Thorns sold separately

Thorns sold separately

A Poem by Blank_fortunes

I guess that's the best way to title it, 
I thought in Life we already assumed it comes with it...

life'  highs life' lows, Life.
Days are days if Bad don't exist.
How could I call it?

People wish away hot days for cold days until the cold days come.
It might just be with age but these days... it seems like one is just as good as the other.
Plants without rain don't enjoy the silence the same.
Their water flows from watering pots never having to endure thunder.

Making it easy to assume since you never been through,
that thunder may not even exist, but to have seen it first hand,
in that second.
Thats when the counting ends and you either fold up or embrace it.
You are a flower nonetheless and these words I express.
Are just my pure thoughts and I hope that they help you make it.
When lightning does strike I'm not saying don't fright,
And don't think any less of yourself if you do.
But when it rains it does pour, and
trust you'll thank your lord for all the s**t you've been through.
The aurora of Lightning, the scent of the rain, the vibrations of thunder passing by.
Be thankful for it right then because what you were before you won't be again.

Now that~that is off of my chest Let me begin.
The choice is yours if you had enough
Turn the page and this will be something you can flip back to in your leisure.

No rose is a rose unless it is fully equipt and that sets it apart from the rest.
Without having a clue of what it's been through
They see it's petals and reach for your neck.
It not cause they hate you they envy your scent
It's not cause they hate you they just can't wrap their mind around how you circumvent.
The clay and the mud the heat and the cold but still you are soft to the touch.
This whole time they had you they see that they grabbed you.
Hell, they pulled you right out of the ground.
But with holes in their hands they can't understand.
They only see their pains now.
So to you I say stay grounded in what you have been through as well as your beliefs.
Cause they pluck and pick up but they don't give a f**k once they start to bleed.
If they took the time to learn all about you as they should
The thorns wouldn't make them leave.
But even if they still do you continue to be you and Love you for your entire worth.
Because you still got more learning to do.
With all you have been through you can handle a few more task to help you live
Learn to walk without feet.
Remember to breathe.
up    is   Not  something We  Give.
We Grow.

© 2017 Blank_fortunes

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Lots of good metaphors in here and the statement about people wishing for colder days until they get what they want is a priceless irony. It's one I mutter every season. A very encouraging read.

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5 Months Ago

Thank you so much!

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Added on December 26, 2016
Last Updated on January 8, 2017
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Durham, NC

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