I Know whats in the Basement

I Know whats in the Basement

A Story by Callisto

So...I had this dream this morning....like I don't have enough sleeping problems already -_- anyways I turned it into a story cause it seemed to creep people out. 3=


I am aware. I stand in an unknown house yet the mystery of the location does not trigger an alarm. The floors are wooden, talkative, and finely polished. I don’t make it more than a few steps before entering a larger room, clearly the central room of this little abode. It maintained an earthy color scheme, softly colored brown and red throw rug between two black leather couches, with a large coffee table preventing the rug from escaping.


The room was occupied by a young woman, slightly shorter than me with brown hair. She spoke not a word to me as she seemed to be occupied with the door she stood by, both of her hands keeping a death grip on the handle. She glanced over her shoulder at me, still not speaking a thing but her eyes glimmered with fear and fatigue.


“I know whats in the basement” I said coolly.


All hell broke loose; I rushed to her side trying to help her hold the door. It rattled angrily on its hinges, the metallic parts inside the locking mechanism groaning as the handle tried to slide. The door was putting up quite a fight against my shoulder as I leaned into it. Suddenly there was a light at my feet as something white shined through the crack between the floor and the door. I and the girl held fast though it seemed our efforts were in vain. It, whatever it was reached, through the door and took a firm hold of my head, one hand on my forehead and the other on my neck. I tried to turn away but couldn’t so much as budge more then a few millimeters


“Its face! You have to look at its face to beat it!” she screamed


Now things were making a bit more sense, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. The stalemate at the door continued for several minutes until we were worn down. It flew open sending me across the room, landing on my back with a painful sigh as I suddenly felt too weak to move. It wafted over me, I felt those familiar hands clamp onto my chest, one over my heart and the other over my liver. I risked a glance, though couldn’t make much of what I was looking at.


All I could see was its face, a being of pale whiteness except for two dark circles that I assumed were its eyes. Over this was a white hood resting on its fuzzy and wispy outline, almost like it wasn’t completely here. Something about that face, then I knew it was all a dream. I reversed the hold it had on me, holding it to the floor, waking up with a start shortly after.


She was right.

© 2010 Callisto

Author's Note

its just a rough draft but I wanted to get it out there, feel free to point out mistakes and such ^^

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Added on January 12, 2010
Last Updated on January 12, 2010




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