Twin Souls

Twin Souls

A Story by Aurafiex

Their soul once separated, now intertwined, they fight for control. A story set in the City of Midnight.


For someone so accustomed to being relegated to the realm of the forgotten, it was a surprise for Yami that Hikari would even come ask of her for something other than written work, considering how the latter had made it clear that it was all she was ever good for. At times she would wonder how Hikari achieved such dominance while she on the other hand seemed to trail behind clumsily, always getting in the way of others while accomplishing nothing notable.


But Yami knew this visit was little more than a mere social call. Hikari was always after something, be it that next accolade or that next big contract. She always wanted more, as was hers to be first at everything. No doubt she wanted something from her as well. But what exactly, could she possibly want?


It was a question mystifying enough to cause Yami to rattle nervously as she stood before her, a sensation rarely felt of in her otherwise closed and meticulously controlled environment. The darkness had, after all, been her sanctuary. Everything there was within her control, its perversely safe confines being the only life she ever knew. The outside world seemed so scary in comparison, for even despite the seemingly endless night of the city outside it was filled with all kinds of variables outside of her control. Like other people. Those were really scary. If anything, she preferred very much to withdraw to the proven safety that seclusion brought forth.


And somehow despite this apparent danger Hikari had so deftly navigated the outside world as though she was born to thrive in it. Yami had watched in envy as Hikari graduated from that modelling academy with top honours, even more when she began to see her on the television, talking and smiling to flashing cameras and an excited audience that seemed to follow her every word like it was gold. Hikari, on the other hand, grew increasingly weary of Yami’s cowardice and lack of a spine over the years of her stardom, for it seemed like something unbecoming of one who wished to thrive, doubly so for one that was like her.


And yet, perhaps ironically, they were one and the same, and yet so different. Perhaps not so much after all, for she had now come to see her at what was to be the peak of her stardom.


“I’m not going to beat around the bush, Yami. I need your help.” Hikari said, a devious, calculative smile upon her lips as the former averted her gaze.


“Help... you?” Yami flinched as her voice cracked despite her best efforts to conceal her nervousness.


“Yeah! Don’t suppose you’d fancy taking over me for a few weeks. I need a break!”


“But... why?”


“Well, for one, I’ve had it with those b******s at the studio! Who the hell do they think they are, giving the role to that other b***h! I should be lead, not her!”

Yami blushed as she eyed Hikari’s rage with a mix of embarrassment and fear. Truth be told, she had little understanding of Hikari’s celebrity life, and she definitely wasn’t about to ask for any sort of clarification, given the former’s tendency to rage at what she regarded as foolish questions. Especially now as she watched streams of salivated foam seep from her sister’s mouth as she so vehemently raged at the cruel fate thrust upon her, as if Yami had somehow been the cause of it all. It was okay, though, for she understood well despite this. Humility was admittedly never one of her strengths. It was beauty and raw talent that had impressed the agency, and not much else, apparently.


“Said I should slow down for a bit, take part in a lower-key photoshoot. Bullshit!” Hikari shouted, causing spit to splatter all over the previously clean mirror. “So, I’ve had it with them. For now, at least.” She smiled, regaining her composure almost instantaneously. “And that’s where you come in.”


“But I can’t help you with this! It sounds fun, but... but it’s scary out there...” Yami mumbled as she stared at the ground once more.


“Don’t say that! It’s not even that hard!” Hikari rebuked, resisting the urge to scream in frustration. “You’ve always been so helpful with all that college work,” she added, smiling. “And besides, don’t you want to get out there and have some fun for a change? Don’t deny it, I see that desire burning in your eyes even as you look away from me.”




“Don’t worry, we’ll start slow.” Hikari teased. “We’re one and the same, aren’t we?”


“What... what do you mean?”


“It means... you can be me.”


And Hikari was right, much to Yami’s surprise. In fact, all it took was a shower and some skilfully applied makeup and hairstyling and she was a splitting image of her idol, the one she envied so much on the big screen. Perhaps this was possible, even for her, she thought nervously to herself as Hikari leaned close to her, squeezing her shoulders in triumph of her own handiwork.


“This... is me?” Yami stuttered as she ran her fingers through her curly brown hair and smooth features. “I...”


“Told ya. Now get out there and make me proud.” Hikari said, a wicked smile curled upon her lips at result. “And don’t you dare screw up.” She added, almost casually, licking her lips. “Or I’ll never forgive you.”


