The Big Picture

The Big Picture

A Story by Devashish Kumar

Most of our decisions are biased to one thing or the other. We come to some conclusion without actually being aware of the complete story. And we begin passing our judgements to others and confront them if they don't agree with us. Let's understand this complex but an omnipresent phenomenon with an example. Let's say we've a cuboid of dimensions length l unit , breadth b unit ,height h unit. So when person A looks at the front face, he will see a rectangle of dimension l unit X h unit. Same for person B who looks at the cuboid from behind. But persons C and D who are looking at the cuboid from left and right side see a rectangle of b unit X h unit. And E and F see a rectangle of l unit X b unit, who are looking at the cuboid from top and bottom. Due to this reason A becomes friends with B, but he can't go along with anyone else. Similarly for others. Consequently these six persons get divided into 3 groups. So group 1( consisting of A and B) believes that it is a rectangle of dimensions l unit X h unit. Similarly for the other groups. So these groups, believing that they are right, decide to propagate their belief to others. When convincing is not enough, they resort to unfair means to impose their belief to others. To be fair they are not wrong. None of them are actually aware that they are not looking at the complete picture.

We can easily extend this analogy to the real world, though the real world is more complex than that and we are not looking at a simple cuboid. Here we have many cultures, religions, cults and hence numerous approaches to life. Anything by virtue of being different isn't wrong. We've to realize that different paths may lead to the same thing. If 4+4 gives 8 so does 6+2 or 5+3. Each one of them is as correct as the other. Before jumping to any conclusion one should always look for all the cues and make a little allowance for the fact we may be wrong. We should be willing to change, for they say change is the only constant.

© 2015 Devashish Kumar

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Added on September 7, 2015
Last Updated on September 7, 2015