One - Back to the City

One - Back to the City

A Chapter by Arsenic Nemesis

Ithel has moved back to his old home, but things don't seem quite like they used to...


Ithel bit his lip as he stood in the heart of the crowd, fingers curling tightly into his palm. Nervously, he looked around. How was his friend possibly going to find him? From every angle came people of different shapes and sizes, making it difficult to breathe; let alone recognise anyone. Besides, it didn’t help that Ithel hadn’t seen his friend in a while.

Although it was true that they kept in contact this entire time, he had only seen his face in a few, blurry photographs and each time there was something different about him; mainly his hair. Last time he remembered, it was wild, curly and candy-floss pink; because his friend was a bit strange like that - but it was good, he couldn't deny that.

Unlike his friend, Ithel felt like he was incredibly dull, by appearance and by heart - he was a grey mesh. He was seventeen years old and just starting out at college, which was one of the reasons for the move back to Miripson City, as well as his dad’s job. For his age he was quite tall, though having said that almost everyone in his family was lofty apart from his mam. His skin was very pale and he constantly looked ill because of it, not to mention he had a few scars on his cheek from past spots. Bleak, dark-brown hair covered his skull in a thick mess, brushing at his brow and shadowing his bottle-green eyes. Most think he looked gormless and scary in his own light; was that why girls never approached him?

He sniffed and took another glance around, feet shifting below him uncomfortably. A part of him wished he had put more on than a plain, filthy, blue hoodie and baggy jeans; he was freezing.

Retrieving his battered, silver phone from his pocket, he checked the time on the small, green screen. “He’s late,” he mumbled, stuffing the item into his pocket again.

Then a man in a suit suddenly appeared in his line of vision, charging straight towards him, sweat on his brow and eyes wide. A flash of light appeared by his hand and Ithel narrowed his eyes, gasping at the sight of a blade. Swiftly, he stepped aside, arms in the air as the man bolted right past him, panting heavily. He glanced back at the boy, mouth gaping like a fish and then he returned his attention to the path he was taking.

Ithel let out a breath, placing his hand over his pounding heart. “W-What was that all about?” he murmured, his voice as soft as ever. He watched as the man vanished into the crowd. “Do I tell someone or-“


He let out a startled gasp at the sudden shove. Whirling around, he was more than ready to backhand the offender, when fingers gripped his wrist. Only then did he realise.

Before him was a boy about his age, dressed in a black vest-top and jeans with rattling chains. Around each of his wrists were white sweatbands and poking out of one ear were several loops. He grinned, flashing perfect teeth at Ithel and lifting his cat-like, jade eyes.

Sighing, Ithel pulled away from him. “Valerius, what took you so long?” he pressed, lips tilting up at the casual shrug his friend gave in reply. His arms were quite muscular and one had a tattoo of a deadly cobra weaving all the way around it. Ithel then gestured to his hair. “This is new”

Valerius looked up and chuckled, fingers lightly brushing against his blonde Mohawk. “Not really, had it about three weeks or so now,” he replied, a hint of pride to his voice.

Ithel folded his arms. “So, in that email, when you said “I’m working on something BIG” you really meant “I’m growing my hair for a Mohawk”?”

Valerius beamed and snapped his fingers. “You’re catchin’ on!" he declared and spun around, hands in his pockets. Then, he looked over his shoulder at Ithel and nodded his head. “C’mon, I’ll show you where I’m living now”

Ithel obeyed and stalked after him, keeping close to him as they swerved this way and that through the mass of people. It was about five o’clock by now, and so a lot of people were heading home from work, which was the main reason why it was so busy, but...

“Hey, Valerius-“

The teen arched a brow at him, smirking. “How long have we known each other? Seven years? I must have told you to call me Val at some point in that amount of time, surely” he remarked with a laugh, then looked at Ithel questionably, “So, what’s up?”

The tall boy frowned and glanced around anxiously. “W-Well, there was this man earlier-“

“Yeah, you find a lot of them, especially in a city”

“Val!” Ithel protested, halting with his fists raised, “I’m serious here, h-he had a knife and-“

Ooh,” Val drawled, beaming almost dreamily into the crowd, “that kind of man”

Ithel let his guard down and stared with a puzzled look at his friend. That kind he had said. What was that supposed to mean? Was he a part of a gang or something?

Val reached up and ruffled Ithel’s messy hair. “Don’t you worry about that, my friend, they’re harmless” he reassured. Then, gripping onto his shoulder, he dragged him forward. “Anyway, hurry it up, I hate crowds”

“B-But, Val you’re not listening to me-“

“Go, go,” he sang, pushing Ithel forward roughly. The boy burst through the crowd and right out onto the road. Like a startled deer, he leapt back onto the path as a car sounded its horn at him, whooshing past him not a second later. Then, spinning round, Ithel shouted at Val as he made his way over to him, eyes taking in his surroundings. “A-Are you trying to kill me!?” Ithel yelled, both frustrated and fearful.

