A Story by Bella Vee

“I hate you!”

The three words just crushed my life, everything changes after he said those words. Why? Why? Why? Why I always had a miserable life? My tears started to stream down my cheeks while my fingers were searching something to throw. 

It all happened when my husband suddenly died in an accident, then my life turn upside down because he left a lot of debt. For a woman who works as a gardener like me, everything above RM1000 is impossible to have. How could a low paid like me pay RM40, 000 in a month?

Days and nights I work hard to collect the money to pay the debt even my two kids help me with it. I feel grateful at first but an incident happen when I’m on my way to pay the debt, I was robbed. All the money that my kids and I collected was gone just like that. I couldn’t stop crying when they took our small apartment as the payment for the debt.

“Mum, are you okay?” I ceased for a few second to stop myself from crying in front of my kids. “Don’t worry, mummy is okay.” I gave them a fake smile. Where my small and unlucky family should live from now on?

After my family were kicked out from our own house, I thought that we got nowhere to live and had to sleep at the bus stop or something like that but there is a place that I can start a new life. We decided to move to Old Little, it is a place that I was raised. A small town near a mountain.

“Mum let me drive.”

“No. you should get a rest. It will take a long journey before we reach Old Little.” I replied softly.

Old Little brought back an old pain. When I was 16 my mother died because she suffered a brain tumour. It was a pain seeing my sick mother, so I quit school and started working at a café to collect money for her surgery. All my hard work brought to an end when the money was enough to do the surgery but the surgery failed and my mother died. I couldn’t believe I just lost my mother that day.

After a month she died I move out from Old Little and started working at a biscuit factory. I’m very determined to change my life and at the age of 19 I got married to a lorry driver name Tristan. We both were very happy when our son, Gin was born. Tristan said that Gin is our sunshine. Its true Gin does look like sunshine; every time I look at him it just looks like the sun because he will shine brighter than anything else.

Our small family life were great although we weren’t rich with money but all of us will make sure that we are rich with love. Every evening Gin will help me collect thing that can be recycled around our neighbourhood. Gin was a hardworking child.

“Mum, are we there yet?” Marissa asked in half asleep voice.

“I’m sorry dear; it will take another half an hour to get there.” Marissa is a total opposite of Gin. While Gin loves to help other people Marissa will only watch and let others help themselves. She is totally her father jewel; even she was not that closed with me her own mother.



I carefully step into my old house at Old Little, it seems very weak. I’m not sure if we could start anew here. “Mummy.” A very familiar figure caught my eyes, it was me. The little me that always run for help. The little me that want to hug her. The delusion sent me into melancholy; I wanted my mum to comfort me, to ask me if I’m okay or not, I need her right now.

“Are you okay?” I lifted my head and saw Gin and beside him was Marissa resting her back against the wall. I couldn’t be down in the dumps right now because I got my two precious kids too raised. We started to clean the whole house and unpacked our things from the lorry.

“I like it here.” The look on his face seems very relaxed. I hope Marissa will be happy living at a place like this. As always Gin will the first one to walk everywhere in the house, adventuring his new masonry and Marissa will follow everywhere he’d go.

A little smile started to decorate my sorrowful face.

“Let’s go to the town and grab some food.  Both of you must be hungry after cleaning the entire house. We shall get the water and electricity running too.” Both of my children ran out of the house towards the lorry. “What do you guys think, shall we have pizza of something else, a burger maybe.”

Both of them smiled. “We will go with pizza.”




A few days later Gin got a call from West Trans University, he was offered to continue his study in Construction Management and they also gave him a scholarship. All of us were happy for him and that night we celebrated it at our favourite pizza restaurant. My boss, Mr Lance gave our family some money to spend on Gin preparation for his university life.

“Mum, are you sure you want me to go there. Well I can find a work here and help you. I don’t want to stay away from you.”

I looked at him. “I don’t want you to help me here. What I want are you to be a man that have visions in him, a man that will search for a better life. Do you want to stay in this condition forever? Just go there and do your best.” Gin suddenly hug me and started crying.




Gin threw his very last sight of the house. “Relax Gin, you can come back here whenever you want but never ever skip your class. Okay.” Marissa rested her arm on his shoulder.

“Guys, hurry up. Time is not waiting for us.”

“Coming!” both of them replied.

It only took 30 minute drive from Old Little to West Trans University. We settled all the registration needed for Gin and head for lunch at one of the café nearby the university.

 “Put away that sad face. I hate it. You make me feel like we send you to another world.” Marissa pinched both of Gin cheeks until it turn chilli red. A laughter of joy burst from our mouth. I couldn’t believe it is time for me to let Gin create his own life. I hope the best for him. A little rainbow finally showed up after the rain that all of us faced.

