more older than me he is 21years. Well my first affair and I can tell you for sure my only ever as I don't think I could ever get a betters soulmate than Rahul. We jus clicked on all levels where I was young and immature, he was mature and smart where I was aggressive he was calm, when I was being unreasonable he would be patient and when I threw a temper tantrum he would cool me. And it was not jus him alone, there would be a role reversal as well when he's on short fuse. We jus completed and complimented one another beautiful, like the rivers flowing together from different sides to join as one.

Well to go back to the fight I was way too upset and as the days went by unsure of myself and him, only to have him surprise me with the most unexpected way of all.(and what a surprise).
As I left home on the fourth day of our Cold War I saw this guy sitting on a beautiful bike right across my house, at first I ignored him but something about his stance seemed too familiar and known. I peered at him again trying to place him from somewhere but was coming up blank,when all of a sudden he whipped his helmet off and stunned me totally. Rahul had bought a motorbike,(and what a bike it was). I rushed towards him only to stop midway as I realised Mom or dad could be watching, I slyly pointed him to meet me at the end of the lane and started walking. I know he didn't like this but we had not discussed about telling our parents and I sure didn't want them to find out like thi about us. When clear from parental view I turned to him only to find another helmet held out for me, and in his soft loving voice he said " get on the bike ,we will talk later", and as they say that was that.
We drove up to a favourite place of mine near the beach and close to my college, where we ordered coffee and then just stared at each other like it was the very first time. Only once our coffees were set in front of us did Rahul break the silence(and this is word to word) ' I know I was harsh upset and totally unreasonable the other day but ever since the night with those goons I have been worried and part of me is scared knowing that there will be times when I won't be able to wait for you, or get late at work myself or when you will get late from college.. and if something should happen again how and who will take care of you" (pauses) " knowing you and your temper to top that your impulsive attitude it's super worrying leaving you being alone, that's why I overreacted"(sighs)" I know you were right about a lot of things that night so I finally came up with this solution(looks at the bike), I'll pick and drop you everyday and on days when you are late or I'm stuck somewhere you will take the cab or go with some reliable friend but you will not travel by train late evenings.... I'm not laying down laws or being macho as you said the other day I'm jus being cautious careful and protective for the one person who means the world to me other than my family. After getting to know you in these past months I'm sure of how I feel and I'm ready to move forward. And these three days of not talking or seeing you, of not hearing you chatter all the way from here to home has compounded the fact that without you life is jus breathing,eating,sleeping,working but not living. So to make this totally official I'm ready to speak with both our parents".
OMG, in all these months even when we were jus eyeing each other I had never ever seen or heard Rahul talk so much, he's more the silent types but today he was on another trip all together and listening to all this I was in the lost zone world trying to process everything. But on hearing the statement about parents shook my entire foundation, that's when I snapped out and shouted right there in the cafe"WHAT THE F..." ok that was super embarrassing and like oohh s**t kind of situation but helllooo I jus got proposed without getting proposed. Well my shout sure shut him up and have him look at me with the embarrassed, slightly pissed off but confused look. I took a few deep breaths and then asked him what he was talking about " why would you speak to my parents and about what", that shook him up for sure and he was like ' about us, and making things official' (okay, he's busted for sure now) I quickly countered ' making what official about us and where am I in this decision' hearing that (being smart that he sure is) he realised his mistake full on and before I could catch up with his next move he was down on bended knees right there in the cafe in front of at least 20 people holding my hand and looking right into my eyes and with that sweet smile of his he said loudly and very clearly for all to hear " dear Mira you are the first and very last for me, you are not only the love but the very breath of my life, every beat of my heart. I would be honoured if you would give me the permission to be part of your life". There were whistles comments and some girls actually shouted yes for him but for me he was the centre of my world and the only person I could hear, feel or see while he continued to wait for my answer looking at me