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Show and Tell

A Story by BBuggy

I wrote this about a girl whose Daddy missed "Bring Your Daddy to School Day" because he is a Marine fighting in Iraq. She braves the criticism from the other students and still tells her story, in the end, touching everyone's heart.



             Amy clutched a small camouflage bag as they pulled into the school parking lot. Today was bring your daddy to school day. She always loved this day. But this time, it was going to be different.
            “Very nice report Tommy and thank you for coming Mr. Stone. Okay, up next is Amy Nelson. Amy,” the teacher said, motioning for Amy to come to the front. As she walked to the front of the room, Amy could hear the other kids laughing silently and whispering, but she continued to hold on to her camouflage bag very tightly. The teacher smiled at her when she got to the front and asked her if she needed anything. She shook her head no as she unzipped the bag and began to remove the contents. The other children continued to snicker and whisper. When she had set everything up, she turned around and held her hands in front of her, waiting silently.
            “Okay everyone, let’s quiet down. Amy,” she said, quieting everyone down and giving her a smile.
            “Where is your daddy?” a girl asked from the back.
            “Kathy…” the teacher began, but Amy stopped her.
            “That’s okay, Mrs. Jones. I don’t mind,” Amy replied, smiling at her mom in the back of the room. “This is my Daddy, Corporal Scott Nelson, United States Marine Corps,” she continued, stepping to the side to reveal a framed 8X10 of a Marine in dress blues. “He wanted to be here today, but he had to work. He had to work really far away. He went to a place called Iraq. I’m not sure where that is, but Daddy says it’s pretty far. Before he left he told me to always keep this on. He has the other one,” she explained, gently touching the silver dog tag that hung from a chain on her neck. “My daddy is a Marine. He is very brave. I hear people talking about what my Daddy does and they say very mean things. He told me that many people do not understand what he does and why he does it. He told me that he is fighting over there so other little girls and boys can grow up knowing their daddies and mommies and have the chance to go to school. He told me he wants them to know what it is like to smile and grow up without fear. He didn’t want to leave Mommy and me, but he said it was something called “duty”. I’m not sure exactly what that is, but he said it was something he promised to do. Daddy says you should always keep your promises. He gave me this teddy bear the day he left and said that when I get sad that I can hug it and it will be like he is right here. It plays a special message. Can I play it for the class?” she asked Mrs. Jones, holding a light brown teddy bear, dressed in Marine Dress blues, including shiny black shoes, blood stripe pants, and a small NCO sword as well as a white hat with a shiny black rim. Mrs. Jones smiled and gently nodded. Amy gave the teddy bear a light squeeze and the message played.
            “Dear Amy, I want you to know that I love you very much. You are the best daughter a daddy could ask for. I know you are going to miss me very much. I will miss you too hunny, more than you know. I have to work here for a while, but will be home to you and mommy soon. People may say things about what I am doing here, but know that I am working hard to help the little girls and boys over here know what it’s like to live free. You be a brave girl and help Mommy around the house. I love you very much Princess. Lots of Love, Daddy.”
            “I love you too Daddy,” she said, giving the bear a kiss and turning to the picture, raising her hand in a salute.
As she looked around the room, she saw the other kids and their dads, and smiled to herself, hugging her teddy bear close to her. The teacher smiled as she wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. Amy carefully placed the bear in her bag along with the picture. Then, she held the bag close once more and walked back to her seat.

© 2008 BBuggy

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Awwww you brought tears to my eyes! This is a beautiful tribute, and a wonderful social commentary. I think that you could expand this though. There is definatly room for you to make this a much larger piece. It almost seems like a fragment from a much larger piece. But it defintaly reaches out and pulls at the heart strings.

Semper Fi!
Love you guys

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Let's see....first off I am a proud Marine wife of a new Sergeant! I am so proud of him. We've been married almost three years now. I love him very much. I am also a very proud mother to Aaliyah Elain.. more..

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