Dog Train

Dog Train

A Story by Callisto

Hes got a schedule to keep

 He squirmed under his overcoat trying to find a bit more warmth. It was a quiet ride, passengers in the adjacent cabins having nodded off for the night. Traveling so late in the dreary throes of winter is quite a drain on the spirit. He could permit no sleep for himself, keeping his mind entranced in the scrolling views outside. Hearty snow rapped against the window and disappeared into oblivion. The gentle moonlight washed over the glittery flake laden trees as they stood solid to hear the clicking and labored breathing of mans newest steam train.

His eyes traveled down the window to the watch on his hand, time was catching up with him. The door slid open quietly on its track; he closed it softly behind him. Traversing the passenger car brought him a few polite glances. The population remained thin, counting less than a dozen travelers between him and the last passenger car. He stopped at the front window, eyes straining to focus past his reflection and into the ink outside. The tender car looked back at him, it was the last obstacle between him and the crew. His hand slipped into the front of his jacket, padding around until he felt the firm resistance of gun metal under his fingers. He could not wait much longer. 

The blast of frigid winter burned in the passages of his nose and throat. With a death grip hand on the icy railing of the tender car he scooted out from the relative shelter between the cars and into the full force of the night that ran alongside. Friendly snowflakes turned violent assaulting his eyes with countless little stings. Closer and closer now, the ridges of his knuckles grew a deep red as the cold sought to eat away his skin. 

The fireman came into view, a dirty individual locked in a perpetual cycle of feeding the huge engine that promised to get them through the wilderness between man’s bastions of civilization. His back was turned, mind fixed on the myriad of gauges and the glowing portal to the firebox. The engineer who was paired up with him sat on the right; eyes locked forward ahead though his mind churned over plans for the morning. Unlike the fireman, he would see the shot coming. 
Heavy hand raised, a shot rang out though the sound could be mistaken as a snapping branch. An ugly red pockmark appeared on the fireman’s back. He fell forward, clinging to the hilt of a shovel like a stranded animal seeking refuge on a floating log. Presumably he was screaming but the sound would not carry very far. The engineer looked to his injured partner in shock. A second shot, the bullet drawing a piercing line between him and the engineers shoulder. The engineer writhed, his dying weight throwing the throttle into its full open position. A rude belch emitted from the mighty engine as it was eager to use all its new found steam for one last crazy ride down the rails.

His fingers peeled back from the railing, cold fire running through his raw skin as pain traced new palm lines. Waves of wind of buffeted from each car buffeted the snow pile he found himself in. The silence of the night settled in briefly before being interrupted by the screech of train wheels torn from the rails. He bundled up the ties on his jacket safely storing his frost burnt hand into the warm confine of his arm pit.

The derailment had been a success. The rear baggage car remained largely glued to the rails. Each car grew progressively off kilter from there, becoming more and more ajar until it met the engine which struggled completely on its side. 
A voice called to him from nearby snow, he recognized the engineer who must have jumped clear when he realized that he could not save the suicidal engine. Kneeling down next to the dying man, he wished had better news to share with him.

“This is completely out of my hands.” He whispered 

The engineer looked baffled, to be expected in his dimming world of cold and blood loss. A beast emerged from the forest, the recognizable lines and shape of a wolf atop the body of a man, though the thick fur coat of the wolf covered the entire creature. Fresh, open air coursed through its nose, carrying with it the heavy scents of burning coal and easy prey. It approached the fledgling engineer who began a fruitless attempt to crawl away. 

“Tell your master I will deliver another train in a months time” He spoke to the beast careful to keep his eyes glued to the ground.

Its sharp ears pitched to his words but it spoke nothing on its own, it was too eager to feed on its newly acquired prize. The engineer screamed as the beast loomed over to study its prey. Satisfied, it latched a clawed hand onto his shoulder and drug him easily through the snow into the obscuring trees of the surrounding forest.

Similar cries of terror began to play out, several of the creatures surrounding the passenger cars, the unfortunate occupants slowly coming to terms with their ultimate fates. The beasts attacked systematically, smashing through the large viewing windows with ease. A particularly eager one leapt upon the roof of the carriage, deadly claws making vile noises as they teased the exposed metal. A man, praying the higher powers were watching over him as he made his escape was easily felled like a fawn; he would not get up again.

He began his long walk back to town, the peaceful night continuing on as if nothing of note was going on. Nature has a remarkable ability to forget and keep going, an ability he hoped to have one day. Until then, the screams of so many others would remain with him; he prayed one day it would get easier.

© 2017 Callisto

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Added on August 11, 2017
Last Updated on August 11, 2017
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