Party Woes

Party Woes

A Story by Archia

"Get out of my sight!"

The screech reverberated around the room, echoing corners that people didn't know existed. Immediately all attention was dragged to girl in the middle of the room, her hands up in a defiant display.

The other girl, seemingly the only calm one, stood there with her arms crossed, liquid splashing slightly from the cup in her hand. 

"You think that I'm just going to leave? I'm not going to be that stupid. You leave." She spat the last words with demand.

The other girl flicked her blonde hair back over her shoulder.

"I got here first and that means you have to leave." She pointed her drink at the girl and sneered. 

The tension was only growing. Everyone at the party gripped their drinks tighter and leaned in daringly. The competition had begun; who would be the first to snap? In whispers around the room people took their bets; some going for the younger blonde girl who was clearly more dramatic but others placing their wage on the calmer girl that emitted an invisible strength.

"I'm not leaving, you have to. People would rather I stay." Arms crossed she smirked.

"You don't know that."

"Alright then I'll prove it." She placed a warm smile on her face and looked around. "Who here would rather I stay over this loser?"

People scattered. No one wanted to get caught up in this, least of all if it got them in trouble with either of the girls.

"See, no one would rather you." She scoffed as a snide smile comes across her lips.

The girl raised her voice again. "Who would rather this one stays then? Because you know I will leave if someone says so."

Again there's only silence in the room. The girl had taken a risk and it had paid off. No one was willing to speak for either of the girls.

Suddenly though, with a soft voice, a noise breaks the silence.

"Why don't you both stay, no one cares anyway."

Immediately they turn to the boy who spoke.

"You do not understand the importance of this."

"You're a guy, of course it doesn't matter to you."

For the first time they're united in their anger and the boy, seeing the wrath fuming from their ears, retreated back into the crowd.

The crowd shivered with excitement now. With the escalation of the conversation it was now more important than ever to see which girl would back down first.

"Look," said the blonde girl. "Either you leave now or I'll make you." 

The other girl laughed. "You can't do that."

For a moment both girls stood there defiantly, stubbornness riddled across their faces. Then, as if a light bulb had gone off over each of their heads, they raised their arms and flung their drink at the other girl. 

Both screamed in unison, feeling the liquid soak through their dresses. They stood blankly, staring at each other, but now everyone could tell neither knew what to do. Murmurs went through the crowd; who had won? Had anyone guess they would both chuck their drinks on the other? No one had.

"Well then," the calmer girl said. "You'll be paying for my dress."

"And you'll be paying for mine."

They were even, both had lost. They marched out of the room in solitary defiance, leaving the party to its own devices. Within minutes the room had returned to normal, the music once again raging and the people getting ready to dance the night away.

Outside the two girls paused. 

"Sorry about your dress," the blonde one said.

The other shrugged. "It's alright, I got in on clearance anyway."

"From the bargain bin?"

"Yeah." She laughed and the blonde girl joined in.

"You know, I wasn't really fussed on going to the party anyway."

"Me neither, there was far too many people crammed in there."

The blonde one smiled at the other girl. "You want to come over to my place and watch a movie. I'll lend you some track pants."

"That sounds great."

Together they walked away from the party.

"You know," the blonde girl said. "Maybe we should wear the same dress more often."

The other girl laughed. "You know maybe we should."


© 2018 Archia

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Added on January 30, 2018
Last Updated on January 30, 2018
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