The Truth Is, I Know

The Truth Is, I Know

A Story by avant security guard

The truth is, I know



Chapter 1

grammar school


Like everybody else, Finn attended grammar school, but what made him different was his habit of using fake names.

When he handed in a test, or a report, sometimes he’d a use name like, H.H. Monroe, Frank N. Stein, or Johnny Comelately; stuff like that.

His teacher would hand back the tests and be unable to find anyone named H.H.

Finn was good at taking tests, and would often try to insert jokes, or draw a tiny cartoon on the test.

After a while, the teacher would realize who was handing in tests and reports with fake names.

One teacher, Miss Marple, decided to call his parents in.

Only his mother attended.

“Finn is using fake names,” Miss Marple said.

“Yes, “ his mother said. “He does that.”

”Why? Why does he do that?”

”He thinks it’s funny.”

Miss Marple didn’t get it.

She finally instructed him not to put his name on his reports, but after a while, she regretted this, and belatedly found that his odd habit was more interesting.

He’d do other things, too, like tape or pin numbers to his back.

That was never explained, except he said the teacher could refer to him by his number.

He always had trouble meeting girls and going out with them.

He really, really wanted a girlfriend. He used to watch girls and boys walk by holding hands. He really, really wanted to hold hands with a girl.

Once, Betty Burns and Sally Fink sat down next to him as he was waiting for his bus after school, and confronted him.

“You’ll never get anyone to go out with you,” Betty said.

“Yeah.” said Sally.

“Oh, really?” Finn said. “Why?”

”Because you’re never serious,” Betty said.

“Okay,” Finn said. He then turned to Sally, who he liked better and was prettier. “Will you go out with me?”

”Yeah, okay,” she said.

“Damn it, “ Betty said, angrily. “We said nobody would go out with him.”

”Yeah, I know,” Sally said. “But we got to give him a chance.”

”Yeah,” Finn said. “Just give me a chance.”

Betty got pissed off and got up and ran away in a huff.

“What will we do?” Sally said.

© 2016 avant security guard

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Added on January 12, 2016
Last Updated on January 12, 2016
Tags: teen, high school, romance


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avant security guard

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