Black Rose

Black Rose

A Poem by BlakPrince

help her wherever you see her everyday


Blessed with pristine beauty of a rainbow,

alas, clear rainfall tears let her pain show.

Sat there on the floor, she did cry and cry

while the world kept on walking by and by.

Cold and hungry and fighting and alone,

Black Rose lived on the streets without a home.

She walked and walked on unsure where to head.

Her empty pockets tempted her to beg for bread.

Poor mum and dad, busy chasing cash,

couldn't even notice Black Rose fading fast.

On her hands, feet and face you could see each scar

as she sat on the floor with her small guitar.

She sang: "I, child of broken family ties,

might fall and fall again never to rise

for the world that never cared whether I

give up or try, smile or cry, live or die."

Still, the world kept on walking by and by

as she sat on the floor and did cry and cry.

Time slowly went by. East, West, North or South,

mum and dad now lost track of her whereabouts.

Broke, unable to cope, she walked without hope.

Lost, her mind found a thought to let go the rope.

On her small guitar she left a note: 'No more woes!

Goodbye, don't cry, my dear loved souls... Black Rose.'

© 2018 BlakPrince

Author's Note

All reviews welcome. Thank you.

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WOW this is amazing! I love the way you can easily tell a story with such a flow and rhyme to it. I love your writing style. This could definitely be a great spoken word piece.

Posted 1 Day Ago

So sad and so real..rhythmic, flowing and musical story of a ‘dispensable’ life, neglected, withered and gone in the span of a breath- great metaphor use of a “Black Rose”. The destruction of a soul Told gently, eloquently, lyrically with excellent, intricate rhyming and use of repetition and alliteration. I see much talent here. Bravo!

Posted 1 Week Ago

This was a very powerful read for me, as I have recently started going to college in a bigger city seeing people on the streets has been hard and sometimes it becomes easy not to view them as individuals with their own story, but your poem I'm sure reflects in some capacity the life of many of them.
The direct dialogue
'the world that never cared whether I
give up or try, smile or cry, live or die.'
really sticks out for me.
Also incredible well-placed rhyming and internal rhymes which I rarely see or find a way to include myself, also loved the repetition of the 'cry and cry', 'by and by' thing-I'm not sure what it's called but the 'and' in the middle...yeah that was cool.

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you for your honest review.

Concerning internal rhymes, and the use of rhymes i.. read more

1 Week Ago

Yes that's an absolutely brilliant way to describe poetry as so many people see it as excessive/unne.. read more
Some poems are just so simple l,yet too deep and painful at the same time.Yours is one of them,BP :)
.I loved the used of 'rainfall tears' that symbolised incessant tears accompanied with sobs.

Also, the flow of the poem, the eloquuece is great! It felt like somebody was telling me what all they exactly face, and it's seriously wierd how ignorant and unbothered is our society that is eventually losing 'love, empathy, and humanity' towards all those who so need them.

Thankyou for Writing and sharing this piece.I sincerely applaud your for chosing such a topic!

Well done & happy Writing!😊


Posted 1 Week Ago

This poem is really beautiful. I like how you told a story seemingly effortlessly within rhymes. It doesn’t feel forced. It all just flowed really well together.
The characters seemed real, and the idea was portrayed effectively and convictingly.
Really enjoyed reading it!

Posted 1 Week Ago


1 Week Ago

Thank you, Hannah, for your reviews. I appreciate your honesty.
What a wonder write! The rhyme scheme is beautiful and the message is conveyed in the most subtle language! Keep it up :)
Looking forward to more of your works

Posted 1 Week Ago

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Gosh, that's truly heartbreaking. I feel so bad for the children belonging to broken families. Most of them keep growing more and more aloof each day, they lose hope, they feel they're not loved anymore, and eventually, some of them push themselves into that dark abyss from where, if not impossible, it's hard to return.
You conveyed a great story, with perfect rhymes. Simple yet amazing. Great work!

Posted 1 Week Ago

It is so touching.. and sad. What made you write this poem? any real experiences, the world around you ?

Posted 2 Weeks Ago


2 Weeks Ago

I wrote this poem to bring awareness to the daily sad realities of other humans, so that we all can .. read more
This was truly a beautiful poem. I especially liked the song she sang.

You used vivid imagery and were able to convey such powerful emotions in such a short poem. Well done.


Posted 3 Weeks Ago

This was so vivid and beautifully emotional... I closed my eyes at one point and the world in this person that you had created was painted like reality in front of me. This was almost like a slow, sad song. I am in awe.

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

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I am originally from the Ivory Coast, West Africa. I am Christian.I speak, write, read French and English. French is my first language. Just as God changed Abram to Abraham, and Sara to Sahara, I felt.. more..


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