"How Am I?..."

"How Am I?..."

A Poem by Chris

WPOM 9/8/2017


Friday was “World Poetry Open Mic” - 8 PM MTN (10 PM EST) - a live podcast out of

Denver, Colorado (on most Fridays) - http://www.worldpoetryopenmic.net/ .  Poets from

all over the world call 720-240-9766 when prompted by the hosts to present a poem or two 

(sometimes three) live.  It is a good show well worth the listening … you ought to stop by.


This past Friday I was asked:


"How Am I?..."


Ohhh - let's see

…hyjinks, lowjinks, jackjinks -

do we have game?  Anybody?

Any bodies?


Life HAS been "interesting"…

all kinds of goooood things.

All kinds of NOT so gooood …things.


Gratuitously, over the top…

uh huh

just the way we NEED to be -

filling a Friday's silence


bright noise.


Next, We need a Zombie apoc

to fill the mind with

a reset

while we pause

to dance in the waves

- as Jose follows Irma follows

Katie follows earthquake

...follows Harvey -

waves rolling, rolling by...

rolling, rolling, rolling on-the-river*.



Talkin' newclear fireflies

Glow-in-the-dark da'licentiousness


swim in the rain

swim in the pain


watch endless unreasoning hate


- the end of DACA -

the end of DACA …IN 6MONTHS

so Congress that does NOTHING

gets the chance to do NOTHING …again.

Counting …counting…


Gratuitous, over-the-top


endless unreasoning hate…


Live within the world

that it seems we didn't really know

as we end in ways

we didn't expect…

gratuitously over-the-top




You know -

Pennywise, the-Dude-that-walks,

Darth Vader...


are made up nightmares

just like near ALL the

fears we ...WE...empower.


Yeah - it's gratuitous, over-the-top

now ...always Friday night now...

filling the silence


bright noise.


Gotta love it.


WPOM 9/8/2017




* "Proud Mary" of CCR fame and the grit of Tina Turner leaked from behind my eyes.

© 2017 Chris

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Filling the silence with bright noise- wonderful words, silence thst screams, expressing so much more than any news, programme, could ever.. emptiness found all around except in the silent sound...great poem🌹

Posted 1 Day Ago


23 Hours Ago

I'm glad you listened...
Thoughts In Time

22 Hours Ago

And I am hearing🌹
hmm, you have me intrigued here. I wanna see the zombies, just to see if they are really real, and then i will run away in fear...lol

Posted 4 Days Ago


4 Days Ago

Chuckling here - Life as we live it...
you are brilliant and wise

humor in the face of chaos

much love

Posted 1 Month Ago

totally pausing here.......Happy New Year

Posted 1 Month Ago

Hi Chris, we gotta get you somethin' without a remote control or streaming connection. lol I liked the first line, "…hyjinks, lowjinks, jackjinks -" for a guy my age, that sums it up... then, this, "Gratuitously, over the top…

uh huh

just the way we NEED to be -

filling a Friday's silence


bright noise."
Yeah, I know gratuitously over the top living in bright noise... and as you know, the reason I moved to the side of a remote mountain. That one stanza definitely resonated, now, still, 12yrs on...Chris, you are still writing with "heart punch"... nice work.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

So YOU play "Pitch" too?

We find our "selves" in our own ways ...it's what we do. .. read more
and yet the clowns rule, the Darth Vaders win...and we are totally unaware...or blissfully not paying attention.

hijinks and low jinks...and some jinks we never even thought of...
natural disasters take so many of us from this world of semi-consciousness and don't seem to wake the rest of us up enough.
and we don't even know HOW we really are.

well said.


Posted 2 Months Ago

For me is too much chaotic. I will like to see some stream what can all put this together. But ghereisthat crazy humor what make this piece quiet adorable.

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

I am glad you don't take offense. Truth can changes over time and period. But there is some truth wh.. read more

2 Months Ago

I do agree.

2 Months Ago

Thanks for conversation. I will again stop by to make conversation about your poetry.
i like the repetition ..and this line:
watch endless unreasoning hate" stopped me in my tracks ...the darkness in the world seems so much deeper these days :( love the short treatise on "fear" .. the "bright noise" almost a respite from the turmoil ...heavy sigh from me

Posted 2 Months Ago


2 Months Ago

I was coming to visit you later - "best lain plans and so on..." thanks for your thoughts and pausin.. read more
Einstein Noodle

2 Months Ago

no worry ..glad i caught this one and did not miss it ..great day to ya Chris!

2 Months Ago

and back at you as well!
Your words although rare, make the mind leap, Chris. Your days seem to be full of thought after thought, not the casual or frivolous. Yet, you consider make-believe in all its guises with humour, with music, with whatever hits your core at the time!

Posted 3 Months Ago

Wow Chris--thanks for the link--i will definitely
have to check it out. Hearing poetry the way it was spoken in the mind of the poet is always nice. Reading your poetry is always nice too! thanks,

Posted 4 Months Ago

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A Poem by Chris

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