Thoughts of an Accidental Planet-Killer

Thoughts of an Accidental Planet-Killer

A Poem by Lindsaytot

Stars explode into planets,
Vast and beautiful.
But when humans explode,
They turn to loathing and unexplainable casualties.

If we turn our guns to love
And our vinegarish cruelty to meaningful sacrifice,
We could avenge those slain without second thought
For their loved ones and purposes.

I gaze at the flowers I am standing on
And realize
Every atom of every petal is a celestial body,
Not perceptible to the naked eye,
That inhabits heavenly life.

Did I crush every crust I stood upon?
Are all beings now extinct?

I could please to stomp the breath absent of
Every galaxy,
Every universe, but why?

Why should I desire an entity so beautiful to smother?

Breath is precious in a world
Of flower-stompers and dying planets,
And it’s no one’s right to store souls in their pockets.

Absolution is an alien abstraction
Laborious to clutch,
Practically nonviable to execute, and effortless to disregard.

If we must choose the simpler route,
We will exist in suffocation and chaos for the remainder of time
And the souls we bare will be transferred to purses and bags.

But if we take an occasion to swallow our skeletons,
We may relieve previous controversies
And learn to live passionately.

I’m the meantime, we will assemble a rebellion
To challenge the injustices of victims unheard of,
So tread lightly flower-stompers,
And we will do our best to elude asphyxiation
Among the petals.

© 2017 Lindsaytot

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I went to see your other writing because I was so moved from your first and I am amazed by your ability! This poem is beautiful and incredible and haunting! I can't imagine what your beautiful thoughts must be like. The ending of your poem packs such a punch and is so hauntingly beautiful. There are so many people out there trying to survive among the petals so they can change the world. I love your work! I can't wait to read more from you!

Posted 9 Months Ago

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Hi, I write sometimes. Lol I just need reviews and suggestions more..