with hope fear and nervousness I quietly bent down towards him and kissed him right there and then , not caring about anything or anyone it was jus him and me. We kissed for a few seconds but it seemed like eternity,the feel of his lips, the taste of coffee and cinnamon and the mingling of our warm breath still sends shivers down my body giving me goosebumps all over. It was my very first kiss and the answer to his question, once he was up he pulled me into his arms and held on to me sooo tight that I could barely breath, people were shouting and clapping all around us,some passing embarrassing comments, some going all gooey faced but among them there was an old couple who walked up to us and hugged both of us. While we looked at them shyly the lady put her hand on my head and said" GOD BLESS YOU BOTH" even though l was red in the face her blessings and the warmth she radiated made me feel happy and satisfied from within, it gave me the feeling of having done the right thing. She then sweetly kissed my forehead and said "thank you "which stunned me ,but she proceeded to say that we had jus given them a replay of their past which had bought back even more beautiful memories alive for them, saying that she left with her husband for the past 50 years. Their love and care was so evident that I was moved beyond words and when I looked at Rahul I could see the same love shining in his eyes.I decided to tell my mom about Rahul that very evening and with her support dad.
On reaching home that evening I was very nervous and scared especially of my dad's reaction, when I realised he had not arrived and was running late it was like a sign. I quietly took Mom to my room and sat her down, she looked alarmed seeing the nervousness on my face and asked if all was alright, stuttering and stammering I told her all about Rahul. I started from our first train journey to the episode with those hooligans to the fight we had and finally to our kiss today. I was red in the face while I spoke but she was totally flabbergasted, it took awhile for her to process what I was saying and then she was in her own element(by god what a sight). Questions like how when where started but the last question nailed all what is dad going to say and how should we tell him, and that was it silence all around us by now my sister was also in the room watching the soap scene going on. While Mom paced the floor I quietly added "Rahul wants to meet dad and you" (s**t I have never heard Mom shout like that) "WHAT, ARE U CRAZY", "your dad will kill you and then me, and if that idiot is around then another death will also be added to ours". I had tears in my eyes now , I softly told her to at least meet Rahul once,when suddenly the bell rang knowing it's dad we all stood erect and I looked totally whipped and scared. Mom wiped her face which had tears of worry running down and slowly went to open the door, while I stood still waiting I felt my little sister put her small sweet hand into mine for support and care, I squeezed her hand lightly and gave her a smile of assurance trying to say all will be well even though I was totally unaware of the upcoming events. But on opening the door we were all stunned to see dad with someone and surprise surprise it was Rahul (my first thought s**t I'm jacked royally), I was jus going to say something to break the silence when dad spoke " mrs kapur this is Rahul who walks our daughter to and from college everyday and jus bought a bike to make things easy and more comfortable for themselves" I had zoned out and felt I watching a movie being played, having no response and no idea as to what was going on I looked at Rahul who jus smiled and gave me a naughty wink stating all was wonderfully fine. I felt a happy glow spread all over but still being careful I waited for the story to unfold. My dad then told us how he had seen Rahul drop me a few times and also remembered of the guy whom I had spoken of with sparks in my eyes but at the same time trying hard to be casual and off handed about him,(fu..,how do parents notice such things) he then mentioned today morning's scene when he saw me trying to be sly. I was totally embarrassed by now but what totally zapped me was the knowledge that he had followed us to the cafe(what a crafty dad I have,),he had witnessed our whole moment(OMG, I WISH THE FLOOR WOULD OPEN AND SWALLOW ME) now I sure couldn't look at my dad at all,but dad being dad continued to tell mom how he had stopped Rahul outside my college later and had a long heart to heart conversation thus freeing himself of thoughts of Rahul being a rowdy or molester or whatever fathers need confirmation about but what staggered me most was that he had spoken to Rahul's parents as well who already knew about me and his intentions towards me and our relation. All were in agreement for our relation. Now where I was expecting the typical Indian parental attitude and anger I was shocked and super happy to have everything sorted so easily and beautifully that i was going through an anti climax feel considering the previous scene with mom.

