Old Crap and Introductions

Old Crap and Introductions

A Chapter by BAlanMorgan

Chapter One of Everything or More


Mom found my journal. What the hell was she doing in my stuff? I can't keep anything from anyone nowadays. I hate this. I'll just start here now--right in the soft of my head. I hope one day I'll remember writing all this crap down...

Here we are again, driving past those fields of four leaved clovers. My mother had told me, when I was much younger, about a sad old hermit that lived south of the ridge, who once had people come and visit his farm for this perfected growing of something thought to be so rare. Now he stays home growing more and more of these sad four leaved plants, that nobody wants anymore, because he can't just give up and try something new. I don't know what's worse: the awkward silence, or contemplating on this pathetic story, that will probably be told one more time before I leave.

"Did I ever tell you of these farmlands?" she inquired, with a sketchy voice, obviously trying to break the silence, a result of her annoying habits and her shrill voice always yelling at me, over nonsensical crap.

"Yes" I say calmly when I want to shout, 'yes you f*****g have, every time we come up here, you always tell the f****n story, so let's just stop talking and drive, cause I'd rather sit in silence with you all day everyday than talk to you for what would be the worst conversation I'll ever have up to that point!' but she still doesn't like me cussing.

She began, but I just zoned out. I like to pretended to fall asleep, and listen to my music. She can't tell the difference, and it's not like I was deliberately trying to make her pissed off at me.

The dorm room is small, expected, but the beds are pretty soft, and it's pretty clean. Everyone that I greeted in the hall seemed pretty nice, now I just have to wait for my roommates to come in. So far it seems like an apartment, filled with intelligent people all here for the same thing I'm here.

This is the English/arts/and social sciences building, but looking at the mathematics building makes this one seem so much smaller and more boring. At least it's co-ed, not that I'm sharing a room with some chick, but both my neighboring dorms were three girls each. Down the hall was a cluster of girls' dorms, with one dorm of four dudes, and so on... some of the girls are kinda pretty...

Mom is finishing her sobbing downstairs--I really don't want to help some guys move up some boxes, a dresser or two, but what the hell.

She's hot. Look at her chest.

I could never say that to her. I can't be myself if I can't even go up to some girl and say what I'm thinking. Just like my cussing, I'm not gonna go around and curse the world, but seriously I feel a craving to do so.

I can smell it.

"Can you help me?"

Horses can speak? This one... she's not pretty and I really can't help but avoid that nose of hers--(Moltisanti). Everyone is thankful and kind, and I really didn't mind helping, but something's people just need to do on their own. What if I wasn't even a student and needed a way to get in the f*****g building just to rob this place--they all just let me in, f*****g dumbasses.

I could rob them...

I really actually could. I'm smarter than them.

I wouldn't ever do that

Everything is finally set up and packed away under my bed, and since nobody has shown up yet I'm gonna go check out the campus.

I'm gonna zone out for a while.

Today, you ugly pathetic creature.

*      *      *

 It was pretty late in the evening, and most of the students moving into the dorms that day were all settled in by now, save the few stragglers running late.

"Hey, you, excuse me." Some guy shouted urgently from a few doors behind David. "do you know where the laundry room is?"

"Second floor, next to the elevator." David said with a gentle tone, only to turn and roll his eyes.

"Thanks, bud," he replied.

"Anytime" David waved with a smile, then turned back down the hall and walked down the stairs, whispering, annoyed, to himself.

The campus was fairly open, with what seemed like stone and brick buildings hidden by tall oak and pine trees scattering the several quads. Everything had a dim orange tone, cast from the towering lampposts with fogged glass and dim bulbs. Moss grew on half the trees, and rust on half the posts. The school was new--the buildings were old.

David strolled through the many paths and staircases, through the archways and under the tunnels that lead out to newer unexplored sections of the campus. The bookstore was closed, and so was the library, David found out after getting right up to the door of both and noticing the small lettering towards the bottom of both doors. For more than two hours, David wandered the campus whilst memorizing where all buildings, parking lots, and restrooms were located.

David returned to his dorm, to find that neither of his roommates had been in yet.

*        *        *

Well this campus is absolutely beautiful and there's definitely some great places that I might be able to draw from later, or just chill in.

Library closes at seven, which is completely ridiculous--maybe it's just for now. But overall this place seems really nice and really hushed, like the first deep breath of the morning, when the day is calm, don't forget (that dream was one of the best I've ever had--girl, kiss, art room, smile, fight, saved, then that stare at the end).

Note to self: Try not the come into contact with that guy again, the one that called me bud, I mean c'mon--incompetence is going to make this floor the dumbest one in the building. He couldn't turn around and read the sign right behind him, telling all of the students in every floor where the laundry, front desk, kitchen, and everything else, is. It took all I had to not call him a blind fool, then smack him in the head.

I really wanna hit someone...

I just wish I didn't have to to to to to to to.

Why did I just stutter?

*       *       *

As David wrote, a musical knock came from his door. He got up slowly and walked even slower to the door, flustered, at the continual knock ringing from the door.

"Who's that" he mused, before opening the door to a very obese woman.

Smiling, she started, "Hi, I'm Sammy, from student housing, and this building's live-in staff member, just here to confirm whether or not your two roommates have checked in or not yet, and see if they could perhaps sign in to the registry along with the deposit, and with their food plan deposit, as well, in addition to the original deposit, the one I just mentioned." she rambled out at a lightning speed with a thunderous volume.

"No they're not here yet." David stated bluntly, with a peeved stare.

"Oh, well that is unfortunate. Well I'll leave you be then, and I'll get back to checking all these floors for late comers and wanderer--" she went on.

"Good night, ma'am" David interrupted, smiling, seemingly sincere, and she smiled then left.

* * *

That was a waste of time. Stupid fat blonde, I mean I'm all for one doing one's job and doing it with a smile on his or her face, but that overly sincere crap was just annoying and ... oh yeah.... I Don't Care if you need to collect this or that or money or a signature blah blah blah, just ask me--"are they in" then I'll say yes or no, then you say "can i speak to them" or "okay I'll try again later."

Take heed of this: don't ever catch yourself knocking like that or I'll hit you in your face. I do think she got slightly peeved at me calling her "ma'am" though, and I enjoyed saying it, even if she didn't look older than mid-to-late twenties.

Today, August 28th. Now try to dream that dream you did that one night, because, despite my incomprehension, it was the best one--you know which one. Don't get cocky.

I can't sleep

Today, August 29th.

Still can't sleep.

Why is there still light in the hall?

Hmm... I really could have sworn I saw one. WAIT


I haven't run this fast in years, but what the hell is that person doing to my floor?

Oh gosh it's much too cold out here.


Maybe I wasn't the only one that saw that happen?

She stole my idea...

© 2015 BAlanMorgan

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Absolutely amazing

Posted 3 Years Ago

I like it a lot. a lot a lot:) specially the end:)))) you gotta do more:) okay:) :*

Posted 3 Years Ago

spot on, still,the,pauses, but it was less of an annoyance than the previous part and the addition of the events which happened and then his thoughts about it was just a very good idea which was very well executed

Posted 3 Years Ago

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