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Elsa Maria

Elsa Maria

A Story by Aurafiex

What we know of Elsa Maria.


To the office of the Grand Archon,

There has been a startling increase in the number of missing persons over the last two years. Our statistics report it to be an increase of over three thousand in the year 1756 alone. The real figure is estimated to be much higher, considering that such incidents often go unreported in the rural zones and slums.

It is an unprecedented trend, no doubt. Our initial investigations suspected the disappearances to criminal in nature. However, the lack of physical evidence and the unrealistic number and nature of the missing persons have led us to believe that something far more insidious is at work.

Based on our observations over the past year of the missing persons, some have tried to seek help from the authorities. These individuals have approached the constabulary and priesthood, seeking help from a kidnapping. Most, if not all were turned away, with many of them sent to the local madhouse due to their state of mind.

It is from this lead that we have gained some semblance of understanding to the situation unfolding before us. Following these reports, we have taken the effort to interview numerous incarcerated individuals within Kirkbridge Asylum, namely those who were recently placed there over these “incidents”. While most were mentally unfit to undergo any sort of extended interrogation, the common understanding held by these men and women is that a being known as “Elsa Maria” is after them. They describe it as a nightmarish monolith with innumerable, shadowy heads, like a hydra born from the recesses of despair and terror. More detailed statements go as far as to describe the heads to be constantly hissing and screaming, as if grasping for something. These screams were described to be human in nature, likened to that of a chorus of screams stemming from the same throat.

It seems that this “Elsa Maria” strikes when the victims are asleep, somehow bypassing all manner of physical barriers. This has led us to conclude that any response to this threat will have to be magical in nature.

We have tried to press further into this, but most alleged victims are short lived, with many found dead or missing a few days after our interviews. Most notably, the nature of death stems from self-inflicted wounds, ranging from vicious scratches to the throat, strangulation as well as bleeding out through the tongue. On the other hand, some victims were “missing”, that is to say, no physical corpse of the person in question was found. In such cases, these individuals vanish without a trace, the only evidence of their existence being a black, sticky ichor that evaporates within an hour of discovery. This has made investigations past this initial stage extremely ineffectual, despite more and more victims entering our wards by the day.

That said, we have researched the term “Elsa Maria”. Various illustrations throughout the ages depict it as an amalgamation of inky, jagged shades constantly fusing and breaking, an anatomy said to be unfathomable by even the most demented mind. The name itself stems from many origins, with some sources saying that it is a demon born from nightmare and despair since time immemorial. Others say that it is a fiend borne from the dark fathoms of a priestess-in-training. Having been subject to the carnal whims of marauders, these tomes claim that she had cursed the world with her dying breaths, becoming the monster in question.

On the other hand, more contemporary sources suggest that both theories have some semblance of truth, that is to say that it was a demonic entity incubated within a human. However, this defies all rules of demonology as we know them, as it implies that Elsa Maria, no doubt demonic in nature, is a demon not originating from the Outer Spheres, the origin point for all demons. Either way, it seems that even the wisemen of old were interested in discerning the nature of this alien being.

On that note, I would like to bring to your attention a rather interesting excerpt from one tome on demonic lore titled “The Tribulations of Nethermancy” by a warlock known as "Augustus the Black-Hearted". The text claims that there was a successful demonic summoning roughly three centuries ago (1450 to be exact) in Eldham, a hamlet along the outskirts of the kingdom. A copy of the excerpt has been attached with this letter for your perusal.

The text in question says that “through the re-enactment of an event harkening to ancient times, we were able to bring forth a fiend of darkest fathoms, nightmarish and manic.” It goes on to claim that “the fiend, too powerful to bind and unable to be safely banished, set the realm of men to drown in the tides of mania, unstoppable and unrelenting.’’

While seemingly embellished with rumour and conjecture, as with all writings of warlocks at the time, we suspect the fiend in question to be Elsa Maria. Our archives possess reports pertaining to a wave of mass hysteria and rape occurring in Eldham during the same period of time. Thankfully, based on further reports, agents from the Ministry of Occult Affairs were able to invoke a banishment ritual, putting a stop to the madness. Sadly, those agents had to be retired from service prematurely due to medical reasons. Based on their profiles, they were last seen gibbering and whispering incoherently. This has stymied my predecessor’s efforts in archiving the full details of the event, the nature of the monster in question, as well as the banishment ritual invoked.

However, the agents in question did mention something of note in a rather feverish, monstrous overtone, as noted by my predecessor:

"Stell'bsna n'ghft, Eldham, Maria'fhalma. Tharanak 'fhalma shagg uaaah!"

Based on the resources at our disposal, it translates roughly to "Pray to the darkness, Eldham, Servant of Maria. Bring forth the mother of dreams!" While perhaps nothing more than incoherent babble, it mentions Eldam, which I suspect to once more be at the heart of the current matter.

With that in mind, I have taken the initiative to dispatch two agents from the Ministry to carry out investigations in Eldham. That said, all telepathic links have been cut off between headquarters and the men in question, and we have not heard from them in more than a week. Following this, we have decided to investigate further into Eldham with a more… direct approach, if you will. In lieu of talks between us and the lord of Eldham estate reaching an impasse, we have made preparations to raid the town to seize evidence. Regarding this, we now only require your approval to go ahead.

In any case, I fear that things will only get worse from here on out. If the being known as Elsa Maria has indeed manifested in our world, we may very well be fighting a battle for our survival at this very moment.

And as always, I eagerly await your counsel, my lord.

Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam,

~ Lady Aletheia Argyris, Head Loremaster

© 2016 Aurafiex

Author's Note


Do let me know what you think! If you've enjoyed this story, do check out my book on the Amazon Kindle Store, The Best of Aurafiex - A Short Story Collection.

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Have a nice day!

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Before I got to reading your authors note, I did get the feeling like I was reading a report for some strange happenings. Being that it is just a report, I liked that there really wasn't an introduction or conclusion to this piece. The conclusion can be left to the reader as to what happens next.

I'm curious, do you plan on writing more things like this? I see that you noted to other reviews that this specific write is just one piece, are there other subjects in mind then?

Again, I love the imagination in your work, well done.

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

Amber Lily

2 Years Ago

Oh yes let me know!

2 Years Ago

Well, I've just published it! So do check it out!

https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01GK1I40.. read more
Amber Lily

2 Years Ago

The cover art is amazing!
Your new style works in its format but I think an introduction of some sort is needed to inform the reader of who is talking and who is receiving this report. You need to grab the readers attention and keep it in order for them to read your whole story. If they become confused at the start they will give up on the story quickly.
As for your story it is descriptive and interesting. I like the idea that the answer to this deadly debacle lies in the hidden past. This gives your story more depth and more realistic.
Nice work,

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago

Very interesting..such evilness from such an innocent name!! I like that!! Lokk forward to the next installment!!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thanks! Its planned to be a one-off piece though.
Ah man, this was awesome! Wonderfully written, inviting images and emotions quite easily. It kept me glued, unable to look away until all was read. If you write more on this, I will read it! Great job!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Well, this was planned to be a one-shot, but do check out my other stuff! I'm sure they'll be just a.. read more

2 Years Ago

I definitely will!

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