You live Love With Me

You live Love With Me

A Poem by BlackPrince

girl, mark my words and actions


You live love with me and we'll share sunny days

and our love will be sweet like honey trays.

I'll uplift your senses with my soul-kiss

on your sweet tender lips of pink rose leaf.

have a winner smile with my funny ways.

Love is when our inner child truly plays.

Time, a long while, spent on love duly pays.

Dear, in my heart, one thing's my soul's wish:

you live love with me.

My heart's my truth's home. When truth never strays

within a faithful heart, love always stays;

since lies let love last long as dew that's so brief!

O how many cheating hearts have caused grief!

To The Lord of love my heart only prays:

you live love with me.

© 2018 BlackPrince

Author's Note

All reviews appreciated. Let's take our time to review each other and encourage each other with honest, constructive criticism to help each other grow in writing we love so much. I believe that if people review your work, you should also review others, because we are a community of writers and readers growing in our art.

Thank you.

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I like the whole idea of the poem. “To live love” is a significant way to live for anyone, and to relate it romantically is beautiful. I also think you wrote it beautifully.

Wish I could offer a critique, but I have a hard time finding something to critique when I like the message of a poem, so I’ll play the encouraging role!
I enjoyed reading it!

Posted 11 Months Ago

I really am a sucker for love poems but this is very sweet and refreshing to read. It's so easy to get lost writing about love. But this poem is short and sweet and I love the descriptives you used:

"sweet tender lips of pink rose leaf"

very beautifully written!

Posted 11 Months Ago

Powerful and wonderful use of words and thoughts.
"To The Lord of love my heart only prays:
you live love with me."
I liked the complete poem. The lines above. Perfect. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 11 Months Ago

I'm beginning to realize this might actually be a real form you're writing in, is that correct? Apart from some lines being a little iffy in musicality, I would say that you could opt for the one sole refrain as an echo to the beginning, but the power that this conveys is more profound with the two refrains spaced out as they are (much better than in the previous poem I read/reviewed....possibly because of how the lines flowed). I much enjoyed the profundity of this, and really felt it. Well done!

Posted 11 Months Ago


11 Months Ago

Yes, this is a well known originally french poetic form called Rondeau that I like to use; but I alw.. read more

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London, East London, United Kingdom

I LOVE READING AND WRITING I would encourage all aspiring poets and writers to keep working hard to perfect their craft. Let's not be selfish and self-centred. Let's review each other's work co.. more..


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