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Thermal expansion

Thermal expansion

A Poem by Blank_fortunes

I want to know your bad thoughts, we can write this plan together.

Transparency is pertinent are we speaking about every now and then or an attempt at

Now and forever?

No Pressure... Don't even consider what I want to hear, just let your heart speak.

Break down these fantasies both wet and dry and find out what makes it your dream...

This is going to work for you but you gotta know what you want,When you want it and how you want it to help you feel.

Let's be clear your decisions consist of the near future or over the course of some years.

No fears I'm not an object that can be taken away, I'm a friend with more fears cause I'm relinquishing you of your fears...

That includes your tears hard shipping and handling plus some soft shipping and handling too.

Its addictive the way I move your weight around but I ain't handling you.

Let start with the hardships and fine hair it would be smart for us to start there.

Remember you gave me your fears, here's the bridge meet me halfway I need your mind and your heart there.

Slow easy steps plank by plank cherish each splinter of wood thus far.

Now when you're ready, Breathe that air.

Don't keep your mind there feel free to look around you, watch the flow of the stream if not forever atleast until you see the breeze.

Caress the vine ropes on either side of you slightly, feel those loose threads that couldn't be confined 

Your breathing gives permission to the molecules of the air around you.

They only move when you breathe,

They only construct what you think,

The clouds lightly stroke the tops of the ponderous, submissive, tender, yet powerful trees.

Across the top of you shoulders relaxation from the next soothing breeze.

Three subtle streams following up the nape of your neck.

Chills calling your skin to attention down both arms please do allow them room to sing to you.

You now control yourself completely just don't forget to breathe.

Walk those same chills from the depth of your spine

To the nape of your neck...

Here is to you and your journey you must decide what goes next

I will place my hand here for support fingers facing up on the small of your back.

Planting my fingers firmly on the small of your back...1,2,3,4 and 5.

Business is Business so let us run your business like we are meant to do.

I recommend that you take a step back just to take a new look at you.

This gaze is more about who you are now than what you've been through.

From the uniting of the wood you connecting with the soles of your feet 

To the way the clouds stare, waiting for your next command the way they ought to do.

If for No other reason then, that is the manner in which your way of living has taught them to.


May we peel your lips apart together I need to whisper seductively to the heart of you?

To make sure your still alive because though Alive is a unique feeling still it is optional.

Step forward to find the stepping stone in front of you on your left side.

May I enter into your world? 

 May I Sip the contents of your cup? 

  Make your margarita just a glass? 

    Make your coffee just a mug?

Life ain't nothing but a short ride recline your seat and let me

So We can build this thing to last forever through the expansion of the heat.

© 2016 Blank_fortunes

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Added on December 24, 2016
Last Updated on December 24, 2016
Tags: nape of neck, nape, Love, Passion, heat, Breathe, comfort, soothe, relax with, relax



Durham, NC

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond imagination. It is our light more than our darkness which scares us. We ask ourselves – who are we.. more..