Black Carousel

Black Carousel

A Story by Young and curious

Come and play at Red Grove Amusement Park. A wonderful and exciting place for all ages and stages. Just stay away from the carousel.

"Come and play at Red Grove Amusement Park! A wonderful and exciting place for all ages and stages!" That's what all the flyers and commercials say. What they don't tell you is how the locals react to that park. No one says exactly what happened their but they do warn against the old carousel. Not like you could ride that thing anyhow. It's been shut down for years. That's what I thought at least, when I decided it would be a cool place to get pictures.

See, there's only one place to ride and it looks like it was designed that way and despite age you can tell it was gorgeous. Rotten wood with splatches of old pastel purple and green paint crafted into a "big top" arch and intricately patterned base. Cracked and missing mirrors revealing the rusted metal pole used to turn the machine. Then the thing I really wanted pictures of, the seemingly ageless horse that made the only seat in the entire carousel. The prideful black horse with no saddle and daring, antagonizing green eyes. Well, eye, the one facing the single unbroken mirror is permanently closed with crimson tears staining the black cheek. The perfect thing to get me an "A" in that photography class.

So there i was taking pictures of this carousel horse for class when I realized what this black beauty was daring people to do. Of course, it's so obvious, no saddle! Their being dared to tame her. 'Try and tame me you fool,' she scoffs, 'it simply can't be done.'

"Oh but it can and I will do it! Right now." I spoke back to the fake horse, but at that point it had seemed completely logical. To jump on this possibility was a once in a lifetime chance, and there's no way I was going to pass this up. Tossing the disposable camera to the edge of the ride, I clambered up onto the laughing horse. Gears creaked into life, screaming there protest and just like that the ride came to life. A jumbled disturbing version of the carousel music floated into my ears and my panic fully set in. I can't remeber much after that whirling colors, laughter, that disturbing music, and screaming. Looking back it could have been me screaming.

When I finally came to I was sitting on the edge of the carousel, camera on my lap. Giggling made me whip my head backwards. A little girl with bruises and cuts all over her met my eyes.

"Why'd you do it?," she paused long enough to giggle some more, " I did it to hide away from papa, and the pretty horsey promised me this princess dress if I did!" The young girl twirled on her heels showing off her pink ball gown.

"The horse needed tamed kid. I was the one to do it." The girl laughed harder with each word I spoke.

"That's silly! Lilith will never be tamed, and now your stuck here forever." I stared at this child in amazement. She honestly couldn't mean. "Lilith took your soul and for an A in a class! What an easy target you were for her."

© 2013 Young and curious

Author's Note

Young and curious
Please ignore spelling and grammar mistakes, tell me your honest opinion as to wether or not I have potential.

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This is not a bad story, nor is it badly written. However gammer and spelling are very important to anyone who wants a writing career.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Young and curious

5 Years Ago

Thank you and spelling and grammar are next on my list but I saw no point in being critiqued on that.. read more

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Young and curious
Young and curious

I'm a young aspiring author. I am curious as to wether or not I should try to honestly pursue this as a career. more..