“Bah,” Val said loudly, squeezing his shoulder, “You’re alright” Sticking his head out, Val checked the road and then stepped out, breaking into a run and towing poor, fretting Ithel after him as a vehicle raced at them. Then, once on the other side, Val tucked his hands in his trouser pockets and whistled casually. Meanwhile, Ithel was trailing behind him, recovering from almost being hit the second time in the space of two minutes.

“I... I swear you’re trying to kill me,” Ithel muttered, catching up to Val with his head bowed. Shaking his head, he gave his friend a firm smack on the back. “Well, if you can’t survive staying with me you won’t last five minutes here” he stated, tone filled with mock encouragement. Ithel glared at his friend and mouthed a spiteful “ha-ha-ha” at him, making him snort loudly.

At that moment, Ithel smirked and then the two burst out into hysterics together. Val punched him on the arm, making him wince and rub the tender spot, though he was still smiling. “You haven’t changed a bit,” the blonde commented.

“Same about you,” Ithel replied, then he pointed at his friend’s hair, “though the same thing can’t be said about you

Again, the two laughed as Val guided Ithel down an alleyway; a short cut to his new house. Then, he stopped and surveyed the world behind him, face serious, before pursuing his friend. “So why did you move house again?” Ithel asked.

Val shrugged. “Meh, mam didn’t like the old one. At least we didn’t move to a new city”

“Hey,” Ithel chuckled, “I’m back, aren’t I?”   

“Yeah, well, still...”


The boys wondered off, merging with the darkness and vanishing from sight. Little to their knowledge they were being watched the entire time. The man in the suit was still panting, blade held in his hand with a vice grip. No one seemed at all bothered by him, all except one, dressed completely in black.

“Hey,” came a feminine voice from behind him, followed by a metallic clang. He shuddered with rage and whisked his body around, eyes red and enormous, his teeth bared; a ferocious animal.

There, standing barely two feet from him was a young girl. Her body weight was rested on one hip and in her hand was a long, metal pole. “Where do you think you’re going?” she rasped.

Instantly, the man placed a hand to his side, staining his palm with red. Although her face was hidden by a veil of shadows, he could see her smirking regardless. “I am not done with you yet” she hissed.


© 2010 Arsenic Nemesis

Author's Note

Arsenic Nemesis
First chapter of Iron Links. Finished this some time ago, it still needs some work on it, but you can have it early. Please, enjoy~

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oh bravo! very good description, a busy scene with a lot of pace which is always best when describing a full city. The characters were well developed and even though, abit, clique, they were still believable and well described. One point, the italics used in some sentences I suppose were for the exaggeration of that word, I think, sometimes, you may have used the exaggeration on the wrong word, for example:
“Where do you (italics, doesn't come up on these comment boxes) think you’re going?” she rasped.

Surely it should be where do you think you're (italics) going?
And also, when using the word mam, as a name should be Mam, if you were to say my mam that's fine, but you're using her name by saying Mam said this, and Mam said that, ya know?
Very good though, thoroughly enjoyed that! will press on at a later date :D

Posted 7 Years Ago

Scary … I’m pretty sure you scarred me for life.
Ha, just kidding. But it was kind of creepy. In a good way. If that made any sense.

Posted 7 Years Ago

[send message][befriend] Subscribe
Finally got round to reading this!!! sorry it took so long! It's brilliant, the story is captivating and the grammar and language is brilliant!!! your descriptions are great! shall be reading on for sure!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

If my mom would let me i would dye my hair blue then put like black and silver streaks in it... That would just be awesome!!! Haha anyways, great chapter!!


Posted 7 Years Ago

I love it. Keep it goin.

Posted 7 Years Ago

I should totally dye my hair pink! :D I like your writing style, you're very creative and talented :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

this chapter is well cool, alien! you do have so much talent...i'm jealous :D
keep it up for the next chapter!

Posted 7 Years Ago

I enjoyed this first chapter. What a good job your did of introducing the main characters to us. Very curious to see what happens next!

Posted 7 Years Ago

Val seems fun, almost as though he doesn't feel fear. Ithel seems jumpy and nervous. The two make a fun duo.
The girl intrigues me, I'm now hooked.
It was a great write. Can't wait for more.

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ooooo XD

I like the mix between Val and Ithel. Ithel's the typical, jumpy... lol. Val seems like a lot of fun though. You described them well and summed up the personalities while describing the bustling city. The last little paragraph was a good teaser about the other characters and what's to come. I liked it, I look forward to seeing where you take it. (Please don't shoot me if you've already posted it and I missed it!)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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