"Here Be Dragons..."

"Here Be Dragons..."

A Poem by Chris

The title says it all


Presented on World Poetry Open Mic, 07/24/2015

Begins 00:17:00 into the file for those that want to hear.





Life as we live it…  Anyway, today was an “interesting” day.  I got to talk to a number of people around the world.  This IS Friday and Saturday in the cities around the world.  What do MOST …people…do on Friday and Saturday nights - in cities …around the world? 


They go out and …PARTY!  And they PARTY HARD!  Fast… Loud… Furious!  And they party LONG!  But there’s more to partying than just the fun and games.  It’s all in the people … ones being two’s, two’s being one’s… searching through all the flames… finding out just who IS behind the eyes you’re looking in…


"Here Be Dragons... "


A Friday's eve - the sounds and sights

signs of such kaleidoscope moments

of-one-after-another and together

flows tones of languid heat for those

- risings and fallings and chilling memes -

as music echoes poised on forevers

to the eyes and I(s) and weavings’ delighted

motions and movings as

muscles tensing in the throes of passions 

existing and being borne and swung

as limbs find angles and angels smile

winding and forming shadows of light

as the whisperers’ minds grasp and gasp

and shimmy-make-shakes

of pulsing heat and the seems      EXPLODE

within thoughts of smooth mellow lips

that cascade across skin and such fingers found

caressing the night - beginning again-and-again

and again as still more eyes arrive to seek and bring... 

the sheer FEEL of sin and might-could-be(s)

imagines and melodies - harmonies, wishings too

as the newfound senses of such Dragon’s  light

and silken sways  left then RIGHT then

where all the hearts are full of want 

and The NEED

and oh-....-God the very air …alive

and strewn with fragrant fragments and

myst's burning blooms

as tapestries of ageless magyks flow

forms as the endless whispers grow

as shes in all their faire-semblance sleek

glisten and glimmer with such supple burning




where Be THE Dragons of all life

past, present, and yet to be

each she - as in their hearts and minds 

… BE the secret held in her soul.

“Here Be THE Dragon…”

...The Dragon...

And I…gaze into dream’s breath

And hold my own.





© 2015 Chris

Author's Note

There are no unchosen words

So feel free

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Wow Chris loud it is lol Great work as is your style!

Posted 2 Years Ago

This is the best thing I've read the whole day. Its raw and complex. Very good reading. Great title aswell

Posted 2 Years Ago

Wow this is beautiful, I feel myself in the throws of the sky. Tossed and dashed about. Hot breath and sharp claws, while the clouds gently kiss at my exposed flesh.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

It was nice having you pause with me... and sharing your thoughts. I hope you'll return.
you're right about reading aloud..it comes to life. Tom Waits would love something like this. I can hear him sing out the words.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

There ya go...aloud is the best way
Not only captures the mood, IS the mood.
A dizzying creative mania--controlled just enough.
Weekend dragon-hunting was once my primary occupation.
You made me miss it!

Posted 2 Years Ago

Eloquently written. Your flow is an undertone which kept me reading quickly. I had to slow down and read it twice to really let it all seep in. Lovely.

Posted 2 Years Ago

I listened intently to your words on the Friday night open mic show, Chris, and came away with a great sense of identifying wonder that you must have been sneaking around in my head … LOL!
Beautifully, powerfully, and knowingly struck … you're telling of your misspent years (so many of ours, as-well), and what an adventure they must have been in your reality or imaginings … ahhh, but what difference could it make to such a poet's words of poetry?

Thank you, My Friend, for the walk down one of life's lonnng, illustriously amazing lanes! ⁓ Richard

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

My realities paled most others imaginings Rich... and I've always written of what I'd known - it was.. read more
I clocked the meter at 110 and had to slow down and read it again. Spun my smile into the stratosphere it did. Greatly enjoyed

Posted 2 Years Ago

Softer Sundays are needed after hard partying Friday and Saturday night; that's when you get to see who really is behind the eyes. T

Posted 3 Years Ago

'ageless magyks flow' ... your thoughts transport...

Posted 3 Years Ago

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