Nightingale's song

Nightingale's song

A Poem by Solynara

My first poem i ever wrote. I wrote when i was 12 or something. Enjoy ;)

I am the master of all birds

My Song comes before sunrise

I am the symbol of all love birds

My voice can't be bought with a price

I am every loving hearts' song

I who prove desperate hearts wrong

Yes, I am the singing nightingale

Yet…I am black

One day I was caged and taken away

All birds mourned with a sad melody

Don't worry my friends, songs have no end

Don't worry friends, love shall never end

I'll only have another home to stay

But wherever there's love I shall stay

Now I'm in a lonely birds shop

People come and go all day long

I sing my song, hoping to take me

But what is that?! How can this be?

They take some silent Canaries

And leave the nightingales' song!!

Here are 2 loving couples

These are what I'm created for

Now I sing, come to my hideous store

Now I sing, come end my sore

Now I sing, come here for

Wasn't a love song what you came for?

They hear me, YES, they'll take me

I thought my freedom finally awaits me

They look at me, They finally look at me

I knew my freedom finally awaits me

"He has a nice voice" They say

Take me, oh Take me

I knew my freedom finally awaits me

"yet he is black" She says

"Our coming days must have nothing black

I wished I could scream

Why all the criticism??

Weren't I your symbolism??

And again.…

They take the silent colored Canary

And leave the dark nightingale song

Some days pass, the shop is silent

Dawn has broken…. and darkness faded

But still silent.…

I Open a cage

A bird lay dead

The nightingales' song has come to an end

Oh, if we knew how much you've suffered

How you weren't accepted by even a shepherd

But oh, forgive us all, winged song of love

It's in our human nature

Forgive us all, humans are immature

They step on diamonds in search for stones

They throw gold scepters and collect the bones

But now we know

Now we know

He was the master of all birds

His Song comes before sunrise

He was the symbol of all love birds

His voice can't be bought with a price

He was every loving hearts' song

He who proved desperate hearts wrong

But still.……

We hail silent colored canaries

And bury the dark nightingales' song

© 2014 Solynara

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Added on April 18, 2014
Last Updated on April 18, 2014
Tags: narrative, bird, superficiality, undervalued, racism



Cairo, Nasr City, Egypt

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