Family Secret

Family Secret

A Story by ShayElexis(:

This was inspired by the cyclops part of the epic poem "Odyssey."


            The air was thick with the scent of human blood and the salt water from the nearby sea. The sound of giant footsteps could be heard all over the little island. Suddenly you hear little footsteps running through the great forest and see a girl of about 17 running through the woods. A man of about 9 feet with a single eye in the middle of his forehead is running after her. The girl turns around after the huge footsteps stop.

All of a sudden the Cyclops jumps out of nowhere and attacks the girl from behind and carries her off to his little cave in the mountains. The girl tries to scream for help but can’t because of the Cyclops huge hand over her mouth. The Cyclops throws her into his cave causing her to bounce off the wall.

 “What do you want with me?” The girl screams as she tries to get up form the ground.

“Your race has killed all of my people. They were burned, hung, shot, decapitated and devoured slowly!” the Cyclops proclaims.

            The girl slowly gets up from the ground. “Your race deserved to die! They were savages! Cannibals! Freaks!” she wails as she reaches for her sword.

“If you really think that your mere sword could kill me your wrong” The Cyclopes smirks as he clocks his gun and aims right at her small beating heart.

Before the girl can even make a move towards him he shoots her. Blood covers the walls, the floor, everything. You can hear his laugh and her screams ring through the still night air. He slowly walks over to the freshly killed body. He reaches into her chest and pulls out her just shattered heart.

“This is for all of my murdered brethren!” He cries out as he devours her heart; warm blood running down his face. He looks down at the girl, wondering what to do with her remains.

 He decides to simply throw her into the ocean and let the sea animals do the rest. So he carries her down to the sea and before dropping her in gives a soft kiss goodbye while whispering these words, “I am sorry my sister… But your foreign blood had to be purified by one of your kin. My soul will soon join yours and mothers and fathers. And you will know that I am your brother.” He raises the girl’s sword to his throat and allows his soul to join that of his family’s.

© 2013 ShayElexis(:

Author's Note

I apologize if you find some parts a bit morbid but without them it wouldn't be what it is(;

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Wow this story is vey intersting I love it. Good work with the decription of the characters. Thank you so much for sending it to me I loved it and really enjoyed reading it. Well done on this truely great write it is a masterpiece. It is very emontional and sad. The picture you have picked sets the tone of the story.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

It's a story not a poem, but thank you lol

5 Years Ago

Oh sorry and your welcome
Interesting description, this short story seems raw and very twisted, dark and shows the pain more than anything else...great job

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you :3

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Added on January 23, 2013
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