She found herself in a cold and brightly lit room, sat right in front of a dressing table with all manner of accessories and beauty products. The sounds chatter spilling in from outside seemed to be about some kind of photoshoot, and she heard the name “Sumika” being thrown about.


“Oh, no!”


Looking into the spittle-covered mirror, she came face to face with the same beautiful and radiant self Hikari had turned her into, completely dolled up and ready. Seeing this, she almost let out a scream, her fear of upsetting the people outside the dressing room somehow suppressing her shock. Was this all real? After all, Hikari was always the one outside, not her. She preferred her books and written reports at home, where no one saw her. Perhaps Hikari did want a break after all. But for how long? Now, of all times, would be great if she came back.


Unfortunately, before she could make much sense of her situation, she heard the sound of a door opening behind her. Turning around she caught sight of a rather handsome man with short brown hair smiling at her.


“Sumika-chan? You ready? We’re starting in a few minutes, so come with me!” A smooth hand was extended out towards her, beckoning her to get out of her chair and follow him.

Was that her stage name? Her brow furrowed at the sound of it. There were so many things she knew little of outside her sanctuary.


“Okay...” Yami chided herself silently at the weak reply she mustered. Surely she could do better. But much to her surprise it seemed like it did little to deter the man’s enthusiasm, for his smile was now even wider and brighter than before.


“Don’t be nervous! You’ll do great!”


“Yeah... I guess.”


His words seemed to have some kind of soothing effect on her, for she found her legs no longer wobbling like jelly in anticipation of what was to come. Smiling, she got up, her hand in his as he led her to the door.


Following in the shadow of the cheerful man, she came before a fairly large studio set with various people with all manner of cameras and lighting equipment at the ready. Before the crew was a meticulous set up of props and background matching the outfit and look that had been thrust upon her. It was so exciting to be here, and yet, so bright, she thought to herself as she instinctively brought an arm to her eyes in a bid to shield herself from the dazzling display ahead.


“Sumika, over there please, just opposite us.” A man holding a cone-shaped paper fashioned into a loudspeaker of sorts beckoned her to the stage. “As for everyone else, get ready! She’s here, so let’s do this!”


Now would have been the most appropriate of times to turn tail and flee, but she had taken the man’s warm hand into hers as she trailed behind him meekly, and it now felt like an iron clasp binding her movement. If anything, it was too late for regrets.


A part of her chided herself in silence for agreeing to this foolish venture. Perhaps this was all but a mere prank on Hikari’s part to humiliate her for daring to even think of rising above her station in life. Absurd, maybe, but it was not beneath her, considering the lengths she would go to prove her superiority over the years. But even so, the unseen power of peer pressure reigned triumphant over even the most deep seated fears. At least that was so in her case, for she found herself walking towards the set, her mind steeling herself to be ready to perform with each passing second.


“Here goes nothing...”


“What was that?” The director asked, a puzzled look plastered on his face at the odd behaviour of the normally peppy idol.


“Nothing! Let’s begin, director.”


Over the next few hours she posed for the camera, contorting her body in positions that while pleasing, made every second a precarious test of balance while also smiling smiles so angelic and sweet that her jaw ached. But much to her surprise, the whole thing was easier than she had anticipated. It came so easily to her that it was almost second nature, as though she had been doing it all her life. In fact, she kind of liked it.


Perhaps the outside world wasn’t as bad as she had imagined it, she thought to herself as she walked off the set for her break, taking off the cowboy hat they had given her to wear. It was a western-themed photoshoot of sorts, and everyone on set had been so helpful and friendly to her throughout the whole thing, like she mattered so much to them for some reason. Being here was definitely so much better than huddling in the darkness of the apartment, slaving over some literature report due the day after for her sake.


And perhaps that was why Hikari loved it all so much. But then, why abandon it now, even temporarily? Perhaps there was kind of caveat to all of this, but for now, it seemed so perfect, so dream-like.


Sighing, she sat down upon a chair, taking long sips from the water bottle passed to her by an aide. As she did this, another aide came up to her, smiling as she began to touch-up on her makeup.


“You were amazing!” the lady swooned in admiration as she ran a makeup brush over her professed idol’s cheeks.


“R... really? I don’t think I did too good, unlike last time...” Yami blustered in response. There was of course no “last time” to speak of- Hikari had been at it until now. But the makeup artist seemed to believe that they were one and the same.


“Well... I prefer today’s Sumika! She’s more... sincere.”



“Yeah!” The makeup artist chirped in reply. “Maybe it’s because your boyfriend is with you today. Man, I wish I was even half as lucky as you.”


