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On a rock somewhere about 35 degrees northwest of Pluto was a small civilisation of unknown pirates. They weren't any normal pirates, oh no, they were smartest beings around. They ruled the entire galaxy, from their distant homes; they even had earth under their clutches. These high intellects were far greater than human beings, but their non-violent ways meant that they had no way to fend themselves. In that way, these cyber pirates were constricted as to where they are allowed to go, and how far they are allowed to stretch there intelligence physically. But in a species like this where intelligence was bursting at the seems there is bound to be at least one or two souls wanting to break free. H5834 and J7265 are a couple of cyber cadets at the Marcopolo Training grounds.  They have been the best of friends for eternity and not once have they fought. Their intelligence put together was amazing, far greater than that of the old master of the entire Rock. But the whole Rock was troubled by these young adventurers as they were scared about their identity being revealed to the infectious humans. But nothing could have been done, H5834 and J7265 would only listen to one person in the galaxy and that was Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope was their human machine that they created and sent down to earth only a couple of months back. This was one of their many mischievous tasks that brings the whole community to an uproar at their friendship. But H5834 and J7265 could care less.


On day at approximately 79872395786 seconds past sunrise, H5834 got a message from J7265 ‘ASDKLJ9084LKJSD ASKDJ9Q9834!!!! ASKDJH9384!!!’ [Someone has stolen Kaleidoscope!!! Come quick!]

Reading the message, H5834 left his chamber immediately, and went to his neighbouring chamber to be greeted by J7625 who was going hysterical. H5834 goes in and makes J7265 sit down and explain the whole story and so she does. H5834 begins to panic and yell at J7265’s idiocy and lack of responsibility. J7265 remains silent as he has his rage, not knowing what to say. He has never been so angry before and J7265 was truly lost for words. After a moment has gone by after H5834’s rage, the door bell rings and J7265 gets up to answer. It was Ashreya; the old master’s daughter. J7265 despised her, partly because of her too-good-for-you attitude, but also because she knew Ashreya would do anything in her power to break her and H5834 apart, as she does with every guy on the Rock. She gave J7265 a small smile, before stepping into the chamber. J7265 closed the door, and asked her why she was here

‘AJS834 ASJ734 POIE3 HSI2?’

‘KAJSHD JKLADH ASIYOIWEJ HIUYIYQW867’ [daddy told me to send a message to you]

J7265 went to go stand in front of H5834 so she was blocking him from her sight. ‘HASJD 23JASD?’

‘AJKDH & H5834 SDFKJ9083 KADKJH ADIKU39078 KASHD7923’ [You and H5834 are given a warning about your practices at training and that if you misbehave once more, you will lose your training.]

‘ASJKDH8723!!!?!?’ [WHAT?!]

She gave H5834 one look, before looking down and leaving the chamber. J7265 turned to face H5834 who was beyond the stage of blowing up by now. He was crazy, and his inferno coloured hair was now standing up on end emphasising his glass pale complexion.

‘YOQWEJ 289734!’ [You idiot!] 

He pushed J7265 to the wall and looked intently in her eyes as he tried to cool himself down. He did this often, but it was never the same, never this intense.

J7265’s blue eyes began to water as small drops of silver tears began to leave her eyes. And to H5834’s surprise, she began to laugh. He was confused, but didn’t know what to say; in fact he didn’t trust himself to speak. She gave him her cheeky grin before leaning to his ear and softly whispering ‘KJSADH ADK229’ [April Fools] And then she continued in her hysterical laugh as she fell on to her bed watching H5834 slowly begin to understand what has just happened. And within seconds, they were out of the chamber, H5834 chasing J7265 down all the corridors and hallways of the city. They heard people curse, and heard people yell, but they kept going, never running short of breath. Soon their journey led them to the dock. They loved the dock, it was their favourite place, to sit there and watch the sun play hide and seek around other planets and rocks. J7265 soon came to a stop as she sat down to look at the sun come out behind Jupiter’s’ moons, and soon H5834 joined her too. He gave her a light knock on the head, but she let it pass, she knew she deserved it.

‘J, ASDHK ASD934 J AD SDKJ23487?’ [J, you want to go to earth?] He asked, not even turning to look at her. And without even looking at each other, they gave a slight nod, before getting up, and springing off towards the ship that was roughly only 500 m from where they sat. They checked to make sure it was clear, before they ran in, and prepared to take off. The ship was big, but they knew exactly what to do, and with their brains put together, they’d be at earth in exactly 28342732487234687563098546978832486435 seconds.

They could hear the security guards running, and yelling ‘DAHSI’ [stop!] but they had other plans. With a small wink, they pressed the BIG red button, and they were off, into the galaxy for a brand new adventure, to a place where no other cyber pirate has been to before. And who knows, they might even get a chance to meet up with Kaleidoscope again.

© 2010 O Bubbly_snowflake *

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Author's Note

O Bubbly_snowflake *
This was a challenge from a friend;
* for me to write a Sci-fi story.
* Over 600 words
* Characters must speak Binary
* We must be in the story
* A character by the name of Ashreya must be involved
* the word 'Kaleidoscope' must be in there somewhere

Think I got all the points? But how do you reckon it is?
I'm a little iffy on it personally

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I really loved the ending but it seems like the beginning was too fast into the action. There should have been a little bit more to the beginning like there was in the ending.But overall, very creative. There are a few grammar checks to look at but you did a good job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on June 20, 2010
Last Updated on June 20, 2010


O Bubbly_snowflake *
O Bubbly_snowflake *

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