Well as they say alls well that ends well. Our relation had the blessings from both families, in fact my dad shared a much more closer relation with Rahul than he did with me or even mom for that matter, they shared a very unique bond which made mom super jealous but then she too was in love with Rahul, so actually it was kind of cool seeing them all so closely knit together. Having met Rahul's parents I was at peace as they were totally chilled out and very cool, my mother in law to be and I jus clicked so well, we formed a bond so strong in such little time that Rahul was taken aback, as his parents lived in Pune and I got to meet them only twice since the disclosure of our affair. Overall things were going smooth and we were all settled in our respective roles and relationships until disaster struck.
We had been going around for more than a year and I was 3 months away from my finals when Rahul got his transfer letter from the company. Well the positive thing about the situation was that he was given a permanent position with them and at a higher post but the disastrous part was that they were recruiting him to their sister concern company in Delhi for 2 years. This put us all in different stages of shock but for me my world was crumbling down around me., like 2 years away from Rahul was like being sentenced to death. I couldn't stop howling, when Rahul came up with the most awesome idea. We announced our engagement on my birthday which was coming up the same week and marriage exactly the week after my finals. I could barely contain my excitement as I awaited the parental acceptance to this. Marriage to Rahul was jus the formality for making our relationship official for me we were already one but for the obvious. Everything got planned so fast and time flew by that within the blink of my eye I was married and dear god I was Mrs Rahul singh all set to move into my new life, and make new relations with my soulmate forever.