In response to that she found herself looking face-to-face with a rather handsome man leaning against the wall on the other end of the room who met her nervous blushing with a warm smile. The same man who had led her to the photoshoot, whose warm hands eased her fear of what was to come. Clearly Hikari had great taste in men, for all it took was a glance for her to feel her heartstrings tugged to the ends of oblivion. Was this what it meant to love someone?


The rest of the shoot went shockingly well, so well that she no longer feared the bright and glamorous lights of the studio, but rather, cherished it. She found herself speaking to journalists after the job with a courage unfelt of before, smiling as she spoke of her (Hikari’s) future plans to an audience that seemed to take in her every word like it was made of gold, just like they did for hers. And it seemed to be so, for each success was but a mere stepping stone to another dizzying height of fame.


And she too found herself believing her own carefully rehearsed words. Perhaps she did realise it, but embraced the change wholeheartedly. Like a plant exposed to the break of dawn for the first time she relished every moment of her new life with zest. Now, there was no challenge too great, be it of acting or modelling that she took on to the best of her ability, much to the seemingly endless satisfaction and adoration of her studio and fans. Happiness was now the order of the day, and she abandoned her academic work in lieu of this bright future, for toiling for someone else’s achievement was no longer hers to suffer. But even then, she wondered, who was she toiling for all that time? Was there, infact, someone else within her sphere of existence?


But all that was easily forgotten in the face of his smile after every job, after every event that pushed her to her limits to smile before an adoring crowd that seemed to demand everything from her, while he on the other hand wanted nothing more than her love. He was the one thing that kept her going towards even greater heights yet kept her real in the face of everything. She wanted to know his name, but all she knew and desired was his warm smile and tender embrace as they kissed in the darkness of her home that was once reserved only for her solitude. She couldn’t possibly ask there, for fear of ruining the moment, those very moments that she had come to cherish as they happened and craved as they ended. And perhaps something within her knew his name, but it was now little more than a long-faded memory, a lover from a past lifetime, as though her mind was suppressing something that she should know and yet did not want to know.


The weeks turned to months and eventually such worries became little more than forgotten memories. She now sat alone in a dressing room, preparing the final touches on her outfit and makeup, almost like that one shoot that started it all. She had become an expert at such preparations, as though she had known it all her life, as though someone had taught her well.


It was then when she was about to get up from her chair that she caught sight of a lady like her forming upon the mirror’s surface. Almost like her, but her eyes were bloodshot and delirious, filled with the anger of one wronged. Seeing this, her happy confidence was replaced with a sense of nervousness and dread as the shock jolted her memory.


“Where do you think you’re going?” the lady asked brusquely, her fists clenched while her face was contorted into a scowl.


“Please stand aside. I’m going to be late,” she replied with the best air of condescension she could muster as she realised who was she was speaking to.


“How dare you!”


She found herself pinned against the dressing table with such force that the mirror behind her cracked. Around her, all manner of cosmetics were forcefully thrown to all four corners of the room from the impact. And without so much as skipping a beat she had a pair of hands clasped viciously around her neck, pinning her against the remains of the dressing table and broken mirror.


“You are my shadow! You are nothing!” The woman yelled, increasing the pressure she now had upon her victim’s neck.


It was then that she knew that she had finally come face to face with the memory that sat in the back of her mind, that which had set her free on a whim, that was now here to take it all away. But no way in hell was she ever going back to the darkness, especially now that she knew the light.


Fighting through the pain of suffocation, she reached for a broken shard of glass and plunged it straight into her assailant’s chest. Reeling in pain, her assailant released her grip upon her and staggered towards the door, clutching her wound.


“I’m Sumika! Not you, and not anyone else!” She yelled at the top of her lungs, pressing the attack upon her former assailant, stabbing her over and over until she collapsed into a bloody heap.


And as it happened, she too fell to the floor, bloody from multiple stab wounds. Her vision was blurry, but she was safe now, surrounded her beloved and the studio crew that she knew would take good care of her. After all, they were shouting and panicking at the sight of their horribly wounded model rushing her towards medical care, as they tried to make sense as to why she had tried to strangle and stab herself in such a violent manner.


The sensation now was painful beyond words, but she took comfort in the fact that even that too would fade away time. Sure, someone else would have her stardom this time, but there was so much more to work to and aspire for.


Especially now that she was finally free to live her life.

© 2017 Aurafiex

Author's Note


This story is part of the City of Midnight, a collection of short stories. If you enjoyed this, do check out the other stories here!

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