When Perfection Went Wrong

When Perfection Went Wrong

A Poem by Bushra Naqshbandi

Written for an interesting contest where I'm supposed to write about heart break from my partner's view justifying his actions. So read this love story from my guy's view. :)

I don't remember ever chasing any girl before you,
You always held my undivided attention,
Whatever I did, was done keeping you in view,
A smile on your face was the world to me.

Happy was the day when I finally came to realise
That I was the sun around which your world revolved
You gave me unconditional love and loyalty
And I swear I reciprocated both with my whole heart.

Your warmth, care and intelligent conversation,
Were added charms to your beauty and love
But your shyness and hesitance, your doubts
Somehow overshadowed your other perfections.

How could you not see how deeply I was in love with you
How could you doubt how happy you made me feel
I wasn't ready to give you up for the world but you forced me to
You didn't trust me despite the many chances I gave you.

What happened to you dearest darling, you who were perfection,
How could you fail to realise that you were my one and only
Why couldn't my assurances, my efforts remove your hesitance
Why couldn't you find the courage to trust yourself and me?

Your distrust was heartbreaking, I failed to prove that you were my world,
I was your sun and you managed to prove it by burning me alive with grief.
You tried to apologise but all those tears could not put out the fire
The fire of misery, of hearbreak that you'd set my heart aflame with.

© 2016 Bushra Naqshbandi

Author's Note

Bushra Naqshbandi
I've tried to feel the pain of a heartbroken person i knew once. His story moved me to tears for he really loved his girl. I haven't done justice to his emotions because I was more focussed on writing the entire story and that too concisely. I hope, however, that you guys like it. Do let me know my flaws and strong points if any. :)

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Well, sometimes we can be our greatest enemies. We're all filled with doubts and jealously, but in the end, you can't have something as sweet as love, without some bitterness to it. That's why it's just so beautiful. But anyways, just keep on living, keep writing! Because life is too short to be depressed all the time.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Bushra Naqshbandi

2 Years Ago

You're absolutely right. Thank you so much for the encouraging words. :)

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Added on August 20, 2016
Last Updated on August 20, 2016
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Bushra Naqshbandi
Bushra Naqshbandi

Srinagar, Kashmir, India

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