Happy and Unhappy life

Happy and Unhappy life

A Story by Bella Vee

It was an unusual day. Black clouds marched and covered the sky. My parents were busy working and left me and my twin brother at home. My nerves started to freak out as I saw someone in the backyard. I dashed to the backyard and found nothing. Rain started to pour heavily.

    "Come on Kate. It’s raining out there." Craig's voice brought me back to the real world. I sped up to my room and changed into new clothes. Downstairs, Craig was waiting for me because both of us needed to rush for a piano lesson. Our mum and dad love piano very much, so both of them wanted all their children to know how to play the piano.

    I saw Mr Kevin, our piano teacher with a handsome green-eyed boy. My first thought was he is a new student but when Mr Kevin introduced him as our new teacher, I was shocked. He is Cole. Although he was a year older than me, I will never accept him as my teacher. I just wanted the gentle; courteous Mr Kevin introduced him as my teacher. The girls were very excited to have a handsome and young teacher but not me. I didn’t know why I hated the new teacher so much and I should wear a mask to cover my face the showed how much I despised him.

    After the piano class, Craig left me because he had football practice. Now I had to walk alone to my house. Along the way, I felt like someone was following me. My heart beat with a much-panicked tune and suddenly someone patted me on the back. Oh God! It was my new piano teacher, Cole. It was a very awkward moment. He introduced himself twice and told me he was my rival at the National Piano Completion.

    My mind rushed back to the competition. I recalled the two finalists, me and a green-eyed boy. It was Cole. So that's why my nerves wanted me to hate him. Cole played the judge's favourite song.

   "I'm sorry. Can we befriend?" I gave my hand and started to be friendly. He looked with disbelief because a self-centred girl was trying to befriend her enemy. I knew he felt like he was in the seventh heaven when I wanted to be his friend. Our relationship lasts until our big day. It was our marriage. The piano had brought us together as husband and wife. Everyone could see our happy faces. Everyone could see our smiles.

    "Kate, I really love you since our first meeting at the National Level Competition. I moved to your town because of you. I wanted to stand beside you." Those were his last words. Tears rolled down my rosy cheeks. Who knew that our wedding was our last day together? My face was grave when the drunk lorry driver crashed my husband's car came for forgiveness. My mouth refused to forgive but I knew it was fate that he died. I must try to accept the truth and accepted it. I did.

© 2016 Bella Vee

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Added on October 23, 2016
Last Updated on October 23, 2016


Bella Vee
Bella Vee


Confidence hunting. I'm still searching myself in this field. I'm studying building surveying instead of writing but my true dream is to open a book store which people can read and relax, I also love .. more..

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