A Poem by Archana P K

there is no reason to love a person, it is unconditional


I felt I am a failure I felt so…….

Till yesterday she was a stranger

Today she is a well-wisher

But, asked me “Do you love someone?

Yes i do love someone..!!!!!!!!!

With a twinkle in her eyes

Again a bullet shot from her lips

Why do you love HIM??

“HIM”?? I don’t mention her any gender ‘he or she’!

But she decide it might be a ‘he’

I don’t know why I do love that someone

I failed to find the reason

It was the nice and toughest question

The Interviewer was a nice person

He didn’t ask me about Ist or IInd World War

He didn’t want me to say the latitude and longitude of California

Such a nice person, asked a simple question

“Why do you want this job?”

Because I love this job " Jet reply

“But why do you love this job”

Sudden silent spread through my soul

I don’t know why do I love this job?

I failed to find the reason again

Behind love, there is no reason

“I Love him or her” Because…

Yes there is no mean for because,

Because love need no reasons

I love that lady because she gave birth to me

Is that sensible?

We do love our mother only because she gave birth to us?

Yes I don’t have reasons why I love that lady who gives birth to me

But sure, I love her not because she gave birth to me.

Likewise I love many, friends, family, things

Just loved wholeheartedly

People want reasons, they frequently throw

‘Why’ arrows to me

I should convince myself that there must be

Some reason behind love

I don’t know, I searched, thought for long hours

Yes, I Failed, failed to find the reason.

I failed to find the reasons

Why I love that lady my mother

Why I love that little boy my brother

Why I love rain and mist

So and so and so…….

For me there is no reason to love

You loved it just because you loved it

That is all and all……

© 2017 Archana P K

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Added on January 28, 2017
Last Updated on January 28, 2017
Tags: love, fail, reason


Archana P K
Archana P K

Chennai, India

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