After we finished our lunch we sent Gin back to his hostel and head home. Our life started to change to better a stage; we also save some money to fix the house and bought some new furniture. Every weekend Gin will come home because he couldn’t stand living away from us.

But then something happen, it was Wednesday. I came home late that day because there was a bundle of work that I needed to finish. I noticed something weird when I arrived home; the lights were off like there was nobody home. Marissa didn’t tell me if she was staying at her friend house or something that day, when I dialled her number it went straight to voicemail. 

I slowly step into the house, turned on all the lights and then something caught my eyes. The dinner was prepared and there was a note on the table. It says;


Mum, I’m so sorry for everything. Please don’t try to find me. I will be fine and when the time comes I will be home. Please don’t tell Gin, he will freak out and call the police. I love you, mum.




I decided to believe the note because I knew it from the deepest of my heart Marissa will come back but when Gin found out that Marissa was missing both of us had a big fight.

“Mum, why you didn’t take the step to find her. She is freaking missing and you acted like she went on a vacation.”

“She will come back. I know it. When the time comes she will be back.” I replied coldly.

“How can you believe that note she left. What is happening, mum? Did you guys have a fight? His voice started to rise.

“I tried to give the very best for both of you; I never have a problem with Marissa. I just don’t know if she has a problem with me. I don’t know if she is mad at me. I just don’t know. But there is hope that she will come back, look at this note. Don’t you believe your own sister?” There is a long silence between us.

“I hate you!”




The house was mess, I not in the mood to tidy up the house. Broken glass scattered everywhere on the floor. “Clare, are you home?” I heard Mr Lance voice outside the house. He was shocked looking at my condition. I looked like a zombie.

“What happened? I was about to fire you because you didn’t show up nearly a week. But looking at your condition, I will consider if you willingly tell me what just happen to you.” I told him everything and he also helped me clean up the mess I made.

“I will give you 2 days off, make sure you get a good rest because I want my entire worker to be in a good condition. About your problem, I hope you will be patient because there is always a rainbow after the rain. Continue your life with a smile, for your kids. I’m sure they want you happy no matter how mad they are with you. See you in two days.” I started to think the logic in his speech.

I head to the shower and let the water flow on my naked body. My mind started to relax; I am determined to change my life. ‘I am sorry for not being a good mother to our precious children. I’m sorry Tristan. Really sorry’


Two years later….


“Congratulation, Clare!” All my colleagues shout out when I stepped out of Mr Lance office. I was promoted to be his assistant.

I also started a business in selling fresh vegetable that I worked on my backyard. Gin also work at a small company in Old Little after he graduate from West Trans University, we both barely talk although we living in the same house. I found it is awkward after the fight two years ago.

I head home early that day because Gin said he will cook something special because of my achievement in work. When I arrived home there was a black BMW car in front of the house, I walked slowly into the house a heard a familiar voice, Marissa. She came back that day. I was very happy and run to the living room to hug her. “I’m sorry, mum.”

“Mum! That is sure an expensive car.” I heard Gin shouted from outside of the house, a soft laugh came out from my mouth.

He could believe his own eyes when he saw Marissa. About a thousand sorry he said to me because of everything that came out from his mouth two years ago. “Well, who is this handsome guy and is this cute little girl name?”

“I almost forgot, this is Logan and this cute girl is Cassandra.” Marissa spilt everything that happened two years ago. He was raped by Logan and suddenly pregnant because she knew I could afford her hospital bill she ran away to live with Logan. Thanked God, Logan took his responsibility and now they are married. I was happy for her and my relationship with Gin was better. A smile decorated my face, rainbow sure will come after the rain.

Suddenly, I saw Tristan smiling at me. 


© 2016 Bella Vee

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The story is kind of all over the place. You need to establish a better rhythm and flow, being deliberate in your creation of characters and setting. It is obvious English is not your first language, so I would recommend having someone review and correct grammar and spelling before you submit. Keep trying to improve, you seem to have a real passion for story telling.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Bella Vee

1 Year Ago

Thanks. Yes, English is not my first language. I will try harder in my next story.


The story is kind of all over the place. You need to establish a better rhythm and flow, being deliberate in your creation of characters and setting. It is obvious English is not your first language, so I would recommend having someone review and correct grammar and spelling before you submit. Keep trying to improve, you seem to have a real passion for story telling.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Bella Vee

1 Year Ago

Thanks. Yes, English is not my first language. I will try harder in my next story.

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Bella Vee
Bella Vee


Confidence hunting. I'm still searching myself in this field. I'm studying building surveying instead of writing but my true dream is to open a book store which people can read and relax, I also love .. more..


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