​A New Journey....

​Wow, I'm mrs Rahul singh married some 6 hours back, the sorrow of leaving my parents and sister still fresh but the excitement of beginning a new life with Rahul was utmost. We had been in the relationship for more than a year now but Rahul had been the perfect gentleman except for a few kisses he had never crossed the line(those kisses also initiated by me). He had the patience of a saint, I once had a an argument with him in regard to his control and his reason for not taking our relation further and his answer ashamed me, his word were very simple but profound " it's not that I don't want to be bound to you so completely that not even air can pass between us but there is the matter of trust that your parents have in me which I would not want to break when I know that in a matter of months you will be mine forever" and that made me bring my hormones down and emotions under tight control and full stop till the time was ours alone.
We landed in Delhi some half hour back and were waiting for the luggage to arrive. Rahul had jus 4 days before he started his new job here, he was given a beautiful two bedroom apartment by the company. These past few months while I prepared for the exams and our wedding Rahul had got the house ready for us. His superiors had been very understanding and generous(they could be as they knew they had found a gem,and didn't want to loose him), they had let Rahul move in prior to his shift to Delhi so that it would be an easy transition for both of us after our marriage but especially for me. Rahul had been traveling between Delhi and Mumbai getting organised and making my shift into a new city as smooth as possible, in fact he had arrived 3 days before the wedding for all our functions and ceremonies. Once we were in the car traveling towards our new home, reaction and exertion was setting in, three months of super excitement, hectic schedules, deadlines, exams were now taking its toll, even before the car left the airport I was fast asleep on Rahul's shoulder. It must have been some 30 minutes later when I felt Rahul shake me awake, still in the state of drowsiness I smiled at him and watched his eyes darken with so much passion and so much heat that I could have melted right there and then. He quietly held out his hand for me and pulled me out of the car, we walked towards the lift all the while holding each other's hand, when all of a sudden a voice shouted " sir your luggage where should I leave it" (Holi s**t, like seriously, we seem bound for cold water shocks). Rahul banged his palm onto his head and went back to the driver for our luggage, seeing his expressions made me bust out laughing and with him giving me such dirty looks made me laugh even harder. Once in the lift I tried controlling my laughter but every time I looked at him I couldn't stop myself, by the time we reached our floor (which was the second highest one) I had tears running down my face and even Rahul had started smiling. We got the luggage out from the lift and Rahul gave me the keys to our house saying I should do the honours of opening it as I was the queen of our small palace , overwhelmed with his words I opened the door to our haven but before I could take another step I was picked in strong loving arms who took me over the threshold. (Let me tell you something about Rahul he was not religion bound, he believed in the good of all religions and there was no right or wrong with faith) Rahul looked me straight in the eyes as we entered the house, there was jus him and me in that moment of time. We looked no where but at each other feeling and living one another's emotions and the love we had.
Slowly Rahul put me down to close the door behind and I turned to look at my future home, it was decorated with beautiful bouquets and there were gifts all around but in that moment of time only one person mattered and he was right behind me encircling me in his arms and his lips doing wonderful things to my neck. I had blood rushing to my head and warm heat pool between my legs as he continued to kiss me everywhere and anywhere he could possibly reach. There was so much heat and passion in his touch that I could barely stand still, I was making sounds even I wasn't aware of. I felt the zip of my dress getting lowered slowly and hot lips follow ,I could feel Rahul's breath and his tongue teasing me down my spine. While I tried to slow my breathing he pushed my dress down all the way, standing there in the pool of my dress with only minimal covering I was nervous shy but excited as well, I wanted to turn around and touch him the same way but the newness of it all kept me still. As I waited for his next move, I felt him turn me around, I closed my eyes in fear to his reaction and to the intensity of my response but all I heard was "BEAUTIFUL ". I slowly opened my eyes to see so much desire and lust flash in Rahul's eyes that all my fear and nervousness melted away to be replaced with the same love passion and heat that was blazing in him. I took the final step towards him that bought an end to all our inhibitions and opened the doors to the love and desire which we had controlled for the past year. There was nothing stopping us any more no conscience no fear no responsibility, it was finally jus us.
