The Drifter's way

The Drifter's way

A Poem by Brandon

I came here.
Only to disappear, but
I missed you all those days.
Been waiting for you
to find your soul again.
So we can be the
worlds greatest friends.
I came there.
Only to disappear, but
I will see them soon one day. 
Thinking just today
about the un_certain.
When I will see if
its my final curtain.

© 2009 Brandon

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Posted 9 Years Ago

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i really enjoy the first line it capture me immediatley and the last. great use of rhythmn and rhyme. you think on your toes i like it :O)

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hello Brandon and welcome to WritersCafe. After reading a few of you pieces of work and your bio all I can say is this - WELL DONE.

You say your poems even though small, take a long time to write - you try to get the rhythm right.

This shows in your work. Some poems are tossed together quickly because that is how the writer is able to access them - their thoughts fly and words just come. Sometimes this can be seen as a blessing - at others as a curse - simply because they come so quickly.

Others like you - take their time and think about the words they use - they experiment with words to find the exact one to fit the feeling of the poem they are writing. They are seeking the perfect words,the perfect emotion the perfect whole. Again this is sometimes seen as both a blessing and a curse simply because of the time taken to write.

My thoughts are that each writer MUST write to his/her own beat, the rhythm that is in that writer's soul.
To do otherwise would be to deny the self in writing. By all means experiment with other types of writing, different lengths, different styles but do so to your own beat. If it takes hours - so be it - if it takes minutes so be it.

In this poem - your sense of lonliness and loss is profound - recognisable and heartfelt.
Any writing that comes from your personal bank of emotions will be coloured by your feelings and make the reader feel as you do.

To my mind - any poem - any writing that gets a reaction from the reader is a good piece of writing.

I related to this piece - Attachment- it made me feel and reminded me of people I too have left behind.

This is a good piece of writing. Thank you


Posted 10 Years Ago

Well written, and man, do I know how you feel.. I read a couple of your other works, and I'd say my favorites are a toss up between Devotion and this one, Attachment, so far. Good job, keep writing~!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Very heartfelt and sensitive write..
Writing always came so true when written from pure emotions.
Lovely indeed!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Hello Brandon.
This is a great poem you have here.When I will see if
its my final curtain. That line is perfect, it fit right in with the entire poem.
Keep up the awesome write man.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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you are a very talented writer. this is your third piece I have read in the last few minutes and you have such a flow and grace to your words. I am so glad I found you here on WC.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Oakdale, CA

Hey, my name is Brandon, and welcome to my page. I was born in merced California, then I moved to Germany, then to North Dakota, than to Minnesota, and recently back to the valley in California. I am .. more..


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