I saw her

I saw her

A Poem by Anjali

I saw her running,
Running away.
I saw her crying,
Crying her tears away.

I saw her coming,
Coming this way.
I saw she was happy,
Happy than ever, yesterday.

I saw her smiling,
And her smiles fade away.
I saw her hope,
As it vanished away.

I saw her looking,
Looking away.
I saw her breathing,
And as it faded away.

I tried to save her,
Putting everything away.
I tried to heal her,
Heal all her scars away.

I needed medicines,
To save her, today.
But, they weren't enough,
Enough to heal her, today.

I saw her walking,
Walking away.
I saw her dying,
Dying away......

© 2017 Anjali

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nice piece of writing. Does the word "her" representing the hope or any female or anything else?

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

By 'her', I meant 'myself'. I tried to express the stage where you lose yourself and you can't save .. read more

7 Months Ago

now i understand the whole idea,welcome
Wow, that's really impactful and bittersweet. I enjoy the play between memory and the present actions. The structure of the stanzas is also really good for what you were trying to do!

Posted 8 Months Ago


8 Months Ago

Thank you so much!

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Added on May 1, 2017
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Delhi, India

Hi, I'm anjali, a 16 year old writer, reader and crafter. I'm new at writing poetry and I'm still learning. Hope you like the writings I share.😊 more..

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