This freedom and knowledge gave way to our suppressed emotions for each other. We then were unstoppable, with what started as a preliminary kiss turned to a full blown blast of passion, we couldn't stop kissing(it was more of a feast to our inner senses) but after a point it was not enough I practically tore his shirt open to kiss him all over, with his buttons flying all over the place I continued to kiss his neck down towards his n*****s covered in fine soft hair. Hearing his groans encouraged me and made me bold to go on further, my hand had jus reached his zip when he stopped me as I looked up at him in question only to have my world tilt, he carried me to our bedroom and placed me slowly and lovingly on the bed strewn with petals. The heavenly smell of flowers and soft silky feel of the sheets added to the erotism of the moment, jus then Rahul lowered his warm naked body on top of me(when had he removed all his clothes, uhh) the feel of his naked skin against mine was making my body tingle I arched my back for more contact and that was all he needed to swamp my senses with so much lust and desire that it was getting difficult to breath. He snapped my bra open and cupped my breast with one hand while the other removed my bra totally out of his way, feeling him squeezing my breast and pinching my n*****s erect had me shouting in ecstasy, by now I was drowning in such new intense feelings, I could feel the heat and wetness pooling between my legs this had me closing my legs so tight as if I could control this flow of passion running through me but Rahul had other ideas, while still kissing sucking and licking my breasts his one hand moved slow between my legs, very carefully and sweetly spreading me wide so that I did not get frightened by his touch. His light touches arousing me but at the same time giving me the warm feeling of safety, I slowly started to relax to his touch and enjoy, letting the wonderful sensations take me over me, only then did he pull my panties out of the way. Once we both were naked as the day we were born we both jus combusted, we couldn't stop exploring each other's body, all our inhabitions and doubts were forgotten, at one point he was kissing me so hard with 3 of his fingers deep within me his tongue and fingers moving with the same rhythm in and out my body that I could feel myself reach towards a pinnacle beyond any, jus when I thought I couldn't take it anymore, my body shattered into million pieces. I was breathing so hard that for a moment I thought I would die from lack of oxygen but no as I slowly came down from my high I saw his beautiful face above mine smiling, loving and a look of pride and satisfaction shining bright but all he said was "you ok " his sweet words the love and concern clear to see and hear made me smile a yes and hug him close. I could feel his erection hard and wet pressing into my stomach making me realise of his need but he continued to wait till I was calm, his patience and love made me feel cherished and so loved that there were tears in my eyes. I slowly and carefully took him in my hands, feeling him wonderfully hard and so strong ,softly pulsing in my palm made me caress his tip and squeeze his tight sacs making him harder(if that was possible) and groan loudly, taking that sound as encouragement I moved my hand faster and also reached for his lips to kiss him. As I was enjoying the power and passion I had ignited he pulled my hands up and away from him and held both my wrists in one hand way above my head and with the other settled himself between my legs, his tip at my entrance waiting, he slowly dipped his fingers deep into my core arousing me again and getting me wet and ready for him, as I arched my back towards him in ecstasy, he slowly started to lower himself pushing slowly and carefully into me,knowing it's the first time for us we were careful and nervous too.I couldn't wait anymore, the need for more made me spread myself a little more and push up and at the same time pull him down,this movement had him deep within me and tears of pain and fulfilment running down my face. Rahul started kissing my tears away and jus held me tight simply enjoying our union together, as some time passed it could have been few seconds only we couldn't stay still, carefully Rahul started moving, giving rise to new feelings and need. I too couldn't stopmyself and started moving with him and soon we were moving as one, I could feel the same heat and passion arise again but more intense and much more earth shattering than before, as we both moved faster and faster towards our release I felt him touch me between my legs making my orgasim more strong and powerful, the minute he found my soft spot I was busted because there was no stopping my shout of ecstasy. While I was shuddering and shaking, getting myself together Rahul increased his thrusts and drove harder and faster towards his own release but with each thrust he made me rise again with him,minutes later which seemed like hours later we let out a shout of such heat and passion before collapsing on the bed breathing hard and fast.
We stayed glued together for a long time, Rahul only shifted enough to get his weight off me making sure he was still deep inside me. We both did not want to be separated yet, while holding and caressing we both feel into deep sleep. During the night heat and hunger woke us up, we quickly showered together and lounged in our balcony with some wine and bread. Neither of us have the energy to open our bags to remove the food Mom had packed for us. We jus enjoyed what was easily available and off course each other(desire and need for one another had jus increased after our first taste of passion) all night long.

​One Precious Moment.....

