I'm hurting and wanted to speak of this morning...

I'm hurting and wanted to speak of this morning...

A Poem by Chris

It’s a Tuesday… had to be, HAD to be.  How deeply can you cry?  I was laying here… shaking, shivering, and hurting - nothing really new - this morning.  I had turned on the TV for noise - to be less alone in a gray, cold dawn.  Laying here awake… awake - watching life re-unfold… awake as the early dawn brought back my “view”.  You really aren’t supposed to see Angels fly into the ground - you know?  You really, really aren’t supposed to see it - again and again… and again - whenever you close your eyes... awake, asleep - watching what you can’t forget; life replaying over and over.


I wrote this at 3:29 AM, 9/12/2001  and just cried - again.


September11.txt     text docu...     9/12/2001 3:29 AM


"September 11, 2001..."


Tears carry a price…

and the silence is never just

behind your eyes - at 3 AM.


Side by side by side by side

Four columns wide

a whole world long.

Candles lit and carried close

as dear to these

as those they lost.

The world echoes loud

with the piper's sounds

and the tapping of the drums.


Innocence found holding hands

while falling through the sky.

Each Angel flows so silently past,

their wings - their shrouds - remaining furled,

awaiting all the time in their world

as God draws them close

with muffled smile as each returns home.


Un-forgotten faiths drawn and

held close equally by all -

the moments’ terrors felt so deep within -

they tried, reached, watched, hoped…

as friends, some unknown just before,

die helping as best they could...

as only true friends would.


Fearful bravery and with

streaming tears...

forever marring their ash strewn world.

Lives now endlessly new - new

yet forever marked

by what was lost...

humanity's cost.


Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters;

husbands and wives and children too;

beloveds and all the others;

Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Jews -

people of every human hue

in common instant deathly gray

this night made of an Indian Summer's day.


I watched and saw and heard...

the sanity of madness,

the sanctity of murder,

the 'rightness' of doing wrong,

singing for the death of innocents,

dancing for the blood of children,

laughter for the loss of all...

and I cried.



© 2013 Chris

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:..( I weep.
I do feel free
to cry my heart out...
Thank you.
Your personal account
Your reflection of your hurt
Your disbelief your feebleness
through eyes that actually cried
on the scene oh I felt your heart break
and your lesions ream
Thank you for this excellent poetry my friend
Thank you for these beautiful, painful emotions
tribute'a heart rendering

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

The ENTIRE world changed on 9/11 ...nothing ANYWHERE has ever been the same since. THAT was the tru.. read more
This comment has been deleted by the poster.
Effector Prime

8 Months Ago

I know. But Bin Laden himself can' actually be this heartless... I believed but in the reverse, oodm.. read more
a common instant. I cry. I cry. and cry some more. I like this poem. thanks for sharing your talent.

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

I appreciate you stopping by Rocks... take care...
A well told piece of a tragic day. May those who suffer till this day find peace and those who have passed be at peace.

Posted 2 Years Ago

well..to be honest, it brought me to tears

Posted 2 Years Ago

one has only to be truly human to forever have this tragedy etched into the soul's memory...i watched from my living room, in a basement apartment, in a place called Paradise...how ironic the name sounds now but something i never thought of at the time...fundamentalist/extremist humans (or sub-humans) will always justify their actions by dragging their gods into the mix and as long as we -as a species - are able to avoid extinction, there will always be the ignorant and brainwashed out there to chip away at humanity...

a reminder of such a sad day for the world...

Posted 2 Years Ago

It was a turning point for a lot of people, and some who had relatives that died lost their faith over it. I questioned my faith as well and still find myself wondering. I remember where I was as everyone else does. I remember the shock and disbelief and knew the united states had changed forever.

It is and always will be beyond out comprehension how people could relate this to a victory for their God. The purpose and event do not correlate to anything that represents good. But people are psychotic and want to destroy, we know that now.

Your poem puts your feelings into a perspective of one that can not understand the justification over such an event. But how could you. How could anyone with feelings understand it. There are monsters on this earth. I lost two friends that day.

There's a ton of feelings in this poem. I hope we as a nation never forget what happened that day. Tears were shed by many and yours are justified.

Posted 2 Years Ago

yes, so they profess..."the sanity, the sanctity, the rightness of doing wrong" all in the name of some god, who would never approve of his name being used to promote such tragedy...
i was watching that morning...and will never forget seeing the second plane hit, and seeing the angels fall as those innocents jumped from all those stories high.

and i have cried over and over.


Posted 2 Years Ago

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I do not feel free, to say anything more than what you have said...I am left to stand in awe of its depth. The tragedy of humanity...

Posted 2 Years Ago

That says it all on that tragic day. You said so much that touches the very soul. It makes me cry, the words you have put out it seems so carefully. Chris your writing is so deep and amazing and touches me so. It's a real honor to read, you put so much meaning and feelings into it and the description is WOW! I'm at a loss for words, my Dear.......Kyam

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

They showed people ...jumping from the Restaurant and other windows at the two towers and followed t.. read more

2 Years Ago

It's so sad that humanity is that distorted. I forgive them but cannot (thank God) understand their .. read more
and as a planet we still don't learn the lessons ... :( ...

Posted 2 Years Ago

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