I found her

I found her

A Poem by JaneDoe

She had the most vacant look in her eyes
As if she’d tell you anything if you simply asked. Like an open book she was filled with such sorrowful and wonderful adventures that’s shaped her into the beautiful creature she is. but as soon as I reached for her..a wall full of vines appeared and suddenly I was left feeling as if there was something that I was missing. I climbed the wall for what seemed like days scratching and grasping for something to hold on too. When I finally got to the top. It was the most breathe taking sight, flowers and trees as far as the eye can see. It was almost like a painting everything was so calm and still that I feared if I stepped on the grass I would dirty it. I slowly took my shoes off and walked towards the forest of greens that had a clear path made in the gravel as if she knew I was coming. Walking through the forest I felt calm, birds chirping and a soft warm breeze filled my lungs. It was pure heaven. I reached the end and was blinded by the sunlight and suddenly it faded away and all that was left was her.
Sitting on a throne made of the trees surrounded by thousands of books on the floor. Hugging her legs into her chest she looked up and ran towards me. She jumped up and embraced me with her arms. They felt so warm and comforting. She whispered ever so softly into my ears “you made it”
I put my arms around her and we stood there.
I found her

© 2018 JaneDoe

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Added on January 29, 2018
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Toronto, Etobicoke , Canada

I’ve never been comfortable showing my writing to anyone..but I guess this is somewhere to start. more..

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