War is hell

War is hell

A Story by O'Musings

This is an excerpt from my 15-year old sons book he is writing. This is part of his prologue. Believe it or not my son has a beautifully gifted & dyslexic brain. He sees the world like a writer.


The sky was on fire. Bullets screaming across the seemingly endless plane. Blood lay strewn across the pavement. Fresh corpses lay cold in front of their former friends. Skyscrapers shredded, the resultant rubble strewn alongside with the corpses. Violent explosions shook the earth. This was hell.
War was hell.
The ear-piercing shriek of supersonic jets shook the sky, the vicious, synchronous sound of artillery firing hammered the ground. This was once a city that was filled with life. Once. Now it was only a husk, a war-torn husk of what it once was. The propaganda that lined the wall now ripped, shredded off. Propaganda that was only used to brew hatred in the hearts of their citizens. The streets of the city only guaranteed death in the day. A putrid slug fest at night. Young soldiers dying day in, day out. All attempting to gain more ground for their respective side. For it only to be lost the next day.

© 2017 O'Musings

Author's Note

What do you think ? Not bad for a first time writer of 15?

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I would for sure read the rest of this story.

Posted 9 Months Ago

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This is scary but beautiful at the same time. Your kid is going to places.

Posted 10 Months Ago

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10 Months Ago

Thank you for taking the time to read & comment on my son's work. I appreciate your time & words.

10 Months Ago

No problem

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