Six beautiful years of marriage in which we have had fights,arguments,but most of all lots and lots of love for each other. Our fights have been forced sometimes so that we can enjoy the beauty of making up. After staying in Delhi for 3 freaking years instead of the 2, Rahul finally got promoted to being the head of his engineering department in Mumbai, which thrilled me to no end. Life in Delhi was very good ,we even made many friends but the attraction of Mumbai and the feel for home was always there. I too was doing a part time job with an upcoming designer but wasn't totally satisfied. So when the promotion was announced I threw an awesome party for all our friends to say goodbye and celebrate going back. Mom had Rahul's house cleaned and ready for our move, our things were all packed and ready to be shifted . We were ready to start over again in Mumbai.
Our shift was extremely smooth and with both moms ready to help setting up house was super quick and easy. Within weeks we were sorted and living as if we had never left. This house had some beautiful memories for me of our courtship time. This too was a two bedroom hall flat in Juhu on the 18th floor with a balcony facing the beach open and wide. Every morning getting up to the sound of the beach the, the salty smell in the air and the noisy traffic felt awesome. In fact we made it a norm to get up early to have breakfast out in the balcony everyday.
Even though the move back in Mumbai felt great it bought many complications with it. Due to the promotion workload increased and with it came the traveling and stress. I tried being understanding and supportive but after 6 months I lost it., that day before Rahul left for work I cornered him, " I'm sick and tired of you coming late, you are so tired that you have no strength to hold a normal conversation with me let alone eat the meal I make with so much love for you. I'm sick of twiddling around the house all day waiting for you to come and then watch you crash on bed so exhausted that it's killing. You either delegate and start thinking about your health and me or else I'm sending a mail to your superiors", seeing me this upset and worked up Rahul hugged me and said "it's only for another two weeks, this project is my baby that's why I need to be there always but I promise to be more careful and start delegating" with that he kissed me lightly and left . But that moment made me realise that I needed to start working again as sitting home , take care of the house or talking to our parents was just not me, I needed to do something so that it kept me away from these useless thoughts. After two weeks with 8 interviews 6 outright rejection I finally got a part time job at a new fashion boutique close to home. Once I started working it improved the atmosphere at home, even Rahul started coming home early, we would coincide our timings so that he would pick me from work and we would go for coffee or dinner or jus walk around like old times. Everything was getting in tune, my job became permanent and Rahul got an assistant as he was getting better busier and more popular in his company. We were have an amazing life with all the perfect marriage ingredients love, laughter, fights, disagreements, travelling , busy schedules blah blah blah. But one thing never changed and that was despite all the bedlam in our life we always made it a point to share what little time we could together as beautifully and fruitfully as possible(which was normally our mornings)
We were becoming like the normal typical middle class couples who loved to work hard to secure a solid future but make sure to remove time first for each other then for family friends and the social scene. Even with all this running around we would still fight like cats and dogs( unbelievable,I know). Andbeause of demonetisation stress levels had reached to extreme heights. We had jus shifted into a bigger house gifted by the office in Bandstand. Due to the shift we were going through monetary problems .Luckily for us our salaries got deposited into our banks or else god only knows how we would have managed. Even with what little we had saved it was getting impossible to make ends meet cos prior to the shift Rahul had bought a car as a surprise so paying the monthly EMIS, electricity bills etc was getting difficult, and to top it all I got listed with few other colleagues for termination. (WOW, trust me I know).
Well the day I got my termination news I was stressed worried and very very upset with the management with whom I had worked very hard for the last 2 years. I reached home in the worst possible moods (naturally) but before I could tell Rahul about it he started a major argument about some unpaid bill(typically man,like who cares for an exhausted wife jus home from work). What then, we had a major major blow out to the extent I left our room to sleep in the other. We didn't talk for days on end, in fact whenever we crossed each other we just looked right through.This was our biggest fall out ever in the last 6 years.(tell me about it)
We continued to ignore each other for a week or so,and then something happened to change everything. Rahul came across one of our common friends who told him about my possible termination. Now now again like the typical male his first reaction was hurt and anger (male ego at it's height) but he then did something which made that day the top most precious day of my very life.
I came home at my regular time but it seemed as though I had entered heaven(no puns here). The entire house was lit with candles(non flammable..of course) our small balcony garden had a table set for two with champagne cooling and ready to pop there was my favourite music playing in the background and the whole house smelt of fresh flowers and baking ( was astounding and mesmerising). While I was still trying to get my act together two very warm very strong and wonderful hands accosted me from behind bringing me in contact with a warm and hard chest, warm and pleasurable lips took to my neck all the way down to my shoulder. I had goosebumps all over my body, but trust me that was just the beginning to a beautiful evening filled with passion love warmth and lust.
While still being kissed and loved I turned around to kiss him too but what stopped me dead was Rahul's attire. Dressed in just boxers, apron and a chef's cap he was my fantasy come true. I practically swooned on seeing him., had he not held me tight I sure would have been on the floor. Imagine,song from ghost (unchained melody) in the background and your man dressed to kill (or in my case undressed) you too would have swooned. Well to get back, as I went to kiss him he started pushing me towards our room which had real aromatic scented candles lit and my favourite flowers (lilies, by the way) strewn all around. I was living one of my fantasies to the hilt(I had never told Rahul about it). I could hear water gushing in the tub but before I could check Rahul stepped up and started undressing me, he then slowly walked me to the tub filled with warm scented water. Together we stepped in, Rahul held me from behind and kept me very close to him. He kept rubbing my shoulders, my back and his lips never stopped touching me wherever they could. I could feel him harden every minute but he held me down not letting me so much as kiss him(sheer torment). No word was spoken between us since I entered the house but our silence our breath our eyes spoke all that was needed to say. We were so attuned to each other at that moment of time,nothing could have destroyed our harmony nor our oneness. We were just together again.
As I lay comfortably on Rahul's chest breathing in his essence and love I heard the loud pop of the champagne bottle opening, I felt the tickle of the cold bubbly trickle down my back and Rahul drink on it.(wow,what a feeling it is). We had a glass each and toasted with jus three beautiful words ever" I LOVE YOU ". We sat there in the tub enjoying jus the soft sounds of our breathing and the quiet peace after the storm we had been through. I can't say how long we sat nor what it was that made me jus turn around and hold him but that's exactly what I did. I practically squashed him with a hug beyond any before and then started to kiss those warm precious lips with a need and passion I didn't know I had in me. Suddenly Rahul stood up holding me tight in his arms and got me out of the tub, we pat dried each other but instead of taking me to bed he took me to the balcony garden where I saw a bed spread out next to the dinner table(how did I miss that). Now that is where he made love to me all night, under the stars with food and champagne at arms length. Our hands,our lips and our bodies did not stop moving the whole night.the slightest touch from one or the other ignited us ,the passion we unleashed was indescribable. Even spent and tired we couldn't stop touching one another. It reminded me of the early days of our marriage but even then we never shared what we did that night. We did not let go of each other even in sleep,we stayed glued till the first ray of the sun fell upon us making us aware of the surroundings. We had the world getting up all around us starting their day but we had not only started afresh we had found ourselves again. That one most beautiful gesture from Rahul broke the ice to the issue which now seemed so very insignificant.In that one precious moment (which tops plenty other) Rahul and I not only found what we were loosing in all the hustle bustle of life but we found the most important thing in life EACH OTHER.

