Lil Mz. Mary

Lil Mz. Mary

A Poem by Dmi

The poem says it all I hope


she was so adorably simple in this way that wasn’t nearly polished

in a manner that was totally shattered but she still kept track of all her broken pieces 

she was so radiant in this unspoken form like a brail type of language barrier

you couldn’t help but seek out her energy, moving towards her in hopes you'd get close to her

the smile she wore looked so artistically rendered you caught yourself admiring the late, Monet’s work

like a small boy, completely helpless I’d stare, look away, then stare again, getting caught by her gaze but I didn’t care

such a calm soul, a dainty little person, from an Iowa town full of nothingness 

a place where screen doors slam shut when the wind starts to swirl quick

she was magnetic and it made me happy being amongst her company I’d forgotten was here on earth

her roots didn’t matter to me, not in any case, no convictions cause I felt her pain

she didn’t know about my past, not in the way she showed me hers, with an unfiltered sorta disregard

that amazing little woman had something god blessed and holy given that every man dreams only they could touch

she spoke of her hurt, of all her mistakes, and the things she regretted daily, but couldn’t fix 

she displayed each emotion on her ageless face like a natural wonder, 
absolutely so real, it was so unreal

it's hard to write the words seemingly impossible for me, failing to give her the justice to keep it real

I was infatuated, hypnotized by her unmanufactured aura, it was as if I was surfing her wave 

her tone of voice, all though loud at times, came from her petite frame that was wanting heard 

she spoke southern slow like dancing to Ray Charles hoping Georgia On My Mind would play forever

we talked of lost loves, our future, and all the things that didn't make sense to us and wouldn't ever

she gazed into my person like a moon beam through the darkness and impenetrable walls that I had built

her jet black hair glittered in the sun, she had the most translucent brown eyes I have ever seen

perfect lips without a stitch of makeup on them didn’t need anything but her to smile brighter

you could kiss every word drawn slowly from her mouth as if all 3 wishes you had were 1, 2, 3,

she studied me in a way that I could see made her feel close to home, a home she left behind cause she had to leave

she behaved as if she felt safe with me for the first time before her life had made a change

that amazing woman hugged me like I was everyone she’d ever loved in her entire life 

she squeezed me that evening like every person she wished she could keep hold on to only her forever

Mary was hands down the most gorgeous person living paralyzed by the cards she'd been dealt to her

sentenced to the mistakes of her trials and tribulations, all her failed past torn up relationships

writing this now is what I needed to do to describe such a time I wouldn't let go for nothing else

a one in a million experience, a true treasure to me, a gift amongst all the plastic bull s**t

thank you my dear for such a wonderful few days that I won’t ever, ever, ever, ever forget

what you gifted me is what I’d lost, a happy person living in their chaotic life in which they had built

it was a blessing of pure serendipity to come by you what a magical girl

after a long, grueling time of waiting for truth, those were the days that we spent together

thank you, from the bottoms of my heart, thank you for being you, and for proving me wrong

I won't forget what it was you taught me in a time where I needed taught 

I value that, I needed you darling, to change what I thought was surely set in stone

from me to you, thank you baby, you deserve it hun and so much more.

© 2016 Dmi

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i love your work liz ,big up

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you Diana. Such a sweet thing to say. I take it to heart. Much love to you!
diana Apiyo

1 Year Ago

Welcome.... I will also try to bring mine out in a days time

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Added on September 30, 2016
Last Updated on September 30, 2016
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