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one x one

A Story by Callisto

In my cage

It was a nice day, blue skies and a gentle sun watching over everything. Closing ones eyes, one may feel as if they were drifting off to float in this moment of perfect harmony. At least it was that way for some, he only got as much as his one by one cell window would allow in. There wasn't much to look at, a few shrubs, fence, another fence, yet another fence, and if he squinted real hard he could see the ant sized cars using the highway. That always hit him hard, watching the cars go by, free, mobile, going wherever they wished. Sure, he had feet to take him places but there was no freedom when you lived in a seven by seven box.

At least it was peaceful in solitary, he could cry here, only quiet as a mouse but he could. The windowsill held onto many tears. Hours could go by as he gazed outside the window, sometimes he would thread hi arm through the window just to feel the sun on his skin.

At times he would close his eyes envisioning himself a white wolf loping beyond the fences, breathing the free air, its taste so sweet and flowing through him as the loving sun combed through his silky fur. It was intense, he would be thinking, thinking, and thinking then suddenly wake up. His hear would rage furiously against the flesh and bone container of his chest. The sun was gone; it fleeing with the rest of his day dream from the heavy footfalls that stopped by his cell door. A metal tray scratched dully across the metal floor, it wash is dinner bell. Biting his lip he waited for the footfalls to begin again and fade off in the distance, tears struck the sill.

© 2012 Callisto

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wow....i really like your writing, it's very... descriptive, emotional, i can't wait to read more

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on December 14, 2012
Last Updated on December 14, 2012
Tags: prison, trapped, wolf, blue skies, fresh air




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