​Heartbreak.... Disaster...

What we shared that night would always be engraved in my heart. Next morning we both mutually decided to go to work a little late, but something was stopping us from parting with each other. We called our respective offices and instead of calling in late we decided to miss work completely. We made breakfast together all the time kissing and touching each other, exchanging smiles and looks of such love and passion that anyone would combust in it. After breakfast we showered together, made love again,exhausted we later sat on the love seat in our balcony. We talked for like hours planning and making decisions about our future, looking for alternative choices in case of my termination,at one point we also started talking and planning for a family of our own. Children was something we had never thought or discussed till now as work ,my age and the newness off everything was priority but now we both felt we should plan for a child, we were ready to bring a new life into our world, even with all the pressures around us we were ready to enhance and cement our love with a child of our own. Rahul the ever organiser surprised me with the news that our old house was translated in my name and all the papers were with his parents and a copy with mine( Mom and dad never told me about it) and he also said that there was a life insurance in both our names, hearing all this made me uneasy as such conversations were never spoken of before, I shut him up with a kiss and said " these are matters for much much later in our lives, right now it's jus you me and the possibilities to bring our child into this circle of love, that is all we need to discuss and for me to know", and I kissed him again. Our kiss was heating up and so were our touches when my phone began to ring(anti climax, story of our life), seeing its from the office Rahul connected the call and put it on speaker. My bosses were calling me asap, Rahul promised to have me there in an hour and put the phone down.
I got ready on his insistence and he drove me to work. We planned to meet outside my office in an hour. There was a new building coming up next to my office and the labourers were taking a break when a brick fell from up missing me by the inch, I shouted at the people and told them to be careful as this was the third time in weeks when someone could get hit like this seriously.They apologised and continued with their tea, I kissed Rahul bye and left for the meeting. When I entered the office the atmosphere was very quiet and depressing, I was expecting my termination letter but to my extreme surprise not only my job was safe I even got a slight raise which thrilled me to bits.With the official confirmation in hand and an apology for the extreme stress I was ready to celebrate, realising the time I took my leave and rushed to the door to meet Rahul. He was right next to the construction site with lilies and chocolates in his hand, I was waving my letter and shouting with happiness when a loud sound distracted me, I looked up to see a huge boulder falling down towards where Rahul was standing, I shouted for him to move all the while running towards him but he didn't understand and the boulder fell near him but hitting him on the head and throwing him down on the ground. The sound of metal getting squashed and blood all around, flowers splashed with blood strewn all around and me on my knees with my hands stretched out inches from Rahul's shouting but with no sound coming out. Hearing the noise my colleagues and bosses were out, they took in the whole senerio and tried to get me up but my muscles were locked like my voice and my my eyes only seeing Rahul, I couldn't move even if my life depended on it. There was a lot of hustle bustle going on around me, friends had called for the ambulance, one had called the cops and someone had called my parents as well, but I knew for me life had stopped at that point, Rahul was gone and had left me in darkness all alone.I don't know how much time had passed for me life had stopped but around me the ambulance took away Rahul's body away, the cops questioning everyone by now my parents were also here they pulled my lifeless body up and took me to the hospital where my Rahul was, but nothing registered. I had lost connection with reality, I was in a place where Rahul was there with me and everything was as it should be. Doctors injected me with meds, my mom was crying calling out to me, dad was crying and Rahul's parents were informed and were on their wa. Everywhere and everyone were going through the emotional loss of my Rahul's death but for me,I was still stuck in the time zone before the fall of the boulder with my Rahul sitting loving and planning our beautiful future.

Life... Hope...

It's been three weeks since I lost the one person who made life wonderful for me. I have been living in a shell where I breath, eat when fed, sleep when told, sit where I am made to but despite it all im jus numb with no words to say . A part of me is as dead as Rahul. I don't feel anything neither hurt nor pain I'm jus there, living cos I have no choice. I know both the parents were worried sick for me, my vegetative state was even worrying the doctors but I was helpless,in my mind I was in a state of bliss cos I could feel Rahul with me and that was all that mattered. But what finally made my mom seek help for me was when heard me talking very normally (to Rahul)but when she looked in the room and realised there was no one there, this scared her completely and she took me to see a physiatrist the very next day . There she was told the obvious that I was in deep shock and need to be gradually pulled out by starting with normal regular activities like walking,listening to music,eventually going to places where I went with Rahul. They were very clear that medicine would only help very temporarily whereas natural therapy would be slow but effective in the long run.I could hear everything but had no response to anything they said only the mention of Rahul bought a spark of interest. Gradually and with lots of love and care everyone were able to get me talking and responding a little to conversations., i even smiled at something my sister mentioned. Even though i had started reacting and responding Rahul was still a conversation everyone avoided but that did not bother me cos for me he was still there and alive.
But after nearly two months dad took severe measures and forced me make the effort of leaving the comfort of my house to go to work. Dad was going to drop me to office and he seemed unusually tensed and worried about something (i had blanked out rahul's death totally from my mind so didn't relate) but wouldnt say what. We rode to my office and jus as we parked outside my office something triggered my mind and i started shouting and screaming asking Rahul to move and no no no all the while then slowly fainted in the exact same place where Rahul had taken his last breath. Seeing me faint dad called immediately called for help and took me straight to the doctor where i was given meds and kept under observation. The shout that was surpressed and buried in me since the fall of the boulder was finally out which according to the doctor should be a very good start to my journey back to life.Strange a it may sound and even delusional to some i had my final conversation with Rahul while I slept and got to say my farewell to him.Even while saying bye to me he had his patent smile which was full of love and care only for me. As usual Rahul being Rahul had to have the last words which were short sweet and mysterious" i love you dearly, our time together has been cut short but it was precious and beautiful, but now situations have changed and life will bring different challenges and experiences for you, i would be able to rest peacefully if you would live life the way you wanted to and the way we planned, dont let your dreams fade love the people in your life new and old, goodbye wife' , and he was gone.
I woke up to see all four parents surrounding my bed praying and talking, i smiled once to assure them that i was okay but couldn't stop the tears that had started to flow earnestly. I have no idea for how long i cried, i only remember being given a sedative to relax me.
I was taken home the next day, after staying with my parents for a few more days i decided to go back home. Everyone tried to stop me but i was ready to accept my loss and what better way than going back to what was our haven to me. It was a beautiful saturday morning when i shifted back into our home, it needed major cleaning as it smelled of stale flowers and food ,everything was like the way we had left it that last day.Mom had come with and with her help i cleaned the entire house, i could hear mom sniff every now and then but she didnt say anything at all. I wanted to howl loudly as i cleared away every flower,every candle wax and the food but did not cos something in me was keeping me strong and clear. It took us the whole day to get the house organised but at the end it was done and we sat down for a light meal, seeing food i started getting queasy and green faced , mom gave me an antacid and put me to bed(she was staying a few days with me). Next morning i was in a very bad shape, i was dizzy, throwing up and wasn't being able to sustane even water. Mom called our family doc over who on checking me thoroughly gave me the best news of my life 'I WAS PREGNANT'. The dream rahul and i had started talking about was now my reality which i was going to live for both of us. I realised in that moment this was what Rahul was telling me about, and that thought bought tears in my eyes as i also had to accept that everything now would be done by me alone, i wont have Rahul taking me to the doc, for checkups or sonograghies, or holding my hand during the birth nor holding our child when it enters the world we had dreamed for him/her. But thus is life now which had taught me all about love, then death and loss and now was bringing a change in it with a new hope and new dreams to add to the old..

