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A Story by Crazyreader

This is a short piece written from the point of view of a girl facing depression.

"This girl was not a bad person originally or at heart. In fact, she became that way. But why? Is the question. Maybe she could not take on the world, she could not take on the injustice of having to follow life blindly as everyone around her. It all happened in the developing stage. While she was beginning to understand the world and the people in it. It was just too much. She wasn’t like other girls utterly selfish and obsessed with themselves. She was what others would say a “pure soul”, but she ended up disappointing others and herself. It was too much for her! She couldn’t understand it all! The mind… the heart…the body… the soul. It was too much to handle. Her confidence, her love for being alive and her love for people were all destroyed. It became hard to breathe. There was no one who could help this utterly confused, broken human. She kept failing until she lost to fear and gave away. She never could blame it on anyone else. She tried blaming God because she was a firm believer and she asked “why did this have to happen to “me”, I thought I was chosen to be the better one and to help people through the goodness of my nature, maybe I was being too egoistic and that is why I am being punished but did I do something that bad when I cared so much, when will it finish?” In the end, the only person she really blamed was herself and that was her destruction."

© 2016 Crazyreader

Author's Note

The emotions were so raw and the pain was very real. This was a brilliant, touching piece written by a true artist.

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Added on October 31, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2016



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I'm not much of a writer myself but I love reading other people's work :)!! And I'm crazy obsessed with quotes ( deep ship bout life..) or poetry (even though I don't understand most of it)..that shou.. more..