The Ways Of Man

The Ways Of Man

A Poem by BlakPrince

may love's sweet fruits forever grow


The ways of Man, like trees true to their roots,

shall be known in time, each shown by its fruits.

O how sweet friendship was in childhood years

when gut-laughter of joy brought out our tears;

smiles came from the soul and blessed the face with youth;

tender love and care made us share food and roof;

in our hearts love was an art that drew on truth.

Now child becomes adult, smokes, drinks, cheats, and fears

the ways of Man!

Paper notes and metal pieces cause disputes

between two friends, before one stabs or shoots.

Material love drives most, and loyalty shifts gears,

as greed thrives and contentment disappears.

A sad subject that can write a thousand books:

the ways of Man.

© 2018 BlakPrince

Author's Note

All reviews welcome!!! Keep it real!!!

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simply, I loved it very much

Posted 2 Days Ago

You just summed up the human race.
Life is worth ten dollars, American.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Love the rhyming in this it is subtle and the irregularity means it doesn't feel forced and just aids the lovely flow.
Beautiful contrast in the descriptive gentleness of childhood and the blatant aggression of adulthood. I particularly like the image that even during the seemingly innocent childhood beneath the surface the foundations (roots) have already been laid to what you will become either through ancestry/the set example or is it just our human nature? A great poem-depressingly truthful view our current state as a society and species.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


1 Week Ago

Emma, thank you for your honest review. When we each (unselfishly) take our time to read and review .. read more
Very deep, intense and insightful. This flowed together nicely and it was easy on the eyes, hard on the heart and very honest.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

You are right my friend.
"A sad subject that can write a thousand books:
the ways of Man."
You are right. You have seen a lot living in many places. Hard to understand the actions of men. Today war is killing people. Few are showing concern. We need our leader(Us) to lead with concern, kindness and to listen. Powerful words and thoughts. Made me think this morning.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

I really enjoyed this poem, it just flowed so beautifully!
You also handled the transfer from childhood to adulthood so cleverly even though they are both so different in tone, I felt like I really got a sense of the nostalgia of childhood.
Great job!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Well that is self-explanatory from the beginning til the end....

The first opening line "The ways of a Man like trees true to their roots"....had me lodged from the start.

Any time I have my doubts about the ways of a Man I wonder where is the tutorial to go with this?? Lol.

I really enjoy reading your poem from beginning to end. Please keep up your AMAZING work!!👏👑

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

This rings truth, and marvellously structured. The musicality is musical, and the piece is all around powerful. Though masterful in its craft, and charming in its flow, if you don't mind my saying, the application of the phrase "good things come in threes" definitely applies here, for that refrain deserves a third entrance.... or rather the first could come a bit earlier, so the two refrains are better spaced out. For me, while reading it, it felt it was missing something, and that something was definitely not in the imagery or flow, but most possibly in the spacing of the refrains. Or write it so that there's only one "ways of man" line at the end (makes it appear more as a lament, and it echoes the first line). Your call. Just putting some thoughts out. Well done!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Although the entire poem is beautifully presented, the bit about smiling with our souls stood out for me, given how today's world is ruled by social media, and no one bothers to genuinely smile in those photos...I really miss the time when we all smiled without caring how we looked while doing that!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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This really speaks to me. I often miss my childhood. It was an amazing experience no doubt. Wonderfully crafted piece!

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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