​Epilogue.... The Present Day...

Its been 3 years but i haven't been able to dispell the the pain of losing Rahul. Time has helped but majorly it has been the bundle of joy in my life ,our daughter Rahil (one who shows direction). The name suits her perfectly, she is the source of directio in all our lives, but another person also helped me in my time of need and that is my dear friend Abhi. He is the CEO in the same compny Rahul worked for, he was a major help to me in dire times. He not only helped me in my shift but also with clearing Rahul's business assests and all, he even helped me with the case i filed against the construction company for negligence(which i won,and became super rich).Slowly and unintentionally Abhi became a very important part of our life and family. Both set of my parents liked and respected him, though he is as different from Rahul as night is from day but at the same time both have some very similar qualities that jus makes you like them. I know his feeling towards me have changed with time and i too have started accepting his importance in my life but im jus not ready to make any major decisions which he not only understands but accepts cos he is very sure of the outcome of our relation(love and marriage).Where Rahil is concerned she not only loves but already considers Abhi as part of our family.
Well im on my way home and very late, oh i shifted to our old house the one Rahul had transfered to my name (at sometimes it feels like he knew we had little time together ,the house the insurance), cos financially im as secure as we ever imagined but i still work for my dream and Rahil(dont want to smother her) Anyways as i said im late and going to be slaughtered by my own little executioner. Before i could even ring the bell the angel of my very living opens the door ' you are very late, Abhi (she jus refuses to call him uncle) and i have been waiting for like hours and hours and im very very hungry,my stomach is shouting food and you have to still get ready,' she is repilica of Rahul to look at but nature is totally on me impatient temperemental and impulsive. Listening to her talk i could jus stand all day, when she shouted again 'im hungry, hurry up', i kissed her on her forehead and saying'10 mins to both of them", i rushed to get ready' . Breaking all records i was ready and rushing towards the door where Abhi and Rahil waited,(seeing them together bought Rahul to my mind), as i turned to lock the door Abhi stopped me and said ' you okay, we can do dinner some other day' (he remembers), but there was sooo much love,care and concern in his eyes for me that i jus knew this was it. I held his hand lightly and looked him in the eye and said softly 'no ,no,im very ready' understanding the import of my words bought a spark to his eyes and the next moment he was holding Rahil and me in a tight family hug and kissing my forehead with love and joy. Holding on tight to each other we left for dinner and tbe begining of our new life...

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Hey friends.. I'm a beginner a total novice please overlook my mistakes and give your review on my short story.

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A wonderful story. I think your story needs space between paragraphs. People loose interest if they see one large block of words, and that what I see when I read it on my phone. I think this will aid the appearance and help the reader as well.
All of that being said a very delightful read.

Posted 9 Months Ago

Very beautiful story. One can actually feel those emotions described by you. Where I smiled at start of love and new journey, it also bought tears after the death incident...All in all, I enjoyed your story.....

Posted 1 Year Ago

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