Only Needed

Only Needed

A Poem by Lenard L. Banks III

Only Needed

She never wanted him, she only needed him, her smile was lost and her inner light was dim.
Her past love bum rushed, leaving her heart crushed, nothing remain of it but mush.

Here he was ready to love and hold but found a broken soul, he was no coward to the challenge but stood tall and bold.

With every breath in his lungs, he blew life back into her soul, with every fiery touch he sent sparks of fire to her heart that was ice cold, he held her until his warmth became her warmth, until his light became her light, until his silent strength became her might.

She never wanted him, but she needed him, using him, with every kiss, he  restored her back to happiness, here he was her resilient hero, his compliments exercised the strength her bruised ego.

He vowed his heart to her forever, so he stayed even in her darkest weather, she abused his love but he fought for them to stay together. At times she was mean and obscene but he knew it was more to her that was unseen, he knew she was gentle and sweet underneath her drunken seams. So he fought for her when she had already threw in the towel, he felt for her being that she had lost a child, all he wanted was to give her back her smile.

So he fought, even though he could of, he never walked.

She didn't want him, she needed him, to love her enough for the both of them. So he love her even at her worst, he love her when she questioned her own worth, his heart he gave to her as a promise, he knew she was priceless, a astronomical value, to be valued.

He lost more then the love of his life, he lost his best friend, although he fought to the very end, he felt comfort that he help her find parts of herself that she thought she would never see again.

In time that dim light became insanely bright, her smile can now be seen from afar even in the darkest night.

Her soul, was restored in whole, she now has that inner glow. She is powerful now her spirit can rarely be bent, her heart is full yet light and radiant.

Her mind is now sharp and keen and now other man can see what I HAVE ALWAYS SEEN. She never wanted him and now no longer needs him any mo, to her,  he is now disposable, discardable, waste, beside she now can have someone she WANT in his place, she has came a long way and no longer NEEDS, she has blossomed indeed,
Now she's stronger, her money is longer,
He is no use to her any longer.

She moves on putting him back on the shelf, giving everything he restored to someone else.

She wouldn't stay even when he pleaded, He wasn't what she desired because he would of been etched in her heart and to the right of her, remained seated, He was never THE MAN she wanted but every bit of the love she had once desperately needed.

© 2017 Lenard L. Banks III

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Perfectly painted bro. Love restores all. And to have loved and restored is something to still be proud of. And know that it was done outta love. So love on and stay true.

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Added on July 7, 2017
Last Updated on July 7, 2017
Tags: Love, lost, needed, forever, missed, used


Lenard L. Banks III
Lenard L. Banks III

Dallas, TX

The world with no love, creativity and wisdom is like human beings with no form of communication, it's like the earth with no forms of life reason for existing. By Solo_N_Sincere more..


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