Prints at my window

Prints at my window

A Story by Callisto

An excerpt from a larger story I'm working on


Callisto stirred in a restless lump of blankets. The tableside clock dutifully notified him it was three minutes after 1 AM, certainly an odd hour for him to be buried in bed. Bored, he explored the clock’s surface until he managed to tune it with the volume low. An automated voice promised a light snow storm to go along with the half foot already on the ground. He rolled out of bed, the blankets falling off of him like a second skin as he wandered to the patio door.


The night was pleasant, a quarter moon playing prima donna over all the other celestial objects. She could enjoy this role for an eternity, safely stowed away from the monumental forces behind the pinpricks of light in the background. He stared intently at her cratered face.


“Sing me another tune dearest.” He cracked the faintest smile at his childishness.


Sing she did, so soft; his arm tingled and sprouted a thick white growth of white fur. He withdrew back into the shadows silently. As quickly as it came it wilted and fell, seeming to evaporate before it could hit the floor. He rubbed his arm, consoled by the soft skin and coarse human hair present. Now was not the time to give it all away. Wary of her voice, he stepped back into the light to take in the view of the snowy landscape. It all gleamed in her light like freshly set diamonds. Evergreens huddled together in a great living line across the property, the less fortunate trees choked leafless by the season. The patio was strangely disturbed, a series of paw shaped impressions leading up to his door then trailing back around


Without hesitating he undid the latch and stepped outside, his feet greatly protesting the idea, hindering every step with freezing stings. Raven? He wondered, or someone new was that was sent to watch him. Down the steps the snow went up to his ankles and eagerly sucked all the heat out of them. He continued following the retreating prints to the tree line, the trees looming over him like guardians denying him from advancing any further. The prints disappeared into the thick forest safe from his human senses, his own feet giving up trying to reason with him as they withdrew into a comfortable numb.


“Callisto?” a concerned voice called behind


He turned around, half brought back to reality and realizing how crazy he must look to Anna standing back on the porch.


“Get in here! The snow will suck the life right out of you.” She managed to get out through the perplexed twist on her face.


Inside she offered him a night robe while the steward was remaking the bed with new sheets.


“There was an animal outside my door.” He said, trying to save face.


“Nothing to mind, we are perfectly safe in here. Get some sleep, tomorrow is a busy day.” She said coolly.


Trapped in bed and wary of the silent alarm on the patio door, he studied the soft darkness hanging in the air. He was being watched again and so far from Sinone. Sleep came, he wasn’t sure when, but when it came there is never enough.

© 2010 Callisto

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Added on January 27, 2010
Last Updated on January 27, 2010




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