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Chapter 1 "the way you eat my p***y"

Chapter 1 "the way you eat my p***y"

A Poem by J. B.

adult content. this is chapter one and will be continued in other chapters. enjoy ;)

i stop to catch my breath, beneath the 
sheets and heavy blanket I tossed over my head 
before thrusting my tongue between your legs.

your body shivers;
i can feel your legs quivering in my hands

tremors and a cold sweat;
evidence of the earthquake force orgasm that you experienced

only moments before.

only then
only now 
would i dare stop to catch my breath and replay 
that beautifully erotic scene of sweet 
perversion in my head


your p***y was already wet by the time my lips had made the journey from
your mouth

to your collar bone



I pause to breathe in the
smooth, sweet skin of your breasts, my breath
trickles out of slightly parted lips to
tickle your nips;
they rise and fall as your beating heart quickens its' pace
and you bring your hands to my head to push my open mouth
down onto your warm, hard mounds

but i object 
and I force your hands back above your head

not yet, babygirl.

not yet.

i blow gently on those beautiful tips again;
it's a small and gentle move for me
but the gentle breeze that blows forth from my mouth
has hurricane force effects on you

i look up at you, your eyes shine with the unspeakable plea;

"please. let me feel those lips on me"

I finally give in and gently wrap my warm mouth completely around 
the swollen, throbbing peaks that rise to greet me;
sucking in. 
biting down,
but only, slightly.

tracing the tip with my tongue
your nips; round, silky smooth

like pearls.


it began as a gentle provocation;

laying beside one another, eyes locked and bodies pulled in close 
so close


I could see your lips part slightly 
your chest begin to rise and fall in anticipation of what we both knew 
would come




you see, i do not know you well; we met once before a week
ago and felt a rush of desire, natural in its' essence as if 
the universe was awaiting the connection
between the two of us and all that was left
was for us to finally meet.

so you called me tonight


I would love to see you tonight, if you're not busy
perhaps I could come spend the night at your place

this was a suggestion you knew I would not refuse

and here we are.

your p***y was already wet by the time my tongue had traveled
its' way down to trace the plush, pink, throbbing folds of those lips

the sweet smell of soaked sheets beneath them 
speaking to me the same way your eyes did before,
begging me to quench my thirst and in the process

quenching yours as well
you thrust your open fingers through my hair 
pushing my head down deeper into you
forcing your dew-laden petals aside, so wet with desire, my face glistens from the contact and your
warmth trickles down my chin 

i take my fingers to gently catch the flow, look up at you and 
bring my wet fingers to my mouth, tasting you

savoring you

you let out a soft moan, and force my head
back down. you grind on my lips as my tongue flicks that sweet spot that is
your c**t, you let out a cry that 
gives away your pleasant surprise;

he knows what he is doing

you grind harder into my face
faster, harder

you're getting close 

and then it happens

i open my mouth as a tsunami flow meets my already soaked lips. i worship the taste as you give me the sweet nectar of your orgasm. you fumble 
for words, when finally between heavy sighs and deep inhales you muster the composure to exhale the words

oh, the way you eat my p***y

i look up at you, a mischievous grin dancing upon my lips

"can i have another taste?"

before you can respond, i begin to run my tongue softly and
slowly in circles on your c**t
you let out a low and long "fuuuuuuuck" 
look down at me and moan out a broken record 
of sweet repetition. again. again.

and again

"oh, the way you eat my p***y"

sweet, savory music to my ears.


© 2017 J. B.

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This content will always win, especially when described so well but what I really love is your pacing. The way you've broken this up feels like a mixture of breaths from both giver and receiver.
Definitely an enjoyable and pleasurable read :p

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

The orchestration of a tongue can create a masterpiece. Well done.

Posted 5 Months Ago

It's always an amazing thing to discover what you're good at.maybe even more than good.receiving pleasure is nice.but giving pleasure.priceless

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Uhhmmm......just wow. Good job. You definitely did what you set out to do. Like Courtney said, great imagery.

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is sexy! Not to mention great imagery. The build in this is one the reader can easily feel.

Posted 5 Months Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

J. B.

5 Months Ago

I am glad you enjoyed it and could feel it ;)

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Added on December 7, 2017
Last Updated on December 11, 2017


J. B.
J. B.


Feminist Anti-Trump MMA instructor Musician/Composer Activist USMC veteran Intellectual Kink and sex-positive advocate more..

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