A Poem by Poe Redd

a whole lot of ideas mashed together. enjoy!


On an anonymous day,

in a world called Sunday,

an X-Queen arrives.

The dead queen steps out of the carriage.

So beautiful the world is.

To the X-Queen, monsters, rain

are perfection.

Her new friends don't understand her,

don't know her past.

So she understands them better first.

And is shocked when one day,

poisoning skin by pen,

she realises this world has a king.

"Oh, that won't do." she thought.

"I rule or no one rules."

She set out, skirts swishing,

red lips pressed into a thin line,

brows scrunched low to intimidate,

to see the king of Sunday.

The only guards being petty s***s,

needy for but shying away

from the king himself,

who very much surprised the X-Queen

with teasing brown eyes.

"You are quiet, I can feel it." he told her.

She grimaced and stepped back.

Stuttering now, for lack of words.

Utterly defeated, turns and-

refusing to run, for dignity's sake-

walks away.

Back in the comfort

of no friends, no ears to fill,

that isn't a comfort, but silent for once,

broods and ponders,

when she is confronted by a witch.

The witch knows a secret, and a smile

but won't share with the X-Queen.


Maybe non-existant?

But has taken the X-Queen's curiosity prisoner.

Yet how can one chase a hoax?

Pen and paper.

Number and words.

A sprinkle of powdered promises.

By candle-light at night,

and a fighting-forwards spy.

Hand grips pen hard.

"Tell me what you know."
The spy rises

pitch-blue eyes,

level with the X-Queen's.

Playing a scream over in her heart,

"Four plus six is supernova.

Eleven minus one is wrong.

Five times five has been converted

to the perverted.

And U divided by X is nothing at all.

My dear, X-Queen, your time has come.

And maybe it has not.

What you seek- witch?

Or the fall of the king?"

X-Queen's hand stopped  scribbling.

"I seek everything."

Numbers started coming together

like dancers at a ball,

making no sense to X-Queen at all.

Spy sat back and emitted a laugh.

"I saw the witch."

"You saw the witch too?"

"I saw the witch

and the witch was you.

And so the witch's secret

is your secret, so secret

it's secretly kept itself secret

from your soul, see?"

This was rather confusing,

befuddling to X-Queen,

who was keeping a secret from herself?

"You're fired." she told the spy.

She opened her mouth

to scream a protest

as she poofed into lavender flames.

Nothing lost,

and seemingly nothing was gained,

but a big white paper, scarred

with numbers and smudges of black ink.

X-Queen looked over the paper


"Everyone has no idea

how tiring it is

to be queen yet ruled over!"

It hurt her head.

The numbers.

The secret.

She knew what she'd do,


It hit her like-

a good lightning bolt.

That same day,

that was still the same day

she arrived,

some weeks ago,

she danced off,

to see the king of Sunday.

Skirts swishing,

red lips curled into a smile.

Even nodded to the guards


As if they deserved respect.

What a joke-

It made her laugh.

She found the king

standing quietly, in a symphony

of noise

that stopped as she entered suddenly.


hands clasped behind her back.

Danced around the king,

once, twice.

He watched her intently.

She smiled, close to his lips,

and whispered,


"I have a secret."
Nothing more, she danced away,

grinning, without a backwards glance.

For she felt the king's gaze

on her back.

And she continued to feel it

even after she turned a corner.

Even after she came into fresh air.

He was following her now.

Hurrying to catch up.

"What is it?

Your secret?"

Matching her long stride,

side by side.

X-Queen tried to hide her smile.

So sly.

"Why, I cannot say.

For, it is a secret."
So tantalizing.

"You do not trust me?"

From X-Queen, a mock frown,

pretensed hurt.

"Oh, I do! You are the king!"

Bright, glittering eyes.

"But it's not your secret to know."

Oh, how fun!

To feel so conceited!

It was a good mood.

She had lead the king

away from his throne, afterall.

With naught but a secret

she didn't even know.

Stops walking


when at her throat she feels

the edge of cold metal

pressed against her skin.

A knife.

And the king's lips at her ear.

If honey hissed,

his voice,

"You will tell me."

X-Queen's smile disintegrated.

No weapons she carried,

but her secret.

"You cannot kill me, King.

If you did,

how would you ever learn my secret?"

Inwardly crumbling.

Starting her stuttering.

Distant heart beating faster.

When the edge was pressed


drawing blood, a sting,

"If I go slow, my darling,

you won't have to die

before you tell me."


"What is it?"

The X-Queen shook.

Felt as if

blood no longer circulated.

She could not die again.

Would not!

Through clenched teeth,



Am not

QUIET!"  screamed.

A scream that echoed

through the world

of Sunday.

A scream that ended


in a gurgle

of blood.

The king wiped his blade.

And returned to the throne.


© 2011 Poe Redd

Author's Note

Poe Redd
Whew! That was long.
Oh, how I love killing off my characters!
(Sorry Anna.) x3

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Read it again. "if honey hissed..."

Posted 7 Years Ago

I really do love this. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

That was brilliantly done, and I shall tell you why, It gripped me, it took me it pulled me along, usually with such a long poem I get bored and dont reach the end, but not this time thanks to your marvelous mind and can we do it over again :O)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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clever and unique

Posted 7 Years Ago

That.Was.Amazing!!!! Did you-know-who inspire you??????
I, honest,I loved it. It was satisfying and a good story.(although Anna won't think so. :) )

Posted 7 Years Ago

Alright so what is the secret?? Now I wanna know!!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Poe Redd

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