Fly, Fly Away Butterfly

Fly, Fly Away Butterfly

A Poem by Tania

This poem is about" freedom" I usually don't give hints on the meaning because I believe that a poem is like a piece of art that we all comprehend differently and in our own special way:)


Fly , Fly Away Butterfly 

The musical sounds that somersaulted through the room 

The voices of life singing to me and you .

We were  losing touch of the now  

and exploring the means of another tomorrow.

There never was a sound.

There never was a touch.

There never was a gaze .

We were silent 

and yet 

so loud.

We stood still.

No movement.

No way of escaping from 

this interface of 

time and space

that consumed 

our souls .

What were we...





I saw you ,


You saw me

and all that lived inside of us 

wanted to escape from the loud voices 

from conversations that made no sense

from the rigid walls 

that divided our old souls.

We stood still.

No movement.

Our flesh remained 

and our bodies silently slept.

We were loud 

and yet so silent.

No words were needed to understand. 

No music was needed to hear.

No touch was needed to feel

because what lived inside of us 


that we were disappearing 


no one could see

no one could be

but only us

who could fly 

without moving our feet.


Maybe that's what we were becoming.

We were dispersing from our chains 

and into the free world

 of beauty

of love.

of prosperity.

Sweeping the sky 

with no reason 

no purpose

no justification.

We only new the truth 

and that existed

beneath the lie we have introduced 

to those who would never know 

about me and you.

   The stillness that shivered .

The water that burned.

The humans that flew.

If they only knew...

Oh ...





© 2016 Tania

Author's Note

Enjoy and let me know your opinion!

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Sweeping the sky 
with no reason 
no purpose
no justification.

Really loved this part. This write is so very good.

Posted 10 Months Ago

The style of your poem carries it the proper way so as to receive your message. You speak of no need to explain any arrangements between the romantic couple. They have become one in soul and spirit and have no need for the shackles of a contristing life. Hence, freedom. Well done.
Richie b.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you Richie b. I appreciate it :)
This is absolutely wonderful work. The ending was perfectly executed and I believe this is a very good way to end the poem.
Your justification of 'No' is awesome and the flow of the poem is good too.
Well done

Posted 2 Years Ago


1 Year Ago

Apologies for the late reply , Thank you for penning!
Nice work. I especially love this passage:

"We only new the truth
and that existed
beneath the lie we have introduced
to those who would never know
about me and you."

I totally relate to this.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Thank you Nsuro! I am glad you enjoyed it ...:)))
Wow that was really good. Hard to understand, but really good. I like the themes behind it all.

Posted 2 Years Ago


2 Years Ago

Hi Double T , thanks for the review ! I completely understand what you mean when saying it's hard to.. read more

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Menton, Beirut, France

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