A Story by Devashish Kumar

So I finally gave way to the temptation of taking selfies today.

And it was really not that bad.

I have a history of looking hideous in front of a camera. Somehow or other I always mess up. It can be anything which would botch up my photo- from abnormally high chin, tilted head and tangled hair to oily face. Smile invariably divorces my not-so-charming face when in front of a camera. I have resigned to this feeling- a good picture of mine may not exist for next generations. Because it does not matter for this generation. They have the ‘privilege’ of looking at me in person.

My expectations were not very high, moments before I was to take a selfie. If vastly experienced professional photographers with expensive cameras and a plethora of photo-editing tools at their disposal could not find a way to make me look good in a photograph, I could not hope to do much with an inexpensive old phone-camera and no skill what so ever in selfie taking.

But I gave it a try. Just for the sake of it. With no hope or expectation. With memories of bad photographs hauntingly fresh in mind.

I put on my white shirt- my lucky shirt, the only shirt for which I have gotten a compliment from a girl. I rubbed off oil from my face with a wet towel. I combed my unkempt hair. For a ‘natural’ look, I unfixed my hair a little. I trimmed off all traces of beard. Not that beard makes you look bad. I actually envy people with a well-maintained beard. But I had only patches of hair- you cannot even call that beard- on my face, mostly around the chin area.

The next task was to choose a location to take selfies. I deliberated among various options. But those were too public for this kind of entrepreneurial endeavor. Since it was my first time, I did not want to look stupid in front of unknown people. It dawned on me that my room would be the perfect place. I could do plenty of things in my room. With no worries of being judged or scrutinized. I have used my room for all sorts of things which I want to hide from others. It, therefore, seemed like a natural choice for this.

I fixed my room a bit before I began this exercise. With a simple look in mind, I commenced. I had my earphone on for a ‘busy’ look. I adjusted my position such that ample of light showered on me. I took a picture from the front. Then I checked the photo gallery. Content, I moved to the next look. Somewhat more challenging. I was to take a selfie from an oblique angle. The only problem was that I was not able to reach the camera button. After multiple trials in this posture, I did succeed in taking a good selfie.

By this time, my inhibitions had died. I was completely into it. I was not even checking if I was clicking good pictures. I did not really care. All my thoughts revolved around what others things I could try. I tried anything and everything. I made faces. I tried earphones on and off. Headphones on and off. Specs on and off. Kempt and unkempt hair. Different shirts and t-shirts. Several angles. Many postures.

I took tens of selfies today… It was fun.

© 2017 Devashish Kumar

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Hahaha. This was actually so much fun to read. Gives honest Vibes :D

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on August 24, 2017
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